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 Brandings of Nfe

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PostSubject: Brandings of Nfe   Brandings of Nfe I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2007 7:18 pm

what is crewl to one is a gift to another.. what is abuse to one. is a blessing to another. brandings is a way of marking what is Ours. its one way of showing we are gor.
by Fahima
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Posts : 67
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PostSubject: Re: Brandings of Nfe   Brandings of Nfe I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2007 7:22 pm

Posted June 2006

Fahima、A ォムムサSH: logging to post
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: looks her over
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: anyone bring any ice?
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: has ice
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: smiles
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: perfect
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: pulls and braids wilds long silky curls back out of the way
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: ready Sis?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: do we want her sisters holding her
{cherie} ォムムサ: : a warm breeze is stroking her skin
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: or .... on command her speading them
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: turns the brand on the fire
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: almost ready
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -hold the girl by the throat forcing her to open her mouth-
{cherie} ォムムサ: pens her lips
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: branding hurts love
{cherie} ォムムサ: :trembling
{cherie} ォムムサ: wild knows
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -poors some paga in the open mouth-
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: swallow girl
{cherie} ォムムサ: :swallows
{cherie} ォムムサ: more and more
{cherie} ォムムサ: growing dizzy
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -smiles watching the girl drinking paga-
{cherie} ォムムサ: leaning back on HER tight to support
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: she is ready Blood
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: where do you want to brand her Sis?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: inner thigh
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: spread your legs girl
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: spread her legs girls and Ata and you can hold her
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: I hold her legs open
{cherie} ォムムサ: :slowly she opens her legs
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: takes one of her sisters legs, holding it open
{cherie} ォムムサ: feels the tension of the hands
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: lifts the brand from the fire moving to sit between her open tighd
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -hold strongly the girl-
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: holds tight to her ankles and thigh
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: presses quicky but firmly to the soft pale flesh
{cherie} ォムムサ: :she smells the burning of her own flesh SCREAMING!!!!!!!
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: hearing her scream and it sizzle..
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -smiles watching the brand burning the flesh-
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: jerks it cleanly back
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: looks closely
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: hmmmmmmmm
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: bends to lick it
{cherie} ォムムサ: :nearly fanted
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -smells like burnt in here-
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -laughs-
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: tosses the brand into the fire
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: all done
{cherie} ォムムサ: :tears drop from her eyes
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -takes from the floor the bottle of paga-
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: see to your sisters care..
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -poors paga on the fresh brand-
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: pulls wilds head and shoulders into my lap
{cherie} ォムムサ: :next pain
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: to avoid infection girl
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: holds her tenderly but steady and firmly
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: takes ice tied in a cheese cloth and places it upon the burn to help aid in cooling the flesh
{cherie} ォムムサ: :lays down her head sobbing
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -laughs loudly emptying the botta of paga in Her mouth-
{cherie} ォムムサ: :hmmm
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: : take the brand and put it on your av
{cherie} ォムムサ: thank usis
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: smiles your welcome
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: uses her hair to wipe the tears away all but one.. captures it into a tiny bottle on a chain. corks it and hangs it onto her neck
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: well done Sis
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: find a spot close your tights
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: aye it will heal cleanly
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: this brand must be visible to all
*** Page from ~VK~ in NFE Entrance: ~VK~ just entered
*** Page from ~VK~ in NFE Entrance: has logged on as user number 1271
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: all the brands float
{cherie} ォムムサ: may wild change av
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: lol
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: you may
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: lol Sis
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: jewels have been every where
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: like a surpirse
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサys: smiles
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: lol its on her nips and heat
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: cute
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: do you know how to move pieces of av love?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: girls
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: listen
{cherie} ォムムサ: yes huntress
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: great
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: cherie can now furr with anyone of her choosing
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: be in rooms alone with males
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: Males
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: or Females
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: of her choosing
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: aye
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: noone can force her
*** User logged on: Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist {GBCBEBG}
*** Page from Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist in NFE Entrance: Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist just entered
*** Page from Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist in NFE Entrance: has logged on from !ヲ・リツ」I HCツT」!ヲ as user number 1272
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサys: nice
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: ahhhh the DOc is here
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: here is Lilth
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: the doc lol
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: Tal Sis
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: HUGS SIS
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: just in time
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサys: greetings Mistress herbalist she hopes you are well
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: we branded the little one
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: we just branded this lilone at My feet
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: got a advil for pain
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Ta, A/all and greets, lil ones, smiles.
{cherie} ォムムサ: :hugg
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: she is also going to be hung over
{cherie} ォムムサ: :hics
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: shes drunk
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: hugs sweetie
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Hugs both of My Sisters, smiles.
*** User logged on: Guest {}
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: gosh the paga I gave you made you drunk
{cherie} ォムムサ: greating Mistress
{cherie} ォムムサ: :tries to smile
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: dont let go shell fall over
{cherie} ォムムサ: Longing for more paga
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: I hold her
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: lol
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: give her more lol
{cherie} ォムムサ: :feels strong grip
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: Lilth are You here?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: girls plz dress some more when LILth is here
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: so her rt time dont take the pc away
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: nods
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: ty
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Aii I'm here was ghosted for a while.
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: wild jewel and i and aailyah will show you more about how to fix up your avs
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: oh ok
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: we just branded OUr wild
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: can you give her some healing cream
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Aii I can Sis, smiles.
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: the oone that leaves the scar but deadens any pain
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: Blood
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: aye?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: I asked LILth to be on retainer here
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: as the Lady Doc
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: for US all
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: thats a good idea
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: TY SIS
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: in case of injuries its great
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: be right back
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: now most of the girls have a brand
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: ^brb
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサys: smiles

