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PostSubject: {cho}Kamafews   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 8:30 pm

Good serves, Mine.
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PostSubject: Happiest ever   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 8:44 pm

Razz This one can not begin to express her happiness in what has happened int he last two days. Thank you my Mistress for showing her there is love still left for cho. With every passion in this ones heart and soul, she will do a good job to please you my Mistress.

Your slave,
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PostSubject: Re: {cho}Kamafews   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 9:40 pm

{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing Second Huntress is busy, cho steps up and moves gathering up all the pillows and furs to fluff and clean them. Hazel eyes dancing in the light showing the true happiness and pleasure.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Body twirls in circles as armfulls of pillows bounce and try to flee. Raven night locks bounce with each step to the door that leads outside.
* afk-Ankh IGKGuide * help your sis
* afk-Ankh IGKGuide * night girl
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : The night air chilly and filled of peace washes over cho. Crimson lips part as they call for kimi sis to help cho with the beating of the furs, pillows, and rugs.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Turns as the long beating stick is taken up, eyes glint brightly as they peek up and through the door to kimi sis letting out a soft giggle..
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Knowing cho is not to get into trouble, she behaves and starts to beat the furs that are lined along the string tied between two trees. Each beat to the furs causes a cloud of dust to fly out.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :smiles to sis as she rises and walks briskly out the door then helpfully points to the dirtiest spots on the pillows
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Coughs softly as to not to disturb Second Huntress, smiles seeing kimi showing cho the spots as her eyes are now clouded with dust. Beats where kimi directs.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :giggles then takes up a paddle and starts smacking the pillows like they are the rearend of some mean Male she wants to pound on
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Laughs seeing kimi get into the motion, finishes the last fur and begins to take them down. Folding them so they don't drag in the dirt and redirty themselves again. \
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :smacks them really hard then has to go get them as they go flying off thru the air to land several feet away
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hips swing slowly with each step made knowing kimi can handle whacking pillows. Enters the university and lays out the furs to their spots. Throws back silken tresses as eyes dance through the room.
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PostSubject: cho cleans her Mistress's chambers ...   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 9:41 pm

{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hips swing slowly with each step made knowing kimi can handle whacking pillows. Enters the university and lays out the furs to their spots. Throws back silken tresses as eyes dance through the room.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :mutters under her breath "take that and that you dirty rotten sob"
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Knowing cho hasn't clean Mistress's room, feet move quickly to Mistress's chambers. Dances down the halls, heart sings out, lips hum a soft tune of love and happiness. Giggles softly hearing kimi.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :tosses her hair back over her shoulder as she works up a good sweat with force of beating the pillows back into submission
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Once to Mistress's door, body slowly enters. Eyes move upon the room as cho tries to find all that needs to be done. Seeing the bed needing cleaned, dishes taken out, and floor sweep... cho starts.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Takes the ribbion Mistress gave her and ties long locks up and out of the way. Twirls on a pivoted foot moving to the bed, rips off the sheets and furs to be washed only to be replaced with clean on
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: ones**
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Puts the old furs and sheets into a pile by the door so that all the dishes could be taken down along with the floor to be swept. Gathers all the vessels within steady arms and exits.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :brings the cleaned pillows back in and replaces each one in its spot till she has all but one returned then she carrys that one down the hall and sneaks in behind cho then whaps her over the head
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :giggles and runs as fast as she can out of the room
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Peeks in on kimi, then moves inside the kitchen. Sets the dishes down carefully, bends low wiggling a ample ass as the water bucket is lifted ......
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Falls over laughing and covered in water, laughs hard and then hurries to pick up the bucket and think of a way to get back at the little cheeky girl.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :giggles as she hides where sis wont think to look for her
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Quickly mops the water, turns and grabs the bucket then hops out the door to the well. Once the bucket is filled, cho goes back into the kitchen. Eyes dance around the room looking for the brat.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing she is no where in the kitchen, the water is drained into the sink with a little added soap. With a few quick flicks of a wrist, the dishes are washed then rinsed and set to dry.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :shivers as it suddenly dawns on her that hiding in the coldroom is probably not the smartest thing she has ever done
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Dances over, grabs up the broom and then hurries back to Mistress's chambers watching out for kimi wherever she may be hidding. Lets out a meow trying to trick her as she walks through the hallways.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :heard the meow and slips out of the coldroom then goes to hide under Mistress bed figuring sis wont look there
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :grins as she finds Mistresses hidden collection of gorean playgirl magazines then starts to thumb thru one to see the pics
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Reaches Mistress's room then takes out the covers, looks down seeing something shift under the bed. Figures its the Gorean house elfs and goes to put the covers into the washing room to be washed.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :little pink tongue slowly slides over dry ruby lips as emerald eyes scan the magazine looking at the sexy girls with the almost acceptable boys
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Looks down the dreadful stairway, sighs thinking cho is going to get a work out this way. Gets to the bottom, puts the covers in and brings up the clean ones from the other days washing.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Once at the top, cho takes in a deep breath then hurries to the closet to place the covers in and out of the way. Grabs up the broom again and goes into Mistress's chambers to finish the last chore.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :slips quietly out from under the bed quietly then moves over behind the door figuring she will scare sis when she returns
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Twirls around the room trying to sing the song girls just wanna have fun. Hips swaying to a rythm as she dances like no one is watching.
{kimimela}Kamaƒ€ws: :moves quickly up behind sis then tickles her silly before darting out of the room laughing her head off
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Twirls again and again and again, slave fire burning within a belly hot and only for the joy of service. Bends down low doing the booty pop as she gets down with her bad self.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Falls to the floor again laughing hard, ekkkkkkkks.... NOOOOO FAIR BRAT.. giggles then gets back up thinking, cho will get her while she sleeps.. lol.. Then moves to put the broom away.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Grabs up some inscense and begins to light them placing them through the university. Stops in the main room, dust the shelfs and then goes into the kitchen.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Walks through the kitchen, cleans the counters and the spots from cooking the day before. Once finished, the towel is thrown into the dirty basket and hair is released from it bind. Sighs happily.
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PostSubject: cho does bedding, fixes fruit salad, & sweeps kitchen.   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31, 2008 5:37 pm

