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 Why slaves must pay attention all time

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Why slaves must pay attention all time Empty
PostSubject: Why slaves must pay attention all time   Why slaves must pay attention all time I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 1:05 pm

I love you The importance of a slave to pay attention all time.
This is very important as, slaves are to serve and please the free, not opposit.The aim is that Northern Forest exchange is a happy palace and here all the slaves playes their part in that they are the ones who do the actions which is required by THe free Panthers. And the home is only happy when the free Panthers are satisfied.
How can a free Panther be satisfied. They can be satified if they can concentrate about the important stuff. The less important work should be made, whitout they have to worry. Here the slaves come in. They must constantly be alert that no job is left undone, whenever the free Panther has given the instruction. It is therefor important that all slaves do their best to pay attention and pleasing. A slave cannot be considered pleasing, if the Fre Panther has to repeat the orders again and again. So all slaves should in every second pay attention to the Free Panters who are present. It can damage the reputation of the Nothern Forest Exchange if slaves are considered to be out of order , lazy by those who visitors who comes from abroad.
The Free Panthers will be looking bad if they gets the reputation, that the slaves are lazy and ignoring the orders. So all slaves must pay attention all the time.
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Why slaves must pay attention all time
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