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PostSubject: Re: Brandings of Nfe   Brandings of Nfe I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 28, 2007 7:27 pm

Healing to the Branding:

{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: also had the medical knowledge of a physicians assistant
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: I want lemonaide
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: aye aailyah
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: Iam sure we can also put you to good use
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: grins
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: wild crawl to lilth
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: ai took all them classes
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: dont try to walk
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: lmao
{cherie} ォムムサ: :she turns around to come to her knees and palms
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Put the pot on the fire to boil to cleanse the wound, brings the sip cloth out and the riped sips strips.
{cherie} ォムムサ: but she is very drunk so its quite hard for her to hold her arms straight
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: peeks above her, greetings to You Mistress
{cherie} ォムムサ: :ups drops to her belly and crawls on on her belly
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Next brings out the little containers of the salve pre preped, smiles.
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: hands Mistress, marigold water
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: is used for cleansing and antibiotic
{cheri} ォムムサ: :stopped in front of Mistress.
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: winks chained ya down, giggles
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: wraps the towel around my hand and takes the boiling water off the fire and pours some of the water into the clay bowl to cool.
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: And sets the kettle on a near by fire.
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Turns back to wild and takes the sip cloth from and discards it to a starting pile and picks up the fresh sip cloth and sticks it into the water and begins to cleanse the wound gradualy and gently.
{cherie} ォムムサ: :isnt able to feel anymore pain
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: smiles to her sis
* {jewel}Fahimaォムムサys * may i brb please Mistress cant stop caughing ineed to tak emy meds
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: knowing just how she is feeling as for i went thru this days ago
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Dries the branded are and reaches to get one of the canistors w/the Analgesic cream and gentely applies the salve to the area and takes the sip strips to make a padding and use the rest of the stirps
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: bind the wound, smiling.
{cherie} ォムムサ: :its better she realizes in her dizy head
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: A lil nap will help you as well, lil wild, smiles.
{cherie} ォムムサ: thank YOU Mistress
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Nods to the little one and smiles.
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサys: ^rt
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Ur welcome, lil wild, smiles.
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Grasps the bowl up and turns to take it outside to dump it and returns inside and puts it away.
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: may i please brb
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Aii you may, lil aailyah, smiles.
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: thank You Mistress, smiles warmly to Her
{aailyah}C~Aォムムサ: ^brb
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: wraps sip towel around hand and grasps the handle of the kettle and turns to take it outside to dump it as well, and turns to leave it on a cool rock outside and will bring it in later, smiles.
{cherie} ォムムサ: Mistress it seems YOu miss part of Your head
{cherie} ォムムサ: :straightens her tights
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Aii I was I moved it when I moved the kettle, chuckles it happens.
{cherie} ォムムサ: feeling the blood rush
{cherie} ォムムサ: :so girl isnt this drunk smiles
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Starts putting up the rest of the medical supplies but leaves an extra container out for the later applying care to the wound, smiles.
{cherie} ォムムサ: thank You Huntress
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Its Mistress, lil wild, checking to see if your running a low fever or is just a lil woozw from the paga.
{cherie} ォムムサ: just the paga
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Just checking, lil one, smiles.
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Wonders if the cool winds and rock have cooled the kettle so I can put it away, smiles?
{cherie} ォムムサ: :seems so feeling no warmth from it
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: Im back
{cherie} ォムムサ: wellcome backHuntress
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: thank you angels
Lady Lilth、ァMV、herbalist: Turns to go outside and check and finds is cool to the touch and turns back inside and puts it away, smiling.