{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Moves silently through the empty halls. Delicate white silks flow freely upon curving hips, raven night tresses pour down ivory flesh with each step towards the kennels.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Fingers reach up lingering a momment upon the warm steel. Lush pink lips curl only to release a gentle purr of happiness at the thought of Mistress.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Breaking free of thought and back to work, feet take up the path once more towards the kennels. Eyes sparkling with a impish grin as cho remembers lovely kimi playing tricks on her.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Silently cho enters the kennels, hazel orbs dance over a darkened room as they seek out all that needs to be done. Moves to where kimi sleeps and lets out a little giggle.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Decides to behave and lets her rest, takes up the visiting slave beds, furs, and pillows. Places a kiss to her sister's forehead and exits to begin cleaning the bedding.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hips sway as lips sing along to a eartly song within cho's mind. ***The way you make her heart go boom ba boom. It only beats this way for you.***
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Twirls happily pausing before the wash room, sets the bedding down then makes a path to the kitchen. Stops before the main hall to check on the Free.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing cho is still alone, feet move to a rythmic sway to the kitchen. Pulls free a giant kettle, fills it with water and sets it to the fire. Pokes the fire, puts a few logs on, and goes to ..
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : the cool room.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Takes a deep breath then enters within. Quickly takes down the bowl of ramberries, throws some grapes, and some melons within the bowl. Steps onto tip toes and reaches high to the top shelf.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Fingers grip tightly to the cream container as cheeks glow red feeling the white silks rise with every inch cho's arm lifts. Steps back down to flat feet, pivots upon a right foot back to the ......
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : counter to prepare a delicious fruit salad for Mistress. Silken tresses fall and bounce back as she moves. Eyes take in the lovely view outside the windows of the insitute.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Giggles seeing a beautiful patch of flowers growing. Sets the soon to be prepared fruit down and heads outside. Bare feet caress gentle green grass with the path taken to get to them.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Bends down slowly, fingers dancing through the beautiful talanders then grabs up a boquet of them. Stands back up and quickly moves back inside the kitchen. Places the flowres into a glass vase.....
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : and continues fixing Mistress's food. With a rock knife taken out of the drawer cho slices the fruit quickly. Leaving the berries whole. Fingers arrange the fruit into seperate bowls and ...
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : places a good amount of bosk cream atop of the fruit salads. Steps back, eyes admiring the dishes made. Lips curl into a smile seeing there is enough for the Huntress at NFE.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Puts them all onto a tray and places them into the cool room. Turns back and makes a path to the counter to clean the mess made. Fans self feeling hot all of a sudden.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Turns and yelps seeing the kettle bubbling. Removes it from the heat and quickly pours it into a empty bucket. Wipes forehead as free hand takes out a silken ribbion to tie cho's long locks up ...
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : and out of the way. Hands lift the bucket and moves as fast as possiable to the washroom. Eyes focus as the heavy bucket strains in slender hands and wrist.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Spying the washroom, feet move faster untill a sigh of reliefe comes forth from crimson lips. Hands release the bucket carefully, twirls around and grabs the soap placing a small amount into ...
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : the hot water. Places two bed covers at a time into the washing tub. Hands beat the water into the covers untill the dirt is released. Wringes out the two covers and places them into another washing
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : tub. Moves quickly to the water buckets and takes one up. Emptires it within the wash tub with the cleaned covers then goes back to the dirty pile.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hums a soft tune as the process is finished. Once all the bedding is within the clean wash tub, cho goes to it to rinse them. Swirls around giggling then falls to bended knees at the wash tub.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Quickly stirs them and wringes them out. Fingers dancing over the delicate materials. Places the ringed bedding into a basket, swiftly uplifts taking the basket into steady hands.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hips begin their sway again as a path is made back to the sunny feild outside. Curling locks bounce within the wind, silks swirl and twirl as cho moves quicker to the hanging line.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Stops to put the basket down and bends, taking up the covers only to be placed onto the line. Once all is upon it, feet move back within the insitute.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Broom is taken up at the door, feet spins cho around as she pretends she is dancing with Mistress. Dipping low, jumping up, twirling, and then giggles as cho hopes no one can see the silly slave
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : clean.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing a large pile form and no other dirt on the floor. Body dips as fingers grab the dust pan and sweep up the dirt. Neatly places it into a waste basket.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Eyes glitter with happiness as they look upon the cleaned kitchen.
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PostSubject: cho serves honey glazed tarsk, Scalloped suls, and kalana   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2008 9:06 pm

Mlndƒ€PG: Baked Tarsk with Honey Glaze, Scalloped Suls and Ka-La-Na- wine red chilled
* (petala)`Wee`\\` * Cho go get that lol
* (petala)`Wee`\\` * pet leaving
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Huntress Baked Tarsk with honey glaze, scalloped suls, and Ka-la-na wine red chilled right away Huntress.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: : thinks wiggles fingers lifting up wiggling ass turns spins about and produces a goblet of chilld love juice and offers it to Huntress on teh way out
(petala)`Wee`\\`: smiles Enjoy!
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Body slips back three paces, dips low in a bow, twirls around to pivot upon a right foot, and then dances hips slowly to a rythmic beat of happiness to the kitchen.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: steals a kiss to Her cheek then doublds back kisses Huntress Kamala and bucks for life before they beat her
*** User logged off: (petala)`Wee`\\` {IHOEGBG}
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Pauses before entering as eyes steal a quick glance of the lovely Huntress, lips curl within a smile of joy as body turns back and heads within.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Bare feet pad lightly against the cool stones causing a soft pidder patter sound behind cho. The order racing through one's mind as the path ends at the shelf. Soft warm hazel eyes glance over it.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Uplifts to tip toes, fingers gather a goblet as well as a fine crystal plate. With a careful motion, feet land flat with the goblet and plate set to safety upon the counter.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Twirls around and dips, silks fluff up then settle as head bows searching for a pot. Pulling back, the best pot is taken out and lifted up onto the counter. Taps chin.....
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Turns and moves quietly to the cool room, hips swaying, locks bouncing, and eyes sparkling with every inch of beauty taken in from the home. Stops and takes a deep breath before entering.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hands reach out to grip the door, chest rises and falls as cho nervously tries to prolong the cold. Knowing it is not in the kajira's best interest, she pulls it free.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : With a quick hop, cho enters. Feet nip at the chilly floor as eyes search for the needed items. Steady hands take down a good size piece of tarsk and some lemon juice. Decides to leave the kalana.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : With a slow turn, a path is made back out of the cool room and the door is shut with a turned hip. Lips softly whistle as cho gets to work on the Huntress's order. Sets the tarsk to the counter.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Uplifts taking down a jar of honey, small bowl, a sauce brush, and a spoon to measure the amount of lemon. Adds salt and pepper to the ingredients as well then begins mixing.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : cho measures out one huda of lemon juice, 3 hudas of honey, 1 huda of salt and pepper. Quick flicks of a slender wrist stir all within the bowl.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing all is mixed, cho takes the sauce brush and begins to lightly brush on the honey glaze. Covers all the corners and top with a slightly thick paste then sets it neatly within the pot.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : With a quick path made to the racks, cho takes down 4 suls and heads back. Dips low, removing the rock knife and begins to slice the suls.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Once they are sliced nice and thin, the rock knife is washed and set back to it's place. Grabs out another pan, then heads upon padding feet to the cool room once more.
Mlndƒ€PG: brb litterbox
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Yanks open the door, no longer afraid of the cold as she works up a nice little warmth. Steps within, pulls down the container of cream and cheese and steps out pausing only to shut the door.
Mlndƒ€PG: back
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Quickly takes the pot with the tarsk in it and sets it to the heart to begin cooking. Turns back, measures out enough cream to give it a lovely taste as well as salt and pepper.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Places it within the empty pot along with some pieces of cheese to give it a nice taste with the tarsk. Sets it to next to the tarsk cooking and lets it bowl.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing all is cooking, cho removes a silver tray placing a fork, spoon, and knife upon it. Grabs up a vase along with a few of the lovely Tor shrub flowers that were picked the day before.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Fills it quickly with water, sets it to the tray along with a napkin and a piece of peppermint candy from the cabinet. Claps hands seeing how wonderful the presentation is.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Checks the tarsk and then sets the suls into the cream mixture after stiring it. Adds a bit more salt and pepper, then places the crystal plate neatly upon the tray.
Mlndƒ€PG: smells the wonderful meal the girl is making
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Steady hands take the goblet and place it with care upon cho's arm. Twirls it, sees no harm, and then wipes it delicately upon the tray. Spins around, making a path once more to the cool room.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Slips past a window, seeing the Huntress is not upset at the length in which it is taking her and continues. Pulls the door free, hops within, and takes down the best bota of kalana the home has.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Moves back out, rump shuts the door then sets the bota down upon the counter next to the items upon the tray. Stirs the suls and checks the tarsk. Seeing all is about done, cho prepares the drink.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Excited fingers lift the bota, crimson lips part as pearly white teeth grip the cork, eyes close, and teeth pull untill the famous pop is heard from the bota showing her it is ready to be poured.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: )POP
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : The sweet aroma teases cho's nose as it is poured within the crystal goblet, makes sure the goblet is filled then replaces the cork and sets it aside to take with cho in case the Huntress needs more
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Turns, removes the pot with the suls. Stirs it seeing the nice thick sauce, takes out a ladle and places a good amount onto the plate. Places the pot back and turns it away from the fire.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Takes out the pot with the tarsk, sets it to a plate on the counter and puts the pot back and away from the fire. Dips down removing the rock knife and begins to neatly cut slices of the tarsk.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing the meat made just enough for the Huntress, she sets the plate neatly into the sink. Takes a deep breath placing the goblet of kalana over her shoulder by the strap and the tray into hands.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Moves slowly as she calms herself, then thrust hair back and moves out into the gate. The aroma of the food teasing her belly as hips begin their natural sway down the path to the lovely Huntress.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Once three paces before the Huntress, cho lowers carefully next to Her. Placing the tray with care to the soft blanket that holds her furs.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : furs=table
Mlndƒ€PG: puurss softly smelling to wonderful aroma
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : With care she softly whispers
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: Huntress your honey glazed tarsk, suls, and chilled kalana.
Mlndƒ€PG: smiles
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Sets the tray next to the Huntress upon her low table, as head lowers in offering.
Mlndƒ€PG: stay close girl
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Huntress
Mlndƒ€PG: pulls the plate close and tastes the wonderful meat and suls
Mlndƒ€PG: muches some then takes a fork full of meat and offers a bit to the splendid girl
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles happily as mouth opens allowing the food to enter.
Mlndƒ€PG: munches the wonderufl food diging in her bag she pulls out some M&Ms and offers them to her
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Grins brightly wiggling
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Whispers
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: Thank you Huntress
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles up watching Huntress enjoy her meal..
Mlndƒ€PG: sweet one you are realesed from your wonderful serve
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: Thank you kindly Huntress, *lowers head placing a kiss upon Huntress's feet* this one was overjoyed to be of such service to you Huntress.
Mlndƒ€PG: sips the ka-la-na and munches dinner letting it fill Her empty stomach
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Dips back low then crawls back to her Mistress
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PostSubject: cho cleans kitchen mess from serving and makes blackwine   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 01, 2008 9:13 pm

