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 Rules of the Home

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Rules of the Home Empty
PostSubject: Rules of the Home   Rules of the Home I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 12:22 pm

General Rules:1. This is a Gorean Home with a Panther Lair and Forest. Y/you must be 18 or over to remain in this Home.2. All the Home is safe as NCZ and NKZ except in the Forest.3. No DRAMA will be tolerated.4. A/all lifestyles are welcome as long as the V/visitor respect Our rules.5. A/all must ask permission before whispering.Weapon Rules:1. Weapons are to remain sheathed at all times unless under attack.2. The no respect of rule 1 will be severely sanctioned.Slave Rules:1. they will Beg permission to enter and leave any room where Free are present.2. They have to be naked but not exposing genital parts or attitude obviously vulgar.3. They have to address Free Males of the Home as Jarl and Free Women as Mistress unless otherwise specified by the Free e.g. Panther or a Taluna must be addressed as Huntress.4. They dont have the right to call the Free by their names, but will use a decriptive way to identify the such as: The Master with the dark hair or the Huntress at the right.5. When showing present at the gate they are expected to be fully present and not afk or brb. If they have to be brb they will go to the brb room by typing brbroom, Home slave will kennel if afk.6. Each time a Free enters in the room the slaves will have to re-enter the room.7. Visiting Frees are not allowed to address directly a problem or.and discipline a slave. They must report it to the slave Owner or to a Home Member for a Home slave.Free Women Rules:1. Veils are not rewuired but can be worn if the FW feels more comfortable with it.2. As a general Gorean rule, nudity at the gate and in any public areas will not be tolerated.Capture Zone Rules:1. The Capture Zone is the Forest.2. Anyone entering the Forest Free or slave are subject to capture.3. The captures are down following t5 rules.4. The log og the capture will be recorded by the Huntress and kept by the Head Huntress in case of contestation to verify the validity of the capture.
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Rules of the Home
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