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PostSubject: bella gets branded with a purple butterfly   Brandings of Nfe I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 7:59 pm

{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Smiles up nervously eyes sparkling with love.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: present your thigh girly, doesnt matter which
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Smiles as body uplifts giving over bella's right leg, eyes close behind sooty black lashes as pearly white teeth nibble upon crimson lips.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: once branded.. a girl should know to nadu and lean back at any time any Free saids brand. this is to check. to look.. it is never used to touch anothers kajira.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: yes Second Huntress, bella understands fully.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: in the days of the fests many FW run nakey threw the streets drinking with OUr Males.. hidden in the dark.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: does the slave understand that is not My personal brand?
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: yes my Mistress, bella understands.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: this is who the Males would have US behave as and dress as when We visit
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Listens to the Second Huntress intently as She talks.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: in the days of the fest Males feel the woman in there arms for the kif
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: for the brand between her thighs
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: for it is to dark to see it
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: places the brand into the fire place to heat up
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Smiles as body shakes slightly. Takes a deep breath, fingertips gripping the chain upon curving hips.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: she will branded on the inside of the thigh as well as Out, Sis?
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: girl its best if this brand is one you can drawl onto the av piece
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: This one can do the butterfly by drawing Second Huntress, bella has been trying it out.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: only once is needed.. usually on the inside but you may choose SIS
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: she is yours
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: I'd like the brand visible. outside would be lovely.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: bella
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: yes Second Huntress
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: to be good .
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: dupe the entire av.. add the brand. then rename each piece . this way its all one av
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: and not one with floating pieces
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: then wear it and save
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: Yes Second Huntress
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: in a closet .. when a home reviews purges the props it goes by the dates on them.. you do not want to be left with only the branded neweer piece lol
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : giggles
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: Very true Second Huntress, bella is doing so now.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: smiles smelling the irons heating
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Nuzzles cheek to my Mistress's leg as body begins to shake slighty harder.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: takes up the iron moving to her
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: ;grasps the beast firmly
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Closes eyes quickly, not taking in the sight.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: bella
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Grips my Mistress's hand with a fury as teeth grit together awaiting the heat.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: yes Second Huntress
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: the command is hold
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Whispers softly
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: yes Second Huntress.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: quickly presses this to her inner tender thigh.. once
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: jerking it back.. pressing it again
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: twice
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Screams out, tears instantly swelling in hazel eyes.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: smells the flesh cooking
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: jerks it back
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: pressing it a third time
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Dares not move, tongue bitten hard as loud sobs fall from crimson lips.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: in layers .. adding a color to each layer
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: delacate.. with beauty
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :holds the girl steady, gripping he jaw so the beast wont bite her own tongue
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: tosses the irons away
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: bends looking
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: nods perfection
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :chuckles
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: Always with You, Woman
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Shakes hard as thigh holds feeling the extreme burn upon her flesh.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Lets out a soft giggle hearing her Mistress as tears are fought back.
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: places ice on it
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :takes a finger and wipes the blood away from her chin
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: gives then the healing cream to use 3 times a day
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: I was waiting on You woman
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サws: : Smiles softly to the delicate care taken to the fresh burn, kisses her Mistress's finger, and then takes the cream in a shakey hand.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: I knew she was that from the beginning
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: I like to watch and make sure
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :unravels some yellow silk from My pouch, slipping it along the shoulders of Mine
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : Peeks upward with a want to squirm but knowing she can't.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: you've earned yellow silks.. we see the true fire of a kajira burning in your belly
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : Nuzzles my Mistress's hand as tears swell up in hazel eyes once more out of joy and happiness in being pleasing to her Mistress and the Home this one adores.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: Thank you my Mistress, this one is for a lost of words in the joy she feels.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: Thank you Second Huntress, this girl loves her home and every Free and slave within it.
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: she will do her best to bring honor to the home and her collar all of her days.
Raphaelォムƒ€サォIoAォTM: grats bella
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: Thank you Jarl, from the bottom to the tip of her heart.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :drags a nail along the swell of her breasts, kissing her forehead
Fahimaォムƒ€サSH: congrats butterflower .. that is how my missy says butterfly
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: I shall take that bath tomorrow
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : giggles softly making sure not to wiggle too much.
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :smiles at My Sis
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: butteflower is beautiful
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : Purrs to the kiss upon her forehead
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : giggles softly
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: :smiles
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: butterflower.. you are so close to being named that
Kamala ォムƒ€サPG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: : giggles
{bellatrix}Kamaォムƒ€サys: This one would wear any name with pride and honor my Mistress as it is the greatest honor to be named by her Mistress to this one.
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