{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Seeing all is cared for, cho uplifts moving to the kitchen once more. Eyes glittering full of life with the path taken. Once within, a path is made to the counter where cho just cooked.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Wipes down any spills, places all the dirted plates and silverwear as well within the sink. With a full bucket of water, cho fills the sink adding a bit of soap to get the job done right.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Swishes the cloth in and out of the left over goblets and mugs, turns and gathers the pots. Scrubs them down hard, then sets them to be rinsed. Lets out a tiny giggle as the soap bubbles attack.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Flips up long raven night tresses with the silken ribbion upon a slender wrist. Pours clean water over the soapy dishes and then replaces all the ingredients used to their proper place upon the shel
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : shelf.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Turns and uplifts to tip toes. Takes down a grinder, bin of blackwine beans, and a cheese cloth as well as a string. Measures out the right amount, then with full force begins to crush the beans.
Mlndƒ€PG: be back later
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : peeks head out
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Huntress
*** User logged off: Mlndƒ€PG {PAOHGBG}
*** Page from System: Mlndƒ€PG has logged off, 2 operators remain(including you)
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Fills the cloth and ties it, places it neatly within the cleaned pot gathered up and sets it to the hearth. Seeing all have left the Home, cho unties curly locks and heads to home.
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PostSubject: Things told to complete before 12am on Feb 2 08   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 02, 2008 10:32 pm

1. Rooms placed to their places=Finished

2. Get bathing avas=Finished

3. Start capture dance=Started
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PostSubject: cho serves Master CA of Nyoki keep.   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 9:23 pm

.ReliusѥCA: kalana sweetened and chilled
ShaniIFCKѥScr: please stay safe Kirill, will talk to You VERY soon
ShaniIFCKѥScr: smiles
KirillIFCSѥFS: Aye
.ReliusѥCA: goodnight Sis
ShaniIFCKѥScr: take care Kamala, it was a wonderful pleasure meeting you tonight
Kamala ƒ€PG: Aye, a pleasure
ShaniIFCKѥScr: be well sweet girl in service
.ReliusѥCA: hes back
ShaniIFCKѥScr: rise's up and moves off into the shadows
Kamala ƒ€PG: aye, I'm sure He means with sugar, cho
.ReliusѥCA: TalFalkor
Kamala ƒ€PG: Reli, Falkor is Kirill's bot
Kamala ƒ€PG: lol
.ReliusѥCA: Welcome to the Keep
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : blushes deep crimson and whispers softly to Master CA
.ReliusѥCA: SHIT
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Master CA Kalana sweetened and chilled, right away.
.ReliusѥCA: ill have to talk to your Huntress abou lifting you restriction con cerning drinks weg
Kamala ƒ€PG: When she is yellow silk.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Body inches backwards, then swiftly uplifts. Dips low in servitude then twirls and pivots upon a right foot moving with swaying hips to the kitchen. Once at the entrance, lips curl within a smile.
Kamala ƒ€PG: BOL
Kamala ƒ€PG: :looks up
Kamala ƒ€PG: dont know how to make Ka-la-na, slut?
.ReliusѥCA: LOL
KirillIFCSѥFS: Hmmmm
Falkor: Keeps trying to blink
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Moves upon bare feet along the smooth soft stones, raven night tresses bounce with pleasure upon ivory shoulders as cho looks for vessels. Eyes light with happiness as the shelfs come into view.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Uplifts to tip toes, slender fingers pull down a clear crystal goblet, with a swift turn upon a slender arm cho places it down upon the counter. Turns and dips, takes up a rep cloth and uplifts.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Twirls it with slow circles upon the glass then sets it off to the side. Steady hands hold carefully the expensive goblet, hips sway as a path is made to the cool room.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Grips a slightly chilled handle, then tugs. Supple breast rise and fall under the intense chill felt leaving the room. Body moves within quickly as to not keep the Master waiting.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : With a quick glance, cho grabs a bota of the chilled kalana then hops out. Pauses only to shut the door with a upturned hip. Hips begin their rythmic sway as cho moves quickly back to the counter.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Uplifting to tip toes, a well rounded bottom in the air as arms reach out and up to the cabinet where the sugar is kept. Once the bin is secure within steady fingers, body lowers back down.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Sparkling hazel eyes stay focused as fingers take up a spoon and set it to the side. Crimson lips part, placing the cork of the bota within pearly white teeth.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Eyes closes and teeth hold tightly as head pulls back waiting for the famous pop sound of the bota.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: )POP
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : The sweet aroma fills cho's nose as the cork is removed from sharp fangs and set to the counter. With care, the bota is tipped allowing a good amount to fill the crystal giving it a icy look.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Fingers take up the spoon and the lid is removed from the bin, dips within it removed a spoon full and drops it with care into the goblet. Twirls the spoon three times then sets it within the sink.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Hands take up the goblet, hips slowly sway, bare feet pad lightly, and eyes sparkle at the honor to serve Master CA. Once entering the gathering area, eyes lower in respect with a path made to Him.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Pauses three paces from Master as lips softly beg.
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: May cho approach Master.
.ReliusѥCA: wounders what she do if i say NO lol
.ReliusѥCA: sure
.ReliusѥCA: approach
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles softly as feet inch the girl closer then lowers at His feet.
.ReliusѥCA: Smiles
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : The goblet is lifted then stopped at crimson lips as fingers twirl it a quarter of the way, with a gentle kiss upon it cho turns it back and lowers head. Arms uplift offering the vessel of chilled
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : kalana as lips softly whisper
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: Master CA, this girl hopes cho was pleasing as well as the drink.
.ReliusѥCA: takes the drink from her
.ReliusѥCA: and smells its fragrence
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Small hands float down to thighs deeply kissed.
.ReliusѥCA: takes a small sip of it
.ReliusѥCA: ell done littleone
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles softly as eyes stayed lowered awaiting Master CA's approval.
.ReliusѥCA: Huggsssss
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: : Lips softly whisper
{cho}Kamaƒ€ws: This girl is happy to be of service Master CA, this one is very happy Master enjoyed her.
.ReliusѥCA: Smiles i did
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PostSubject: Chores done this day!!   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 9:24 pm

1. Finished Capture dance

2. Finished avas

3. Placed rooms in the school
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PostSubject: cho serves plum, peaches, ramberries, and ta-grape salad.   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 07, 2008 6:13 pm

{cho}Kamaуws: : Awaits all orders before going to the kitchen.
Kamala уPG: you need to restate My order, then ask if there is anything else
{cho}Kamaуws: yes my Mistress
{abby}Fahуws: Huntress i never serve Kalada before
Kamala уPG: Ka-la-na?
{abby}Fahуws: kalana
Kamala уPG: that is why peta will help
Kamala уPG: I did.
{cho}Kamaуws: Chilled kalada and sa-tarna my Mistress. cho will harta my Mistress
Kamala уPG: no cho
(petala)`Wee`\\`: lifting up to height, spins about on warm heels and moves off towards the path to the Serving area
{cho}Kamaуws: : Pauses in the confusion.
Kamala уPG: you and abby
Kamala уPG: oops
Kamala уPG: you and candy***
Kamala уPG: will gather ramberries, ta grapes, plums, and peaches
Kamala уPG: in a bowl for each of My Sisters and I
{cho}Kamaуws: : Listens intently
Kamala уPG: understand candy?
{abby}Fahуws: wait for tala to start
Kamala уPG: and then the slave wonders why she is in the brb room
***MlndуPG: Sis I need to run have to get ready for lodge
Kamala уPG: :nods
***MlndуPG: Be Well
Kamala уPG: :HUGS
Kamala уPG: Drive safely
***MlndуPG: huggles Hun
{cho}Kamaуws: )P_letmeletyouknow.wav
*** Page from *{candy}Fahуws: *{candy}Fahуws has just entered Kamala's fun Zone
***MlndуPG: be well girls put Mine in the cooler I will have it when i get back
*** Page from KamalaуPG: KamalaуPG has just entered Kamala's fun Zone
{cho}Kamaуws: : Eyes glance over to the Huntress's feet and whispers softly
{cho}Kamaуws: yes Huntress please be well
{abby}Fahуws: travel safe Huntress
*** User logged off: ***MlndуPG

*** User logged off: KamalaуPG
{abby}Fahуws: i think tala passed out
(petala)`Wee`\\`: slips closer into the serving lodge softly smiles as she slips within
{cho}Kamaуws: : Body uplifts, bare feet moving through the warm sads as a path is made to the kitchen. Hips sway rythmically to a beat only cho can hear. Pausing beside petala and abby, cho waits for the lead.
{abby}Fahуws: grey eyes look around for the glases
{cho}Kamaуws: : Sparkling orbs take one last glance of her Mistress before disappearing within. Shakes her rounded ass then giggles as she vanishes within behind abby and pet.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: spins about on small heels and enters, approaching the basin wets and washes her hands, drying them, quickly
{abby}Fahуws: finding two in the color of night and the color of a rose
(petala)`Wee`\\`: stepping towards the cupboards she reaches up removing Two goblets,
{cho}Kamaуws: : A path is made to the cabinets, lips singing softly a tune of happiness as cho gives abby and pet a wave then dips low disappearing behind the cabinet as eyes dance upon the vessels.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: One a rose color the other a slightly tinted crystal, softly smiles offering abby one to inspect for her Owner
{abby}Fahуws: if tala doing it all what am i to do?
Kamala уPG: eh?
Kamala уPG: Talk to her
(petala)`Wee`\\`: just gave you a goblet
(petala)`Wee`\\`: check it for flaws and stuff
{abby}Fahуws: i found the glasses yet she got them too
{cho}Kamaуws: : Once three perfect crystal bowls are spotted, cho leans in. A rounded rask uplifts into the air barely covered by the white silks that lay to curving flesh. Steady hands grip and pull out 3 bowls.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: sweety one we are wrong to be conversin in a serve
(petala)`Wee`\\`: two they are not glasses dear
(petala)`Wee`\\`: they are goblets like champagne glasses
(petala)`Wee`\\`: this is Gor remember
(petala)`Wee`\\`: just a lil hint
{abby}Fahуws: well this slave is only a ws i am sorry if i dont know
(petala)`Wee`\\`: dont be sorry
(petala)`Wee`\\`: am trying to help you
(petala)`Wee`\\`: to show you even
{cho}Kamaуws: : Uplifts setting them with care to the marble counter, twirls in a slight spin picking up a rep cloth to make sure they are spotless. With a quick flick of a slender wrist, each bowl is tested.
{abby}Fahуws: take the GOBLET from her hand
(petala)`Wee`\\`: proceed on.. i will just stand and point
(petala)`Wee`\\`: lets it go takes the other one in slightly curled fingers running it along the rim of it softly smiles; eyes twinkles
{abby}Fahуws: no you are higher up
{cho}Kamaуws: : Seeing no harm come to ivory flesh, the bowls are wipped clean of prints and set neatly upon a silver tray pulled down from the cupboards. Turns making a path towards the cool room.
{abby}Fahуws: the one in my hand i run a thumb over the rim
{cho}Kamaуws: : Arriving at the cool room, fingers curl around a chilled handle. Eyes close behind sooty black lashes as lip is nervously beaten by pearly whites, tugs hard then hops in quickly. Searching with fury.
{cho}Kamaуws: : Uplifts to tip toes, hands bring down the container of bosk cream as well as one of the bowls of ramberries, ta-grapes, plums, and peaches. Balancing them with care, feet move cho out.
{abby}Fahуws: seeing no blood drop i wait for tala to move next
{cho}Kamaуws: : Pausing, a upturned hip shuts the cold door. Uplifts head, takes a breath, and then continues the path back to the counter. Bowls balanced with her life, then set upon the smooth counter.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: seees no harm in it takes it with care and polishes it with a clean rep cloth, dropping it in the basin, stepping back pivoting, swings about with fully rounded heart shaped ass swaying tenderly
{cho}Kamaуws: : Eyes search for the rock knife, then light up with the finding of the wonderous object. Fingers take it up with care as well as the cutting board. With nice size slices made, cho begins to cut.
{abby}Fahуws: walking over to the bucket of water i lower it into it and scrub it
(petala)`Wee`\\`: stepping back pace by pace, swiftly turns partially to my right, and pivots walking towards the cold room, reaching out long arms curling fingers around the handle counting slowly pulling the door
{abby}Fahуws: then rinse it and shake it to dry
Kamala уPG: brb
{abby}Fahуws: follow tala i do as she does
(petala)`Wee`\\`: with a final tug it opens, inching within the icy blast stepping towards the shelves beholding the lovely bottle of chilld Kalana, reaching up in love..
{abby}Fahуws: after tala fill her goblet i hold out my hand to accept it
{cho}Kamaуws: : First the peaches making sure to throw out the pits, then the plums doing the same, and lastly the grapes and ramberries are thrown into the each of the three cyrstal bowls.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: running fingers over the bottles carefully selecting one with grace, pulling it to me, eyes lowers as taking it within small hands holding it closer whispering .. sis .. in time will learn..
{cho}Kamaуws: : Adds in each bowl a layer of peaches and plums. Eyes glance over the lovely colorings of the fruit, then rinses and places the knife back to it's spot. Turns, taking out a spoon.
{cho}Kamaуws: : Dips it into the bosk cream, placing a good size dolp on each fruit salad then rinses and sets it inside the sink. Wraps Huntress's bowl, places it into the cool room and hurries back to the counter
(petala)`Wee`\\`: Kalana a wine of love; a sweet red wine, is Only opened at the Feet of the Free because the bottle is sealed and to open it the seal must be broken at the feet of a Free
{abby}Fahуws: thank for telling me
Kamala уPG: back
(petala)`Wee`\\`: turning about offering the bottle to abby for her to hold it close to her heart
{cho}Kamaуws: : Steady hands uplift the tray, moving with care as cho tosses abby and pet a smile on the way out and down the path to her Mistress. Once three paces, body lowers to bended knees to her feet.
{abby}Fahуws: take it and hold it close
(petala)`Wee`\\`: anytime, in time you learn will learn what drinks is okaye to pour in here and which ones must be poured at Your Owners feet or any Free feet.. it has to do with humility, love and grace in serving,
{cho}Kamaуws: : With care, the tray is set to the furs that which her Mistress sits upon. Hands then uplift the first bowl, placing a kiss a quarter turn of the way of love and respect.
(petala)`Wee`\\`: it allows them to see that the bottle is sealed and they can Observe you opening it
Kamala уPG: :looks down softly
{cho}Kamaуws: : Head lowers between uplifting arms as they offer my Mistress's Her desire. Crimson lips part behind raven night tresses that bounce and linger covering cho's face.
{cho}Kamaуws: my Mistress, cho brings fruit salad with bosk cream atop of it in hopes it is pleasing and refreshing to my Mistress this night.
{cho}Kamaуws: : Looks down to the second bowl then softly whispers
Kamala уPG: uh huh
Kamala уPG: you may
{cho}Kamaуws: May cho take it to Second Huntress
{cho}Kamaуws: Thank you my Mistress
{cho}Kamaуws: : Steady hands uplift the tray with a remaining bowl upon it and move gracefully to Second Huntress.
{cho}Kamaуws: : excuse me pet and abby
{cho}Kamaуws: : Lowers at Second Huntress's feet, the tray set neatly to the furs that Huntress sits upon. Hands take the now icy bowl of fruit salad smoothered in bosk cream. Head lowers in respect, eyes close,...
{cho}Kamaуws: : and lips part with a gentle voice of nothing but respect.
{cho}Kamaуws: Second Huntress, your bowl of fruit salad with bosk cream, cho prays it brings a refreshing taste to your tongue.
Kamala уPG: cho
Kamala уPG: Fah is afk
(petala)`Wee`\\`: abby i not mad hun
{abby}Fahуws: thank you Huntress
{abby}Fahуws: well wishes Mistress
{abby}Fahуws: well wishes Huntress
{cho}Kamaуws: : Seeing the Huntress is afks, cho sets the bowl neatly to Huntress's small table beside her. Places forehead to the ground, then inches backwards moving down to the slave mats.

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PostSubject: A reminder she is loved and pleasing....   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 9:58 pm

{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles up nervously eyes sparkling with love.
Kamala ƒ€PG: present your thigh girly, doesnt matter which
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles as body uplifts giving over bella's right leg, eyes close behind sooty black lashes as pearly white teeth nibble upon crimson lips.
Fahimaƒ€SH: once branded.. a girl should know to nadu and lean back at any time any Free saids brand. this is to check. to look.. it is never used to touch anothers kajira.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Second Huntress, bella understands fully.
Fahimaƒ€SH: in the days of the fests many FW run nakey threw the streets drinking with OUr Males.. hidden in the dark.
Kamala ƒ€PG: does the slave understand that is not My personal brand?
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: yes my Mistress, bella understands.
Fahimaƒ€SH: this is who the Males would have US behave as and dress as when We visit
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Listens to the Second Huntress intently as She talks.
Fahimaƒ€SH: in the days of the fest Males feel the woman in there arms for the kif
Fahimaƒ€SH: for the brand between her thighs
Fahimaƒ€SH: for it is to dark to see it
Fahimaƒ€SH: places the brand into the fire place to heat up
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles as body shakes slightly. Takes a deep breath, fingertips gripping the chain upon curving hips.
Kamala ƒ€PG: she will branded on the inside of the thigh as well as Out, Sis?
Fahimaƒ€SH: girl its best if this brand is one you can drawl onto the av piece
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: This one can do the butterfly by drawing Second Huntress, bella has been trying it out.
Fahimaƒ€SH: only once is needed.. usually on the inside but you may choose SIS
Fahimaƒ€SH: she is yours
Kamala ƒ€PG: I'd like the brand visible. outside would be lovely.
Fahimaƒ€SH: bella
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Second Huntress
Fahimaƒ€SH: to be good .
Fahimaƒ€SH: dupe the entire av.. add the brand. then rename each piece . this way its all one av
Fahimaƒ€SH: and not one with floating pieces
Fahimaƒ€SH: then wear it and save
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: Yes Second Huntress
Fahimaƒ€SH: in a closet .. when a home reviews purges the props it goes by the dates on them.. you do not want to be left with only the branded neweer piece lol
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : giggles
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: Very true Second Huntress, bella is doing so now.
Fahimaƒ€SH: smiles smelling the irons heating
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Nuzzles cheek to my Mistress's leg as body begins to shake slighty harder.
Fahimaƒ€SH: takes up the iron moving to her
Kamala ƒ€PG: ;grasps the beast firmly
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Closes eyes quickly, not taking in the sight.
Fahimaƒ€SH: bella
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Grips my Mistress's hand with a fury as teeth grit together awaiting the heat.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Second Huntress
Fahimaƒ€SH: the command is hold
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Whispers softly
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: yes Second Huntress.
Fahimaƒ€SH: quickly presses this to her inner tender thigh.. once
Fahimaƒ€SH: jerking it back.. pressing it again
Fahimaƒ€SH: twice
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Screams out, tears instantly swelling in hazel eyes.
Fahimaƒ€SH: smells the flesh cooking
Fahimaƒ€SH: jerks it back
Fahimaƒ€SH: pressing it a third time
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Dares not move, tongue bitten hard as loud sobs fall from crimson lips.
Fahimaƒ€SH: in layers .. adding a color to each layer
Fahimaƒ€SH: delacate.. with beauty
Kamala ƒ€PG: :holds the girl steady, gripping he jaw so the beast wont bite her own tongue
Fahimaƒ€SH: tosses the irons away
Fahimaƒ€SH: bends looking
Fahimaƒ€SH: nods perfection
Kamala ƒ€PG: :chuckles
Kamala ƒ€PG: Always with You, Woman
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Shakes hard as thigh holds feeling the extreme burn upon her flesh.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Lets out a soft giggle hearing her Mistress as tears are fought back.
Fahimaƒ€SH: places ice on it
Kamala ƒ€PG: :takes a finger and wipes the blood away from her chin
Fahimaƒ€SH: gives then the healing cream to use 3 times a day
Kamala ƒ€PG: I was waiting on You woman
Kamala ƒ€PG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ws: : Smiles softly to the delicate care taken to the fresh burn, kisses her Mistress's finger, and then takes the cream in a shakey hand.
Kamala ƒ€PG: I knew she was that from the beginning
Fahimaƒ€SH: I like to watch and make sure
Kamala ƒ€PG: :unravels some yellow silk from My pouch, slipping it along the shoulders of Mine
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Peeks upward with a want to squirm but knowing she can't.
Kamala ƒ€PG: you've earned yellow silks.. we see the true fire of a kajira burning in your belly
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Nuzzles my Mistress's hand as tears swell up in hazel eyes once more out of joy and happiness in being pleasing to her Mistress and the Home this one adores.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Thank you my Mistress, this one is for a lost of words in the joy she feels.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Thank you Second Huntress, this girl loves her home and every Free and slave within it.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: she will do her best to bring honor to the home and her collar all of her days.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: grats bella
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Thank you Jarl, from the bottom to the tip of her heart.
Kamala ƒ€PG: :drags a nail along the swell of her breasts, kissing her forehead
Fahimaƒ€SH: congrats butterflower .. that is how my missy says butterfly
Kamala ƒ€PG: I shall take that bath tomorrow
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : giggles softly making sure not to wiggle too much.
Kamala ƒ€PG: :smiles at My Sis
Kamala ƒ€PG: butteflower is beautiful
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Purrs to the kiss upon her forehead
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : giggles softly
Kamala ƒ€PG: :smiles
Kamala ƒ€PG: butterflower.. you are so close to being named that
Kamala ƒ€PG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : giggles
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: This one would wear any name with pride and honor my Mistress as it is the greatest honor to be named by her Mistress to this one.
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PostSubject: Serves chilled white kalana to Mistress & Jarl with candy.   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 4:22 pm

Kamala уPG: slaves, get My Blood and I some Ka-la-na
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: yes my Mistress
{candy}Fahуws: yes Mistress some kalana, red, white chilled?
Kamala уPG: white, chilled
{candy}Fahуws: yes Mistress white chilled kalana
Kamala уPG: Huntress* girly
Kamala уPG: Fine, Blood
{candy}Fahуws: ups... yes Huntress
Kamala уPG: I'll google some sparring shit
Kamala уPG: and practice
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Body swiftly uplifts, head dips low in a bow of respect then twirls and pivots upon a right foot, pausing a second as lips softly speak.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Jarl may bellatrix pass this night?
RaphaelуIoATM: k
RaphaelуIoATM: you are serving
RaphaelуIoATM: arent you you dont ask to pass Me when serving
Kamala уPG: slaves do not ask to pass while serving
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: yes my Mistress, this one is sorry and will never let it happen again.
RaphaelуIoATM: plus I need more than one sparring partner than Emmanuel
*** User logged off: {cherie}у
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Sorry Jarl, bella is very sorry and will correct her mistake.
RaphaelуIoATM: I dont like Him seein gMy combat writting so much just competitveness
{candy}Fahуws: *with little pressure from slender arms raises from the fur, and turns on ball of feet heading for the servnig area*
RaphaelуIoATM: its ok bella you arent red yet and event hey make mistakes
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Feet keep their motion upwards along the path to the kitchen, stops at the kitchen door awaiting for candy to meet up with bella before going in.
Kamala уPG: I might kill pally
RaphaelуIoATM: It sucks cept for the command /showlooseprops
{candy}Fahуws: walks with steady steps dipping the feet into the grass letting the red toenails nearly disapear*
{candy}Fahуws: *enters the serving area smiling to sis waiting walks together with her to selcect the dringking vessel*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Smiles seeing candy, with a soft giggle and a peek to her Mistress feet move a path within. Hazel orbs search the shelfs as lips part speaking to candy with kindness.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Pick the goblets you like the best and bella will gather the chilled white kalana.
RaphaelуIoATM: and you dont need to goodle sparring the rules are right here in the home I just thoguht about it
{candy}Fahуws: whisper you take drinking vessel for your Onwer girl here take for mine
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : yes Sis, sounds like a plan.
Kamala уPG: candy will serve Rapha
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Uplifts taking down a crystal goblet, fingers curl around the stem, the rim placed to ivory warm flesh then turns it in a full circle. Seeing no harm came to bella, a rep cloth is taken up.
{candy}Fahуws: yes Huntress and Tarnsman is going for chiled white too?
RaphaelуIoATM: aye
{candy}Fahуws: yes Tarnsman
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : With a few quick flicks of a slender wrist, the goblet is cleaned and set upon the marble counter. Dips down low, silks rise exposing a rounded bottom for a split second. Eyes search for the tray.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Seeing it, fingers grip tightly and remove it setting it neatly to the counter with the crystal goblet set upon it neatly. Turns, hips swaying delicately with the path taken to the cool room.
{candy}Fahуws: scans the shelves for a goblet which suits a powerful strong Male... and herr well turned frame stand out as a silouette whille getting down the goblet*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Pausing at the door, hand grips and tugs with ease. Feeling the chill nip at every inch of bella's flesh she quickly moves within. Uplifts to the top shelf, pulls down two botas of the desired drink
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Reads the label to make sure, smiles as it is correct then hurries out of the chill that starts to eat away the last warmth left in bella. Stops, upturns a right hip shutting the door.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Hartas to the counter, sets the botas upon the tray and awaits candy's selected goblet.
{candy}Fahуws: inspects the goblet letting the rim rum along sensibel niples and as no chips are found walks to zink cleaning it careful under the water tup...while drying watch his powerful frame in the mirror *
{candy}Fahуws: *created in the side of the goblet*
{candy}Fahуws: turn to sis seeing she has already done the unpleasnt job to enter the coldroom and now atch what brand she selected..Oh yes the Ar area delivers good kalana*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Smiles to candy, then uplifts the tray allowing her to take up a bota to dilver to the Jarl and then begins a path to the Exchange Point after she has taken her selection.
{candy}Fahуws: *takes the tray from sis fro the Jarl turns and leaves the serving area*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Hips sway to a rythmic beat, heart thumps with love, and eyes lower with respect as body weaves between the furs then stops at my Mistress's feet. Kneeling with thighs untucked and head holding high
Kamala уPG: :eyes the freshly cleaned slut
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Sets the bota to the furs, as the goblet is set neatly down as well. Fingers take up the bota with care, crimson lips part exposing a moist tongue then close upon the cork. Head thrusts back.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Awaits the pop and lovely smell to hit her nose.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: )POP
{candy}Fahуws: *moves accros the grass with bouncing breasts and swaying hips. comming out in the open lets the wind play with girls long tresses*
Kamala уPG: :smiles at seeing My engraved goblet
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Tilts the bota downwards allowing the liquid to pour freely within the goblet. Seeing it reach the top, the bota is uplifted and recorked. Body turns slightly, arms uplifts head high and eyes low.
{candy}Fahуws: approaching HIm and kneeld own in front of Him with thighs pressed togheter and arching the back, while she with lill turn of head bring her long hair to fall down the back*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Lips part softly with a gentle voice begging to be heard.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: my Mistress, bella brings chilled white kalana in hopes it will be found pleasing.
Kamala уPG: :grasps it from her slightly wrinkled fingers, sipping slowly, enjoying the cascading liquid.
Kamala уPG: :settles the goblet to the side
Kamala уPG: nadu
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : yes my Mistress
{candy}Fahуws: *takes the bota and pres the cork to teeth opening --POP-- pours the cool drink into the bota, letting it go nearly to the rim*
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Body holds it's postion before Mistress, head high but eyes lowered. Palms float freely downwards laying face up upon heating flesh as raven night tresses bounce and caress breast that thrust out.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Back dips in a slight arch then holds it keeping still untill told to move.

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PostSubject: Fudge and warmed bosk milk for Mistress and Tarnsman   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 8:41 pm

Kamalaƒ€PG: butterflower
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress
Kamalaƒ€PG: you know how to make chocolate?
Kamalaƒ€PG: in gor?
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Umm has a desert she knows how to make of home made fudge
Kamalaƒ€PG: I'll take that and some warmed bosk milk
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress
Kamalaƒ€PG: get some for Him too
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress, 2 plates of hot home made fudge and 2 glasses of chilled bosk milk right away.
Kamalaƒ€PG: warmed
Kamalaƒ€PG: bosk milk
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Please forgive bella, she misread my Mistress
{fluffy}GSbot: )jas_chains.wav
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Uplifts swiftly, hips sway as a path is weaved through soft furs layed upon the sitting area. Raven night tresses bounce and nip at ivory shoulders that gleam under golden silks.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: lol it look like on one of the episodes some chick just show up in a wedding dress and try and straigh tup marry flav LOL
Kamalaƒ€PG: gah
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: I gotta see that one
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Pausing at the kitchen area, eyes drift down and to her Mistress taking in Her lovely form then twirls and pivots upon a right foot. Hips swaying to the thumping beat in her heart.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: brb
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Stopping at the cabinets, body dips causing silks to fly up and then settle in a twirling mess upon a well rounded bottom. Hands search through the pots, then pull free a medium sized kettle.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Sets it to the side then takes out a second kettle but smaller than the first, sets it as well to the counter and then turns grabbing up a rep cloth.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : With a few quick flicks of a slender wrist both the kettles are cleaned and set to the side. Body uplifts, pulling down the packages of chocolate chips from the cupboard. Eyes glance over them.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Seeing they are the right ones, two packages are set next to the pots and body turns dancing along a path to the cool room. Stopping, steady hands pull the door allowing a sweeping wind to cover her
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Moves in quickly, uplifts to tip toes, and pulls down a container of bosk milk and then moves out. Stopping only to shut the door with a upturned hip. Then crosses the kitchen.
{fluffy}GSbot: )jas_crimsonclover.wav
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Stops at the counter, pops open the bottle pouring about a half cup of milk into the kettle, bella then sets it to the side to be poured into two glasses after heating it.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Tears open the two packages and empties both into the kettle, sets the trash into the basket by the counter and then takes out a long spoon. Sets it to the side as well as the matching lids.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Uplifts taking down the sugar bin, removes the lid, and then takes out about two cups of white sugar and then does a fire dance to the cool room as bella forgot the butter.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Moves within the cool room, takes down the dish of butter and then hops out pausing only to shut the door and then stops at the counter. Puts a good amount of butter into the pot, places the lid on.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Turns uplifting the kettle with care to the hearth, sets it to the flame to start to boil and then moves back to the counter. Empties the remaining milk into the smaller kettle and places the lid on
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Uplifts it with steady hands, hips swaying as heart begins to pick up pace enjoying the excerise. Sets it to the other spit and allows it to start to warm. Turns back uplifting to tip toes.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Hand grips the ledge of the shelf as body rises to full height, arm outstreches taking down the two glasses and then back to flat feet once retrieved. Takes the rep cloth from cleaning the pots.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : With four quick flicks of bella's wrist, the goblets are cleaned and set upon the tray that always sits upon the counter. Places two napkins upon it as well as two forks just in case and waits.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Smelling the aroma start to fill the air, bella takes the smaller kettle off with the rep cloth. Pours equal amounts within the glasses and sets it within the sink. Turns back taking the long spoon.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Stirs slowly after liftting the lid with the rep cloth used to get the milk off the fire. Seeing it form a giant ball, she removes it from the fire after pulling out a round dish to pour it within.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Once it is all within the dish, the kettle is filled with water and set beside the other kettle. With the long spoon, bella starts to smooth it out untill the entire dish is filled of fudge.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Taking the rock knife, bella begins to cut little squares within the dish untill the fudge is covered in little strike marks. Rinsing and cleaning the knife, it is set back within it's spot.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Divides the fudge onto the two plates, sets the dish into the sink and then uplifts the tray moving with great care down the path to the exit of the kitchen.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Bare feet lap gently at the soft cool stones, hips sway to and from, raven night tresses bounce with pleasure then stop as body lowers approaching her Mistress.
Kamalaƒ€PG: :glances towards My darkhaired butterflower making her towards Me
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Body lowers setting the tray with a slow motion to the furs, thighs part exposing all for her Mistress to see, back dips, head holds high, and eyes lower as arms uplift offering the plate of fudge.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Crimson lips part as a soft voice whispers
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: my Mistress, your plate of fudge. bella prays it is pleasing and the beast pleased my Mistress this night.
Kamalaƒ€PG: Steady your arms, girly and remain so until given permission to rest
Kamalaƒ€PG: :takes a piece of fudge, and inhales in the deep scent, plopping into My mouth to savor the chocolate dissolving
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Keeps completely still under my Mistress's command.
Kamalaƒ€PG: :breaks a piece of fudge and tosses to the duck
{fluffy}GSbot: : Quacks catching it with my beak
{fluffy}GSbot: : gobbles it down quacking softly...
Kamalaƒ€PG: :slips My heels down to press into the slave flesh, tasting another piece of fudge,sliding back adding pressure
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Moans softly but never breaks positon.
Kamalaƒ€PG: offer fudge to Rapha
Kamalaƒ€PG: :removes My heels
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress
Kamalaƒ€PG: :sips My milk
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Body slides back with tray in steady hands. Stops at Tarnsman's feet, back dips into a slight arch, head high, eyes lowered in respect, and arms uplifting offer the plate of fudge for His pleasure.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Tarnsman, bella offers a plate of homemade fudge and bosk milk, may it be pleasing to Tarnsman in her serving Him.
Kamalaƒ€PG: offer fudge to Rapha
Kamalaƒ€PG: :removes My heels
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress
Kamalaƒ€PG: :sips My milk
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Body slides back with tray in steady hands. Stops at Tarnsman's feet, back dips into a slight arch, head high, eyes lowered in respect, and arms uplifting offer the plate of fudge for His pleasure.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Tarnsman, bella offers a plate of homemade fudge and bosk milk, may it be pleasing to Tarnsman in her serving Him.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: :smiles reaching down taking a few pieces of fudge and chewing on them happy with the taste and the way bella presented it to Him He smiles warmly
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: thank you bella it is pleasing
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : A soft shiver forms down a dipped back at the happiness shown from the Tarnsman. Keeps the plate raised for Him.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: lol thats enough for Me you may return
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Sets it neatly to the silver tray after setting His glass of warmed milk to the low table at His side. Bows head placing a kiss to the floor, then crawls quietly to her Mistress.
Kamalaƒ€PG: Blood, You are wizzed here
Kamalaƒ€PG: lol
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: makin the band is on , I'd put every singe one of those girls in Danity kane in a collar lol
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: ya I didnt wiz up casue no one else was at the time lol
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: theyd be Danity Kollared
Kamalaƒ€PG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Uplifts after reaching my Mistress's feet, body curling around her feet offering bella's warmth.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: Dawn is prolly my fav
Kamalaƒ€PG: :kisses your forehead
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: then andrea
Kamalaƒ€PG: when are going to kennel?
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Purrs softly under the kiss and whispers
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PostSubject: Serves Second Huntress Red Fruit Juice   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 11, 2008 10:10 pm

Kamala ƒ€PG: I wanna be rested for tomorrow
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Sleep well my Mistress
Kamala ƒ€PG: and cant fuck uo my sleep schedule
Kamala ƒ€PG: girly
Kamala ƒ€PG: offer service, and be sure to log all that you did on the board
Kamala ƒ€PG: I actually do read through them
Kamala ƒ€PG: lol
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes my Mistress
Kamala ƒ€PG: -hugs-
Kamala ƒ€PG: Night Family
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: nigh tBlood
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Hazel sparkling orbs lower with head holding high, palms lay face down upon tucked thighs as crimson lips part.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Sleep well my Mistress, love you bunches.
afkKamala ƒ€PG: night butterflower
Fahimaƒ€SH: counts her toes thinking two missing wont unblance anything.. if only taken one off each foot
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Seeing her Mistress leave, body lowers to al fours. Hips rise then fall with every inch taken to the lovely Second Huntress. Arrving three paces before Her, lips place a kiss to the soft furs. begs.
Fahimaƒ€SH: awwwwwwwww she is sweet
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Second Huntress, may bella be of service to you this night Huntress if it would be pleasing for bella to do so.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : giggles softly seeing Huntress count her toes, wiggles them with a giggle falling from crimson lips.
Fahimaƒ€SH: bella id love some fresh red fruit jiuce please
Fahimaƒ€SH: hold the toes
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : giggles
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: yes Second Huntress, fresh red fruit juice hold the toes.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Body swiftly uplifts, hips swaying gently to the rythm of a thumping heart in service. Raven night tresses slither down ivory flesh bouncing against a rounded bottom then settle as body stops.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Takes a glance of the beautiful Huntress, then hartas off within the kitchen making sure not to keep the Free waiting on a goofy slave.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Bare feet lap at cool stones, then uplift to tip toes. Back dips slightly with arms that reach out taking down a goblet from the second shelf. Reaches taking up a rep cloth.
Raphaelƒ€IoATM: I shall BrB goin to visit IoA for a lil bit
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Sets the rim to a outstreched arm, twirls it two full times. Looks, then smiles. With a few quick flicks of a slender wrist, the glass shines. Eyes light up and lips smile.
Fahimaƒ€SH: light
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Turns upon a right foot, hips swaying happily as a path is made to the cool room. Steady hands hold the expensive goblet with care as the handle is tugged upon and body moves within.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Uplifting slightly, bella's free arm reaches up taking down the pitcher of red fruit juice. Pours a good amount within the goblet, then sets it back and moves quickly out of the cool room.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Pauses only but a second to shut the door with a upturned hip. Small feet begin the path to the exit of the kitchen and down the furs. Goblet held with her life at stake, eyes lowered.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: : Approaches Huntress, pauses and lowers to a kneel, thighs slightly untucked to allow body to lean in and strech out long arms. Long silken tresses linger on bella's face as lips softly speak.
{bellatrix}Kamaƒ€ys: Second Huntress, your goblet of red fruit juice. This girl prays she was pleasing to the eye as well as the drink to be pleasing to Huntress's lovely lips.
Fahimaƒ€SH: aye ty
Fahimaƒ€SH: lovely
Fahimaƒ€SH: accpets it from her tiny fingers
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PostSubject: bella serves fruit salad and citrus juice to Huntress   {cho}Kamafews I_icon_minitimeFri Feb 15, 2008 1:04 am

{leah}уws: no this girl thats for sure pillows need to be big and cuddly not soft and mushy lol
**FahimaуSH: my goat was alseep.. heared a mouse.. ran to get it.. it got her .. she yelped and is hiding un bed under the covers
{fluffy}SbLbot: Awwwwwwwwww
***MlndуPG: I am gonna run RT bro wants the cvomp
{leah}уws: awwwww
**FahimaуSH: where has He been?
**FahimaуSH: lol
***MlndуPG: Busy
**FahimaуSH: lol
***MlndуPG: will tell Him to drop by Sis
**FahimaуSH: nah
{leah}уws: oh perks
***MlndуPG: Huggles Sweety
**FahimaуSH: He has things to do
**FahimaуSH: will miss you
***MlndуPG: fire and heart girls
{fluffy}SbLbot: Quacks
*** User logged off: ***MlndуPG
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Be well Huntress, huggles
{leah}уws: be well Huntress girl opes your headache get s better
{cherie}у: be well Huntress safe travels
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Ohh perfect size
{jala}Fahimaуps: nice cusion
{fluffy}SbLbot: Second Huntress, may jala have one of bella's cushions?
**FahimaуSH: for ?
{fluffy}SbLbot: bella just wanted to give it to her if Huntress approved.
**FahimaуSH: clean
*** User logged off:
*** ; {bellatrix}Kamaуys is Erasing
*** User logged on: Josie (T) FoSW/kM
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Perks
*** ; **FahimaуSH is Erasing
{cherie}у: sr
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Tal Sis
{leah}уws: sr
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Greetings Huntress of FoSW
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: hi jala
{jala}Fahimaуps: greetings Huntress hoping your well tonite
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: sr
{jala}Fahimaуps: sr
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: hi cherie
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: hi bellatrix
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: hi leah
{cherie}у: greetings Huntress in silver
{leah}уws: greetings Huntress *smiles girl hopes you are having a wonderful evening
**FahimaуSH: Tal Josie
**FahimaуSH: I think bella just set you out a nice soft place to sit
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: I am doing well.
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Nice to see so many people here.
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: I see. thank you Bellatrix
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : giggles
**FahimaуSH: jala roll me a cig
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Very welcome Huntress
{leah}уws: may girl please be right back?
**FahimaуSH: yes leah
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Soft hazel eyes drift to the visiting Huntress, body lowers upon hands and knees. Hips rising only to lower back in the slow careful crawl to the Huntress. Pausing three paces before the giant ..
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : pillow lips softly beg as head keeps high but eyes lowered.
{leah}уws: thank You Huntress
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: May bella approach to offer service Huntress, if it is of pleasure to Huntress for bella to do so?
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: looks at bellatrix.
{leah}уws: ^brb
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: You you may come forward girl.
{cherie}у: smiles
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Hearing Huntress, body inches forward then stops near Her feet.
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: looks at the girl
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Please bring me some fruit and a cool drink.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Shivers slightly feeling a gaze upon herself.
**FahimaуSH: smiles
**FahimaуSH: cherie
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: yes Huntress, shall bella bring her famous fruit salad with perhaps some... Thinks a momment then smiles brightly... Citrus Juice.
{cherie}у: yes Huntress
**FahimaуSH: you may finish it add it to it and then post it
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: That sounds good bella.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: yes Huntress, right away...
**FahimaуSH: no rush
{cherie}у: thank YOU HUntress
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Body pushes back, pauses then uplifts swiftly. Hips swaying slow and sensoual as raven night tresses lick and caress down ivory flesh trying to tickle a well rounded bottom.
{leah}уws: may this girl please return?
{jala}Fahimaуps: =takes thepaper laying it on ones tighs , fingers reaching spreadingthe tobasco on the paper figners gently rolling the paper around it
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Pausing, eyes steal a quick glance of the lovely Huntress then moves feet within fetch Her desired.
**FahimaуSH: head hurting still jala?
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Sis how are your towers coming?
{jala}Fahimaуps: fingers feeling ones heat as fingers work the packignthe tobaco tightly ,diping her fingers inot ones heat feelign the sweet juice coating ones fingers , then runs the fingers along the paper
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Bare feet move bella quickly within and then to the counter. Uplifts to tip toes, hands reach up curling around a small bowl and a goblet. Setting them both down, body twirls half way around.
{jala}Fahimaуps: sealing it with ones desire and passion brings the cigarette close to slave heat then her lips inhaling the sweet perfume and runs it to ones lips tounge licking along the side making sure its seal
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Fingers grip tightly to a rep cloth, then turns back. With a few flicks of a slender wrist lips curl into a smile seeing a shine.
**FahimaуSH: jala dont use ones
**FahimaуSH: no labeling yourself
{jala}Fahimaуps: lifting the cigarette to Ones Owner as head lwoeres between extended arms in a soft voice wispers may this cigarette helps keep a smile son your lips
**FahimaуSH: aye ty mine
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Places bowl and goblet to a silver tray sitting on the counter for serving, then dashes off to the cool room. Stopping only to grip the handle then move within.
{jala}Fahimaуps: wraping arms around burning candle and bring it close to Mistress offeringit to Her toligh ther cigarette
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Body uplifts, steady hands take down the bowl of fruit mixture already prepared. Turns, takes down a small container of bosk cream and exits. Stops only to shut a wide open door with a upturned hip.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Once at the counter, chilled bowl of fruit salad is set down and a large ladle taken out. Dipping within the mixture, bella pours it easily into the small bowl. Watching different colors splash.
**FahimaуSH: bends to jala inhaling lighting it
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Aroma hitting bella hard, eyes glitter knowing the Huntress will love it. Puts a glob of cream atop of it. Sets ladle within the sink, turns and moves quietly to the cool room to replace the taken.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Takes down a bota of citrus juice and exits, bumps door shut strutting off to the counter. Pausing, bota is flung around shoulder, tray taken up, and a spoon added to gleaming silver with a napkin.
* Josie (T) FoSW/kM * nice AV
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Hitting the main hall, eyes lower, hands steady, and lips display happiness that beats wildly within. Curving thighs flex and release as small bare feet move with a soft lapping sound against stones
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Reaching Huntress's feet, body lowers to thighs tucked deeply into a embrace with the items set down carefully to Huntress's feet.
{jala}Fahimaуps: puts the candle back down as i feel few drops of wax fall on my flesh
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: look at the fruit salad. Looks wonderful and smeels great.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Crimson lips part, taking within a brown cork. Sparkling orbs close behind sooty black lashes as head thrusts back awaiting a loud pop.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: )POP
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Hearing and smelling the wonderful drink, fingers curl around a swiveled stem of the goblet then tilts a icy bota releasing sweet smelling juice within it's walls.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Seeing it fill fast, bota is uplifted and recorked. Sets it to Huntress's low table. Bows head, raven night tresses spilling forth around bare ivory shoulders as lips softly speak.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Huntress, your goblet of citrus juice and a bowl of sweet fruit salad. This girl prays she was pleasing and has brought a smile to your lips due to her service to You as well as the taste and quality
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: of the food this night Huntress.
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: I take the fruit bowl and the glass of the citrus juice.
**FahimaуSH: SIS did you find Sadi?
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Pick out pieces of the sweet and tart fruit and pops it into my mouth.
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Tasting how sweet it is and how it mixees wonderfuly with the cream.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Small hands flutter down and rest with ease upon kissing thighs.'
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Delicious girl very delicious.
**FahimaуSH: leah are you watching the others serve ?
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: No I haven't found Her Sis
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Thank you Huntress, bella is happy to be of service and thanks Huntress for allowing bella to do so tonight.
{leah}уws: yes Huntress and girl is looking up certian things in her sisters serves that she has seen as well * smiles*
**FahimaуSH: Would YOU Know how to set fire walls to allow in to a private pally?
**FahimaуSH: leah you may ask things in the room
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: I take a drink of th juice. then Sweetly says "Yes girl the food and drink are wonderful. Thank you for preparing them."
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Softly speaks with respect
**FahimaуSH: noone minds helping
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Is there anything else that this beast could do for Huntress tonight or shall she go and join her sisters once more Huntress?
Josie (T) FoSW/kM: Please go and join your sisters.
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: Thank you Huntress, *Lowers head placing a kiss of respect to the ground then turns and crawls towards her sisters.*
{leah}уws: girl was wondering what bosk cream was and looked it up to find out Huntress
{bellatrix}Kamaуys: : Pounces them

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