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 Fahima & Kamala

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PostSubject: Fahima & Kamala   Fahima & Kamala I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 6:15 pm

Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: opens MY palm .. showing my dagger slice lightly threw it.. welling up read tears of Love and life
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: offers HEr MY dagger
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :stops changing avas, gripping the weapon from Her hands, and slicing My opposite palm in one quick motion
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: nods taking MY BLoods hand into MINE
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: prssed firmly
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: I vow.. never to steal from you and to always have your back
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: I love you SIS
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :grips Hers with a Fierceness, blood meeting Hers in a mixture of need and appreciation
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: I vow to be one with You, as a mirror, vowing that You will never be alone.
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :looks down
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: !ai Panthers
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: get towels and ice for Me and My Sister, slave
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: abby banadge me
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: yes my Mistress
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: Blood the dagger is yours
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Body uplifts swiftly then pivots upon a right foot. Raven night tresses bounce fiercly with the path made to the shelfs.
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :slips it into a sheath, placing on My hip
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: thank You
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Takes up two medium sized towels then moves quietly within the kitchen. Hazel eyes search the walls as a path is made towards the cool room. Once to it, body pauses taking in a deep breath.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: kicks the lazy one at my feet.. come tend to me
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: how may i serve you this night?
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: your kidding
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Grabs a bucket of ice, turns whistling happily, lips curled within a smile as body hops out of the cool room pausing only a second to shut the door with a upturned hip.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: drips blood onto her cheek
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: tend to me
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : With quick steps a path is made out of the kitchen and down towards her lovely Mistress and wonderful Second Huntress. Hips roll with a slow rythmic beat of their own then stops three paces before
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Mistress..
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: uncorking the bottle and clean your cut
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: :flenches ..watching mine
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :holds My palm to the girl
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: wipping it clean with the rep cloth
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Sets the bucket of ice as well as the soft towels down at Mistress's feet. Body lowers so as to never be above Mistress, smiles upward as fingers grip the cloth preparing to clean her wound.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: I ve shared the blood of the Himura clan with you both
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: looking around for some clean rags and tape
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: its darkness never fully known to even me.
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: finding a clean rag i wrap it around your hand
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Takes the smooth soft hand with the visiable cut in her palm within cho's loving hands. Steadily takes the cloth for Mistress and dabs with care upon the crimson stream falling from the cut.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: may it feed your hunger in gor.. may it chill your eminies to death with the whipsering of its name..
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :nods
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: flipping that coin.. NFE is strong
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: if we were not in our own right.. others would not be trying to close US
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: and our home
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: and with my teeth i rip a piece of tape off and tape it down
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Left hand reaches and takes a piece of ice and rolls it with ease upon the wound. Eyes focus upon the task as cho softly sings a tune of love and happiness in her home and the Free within it.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: !screw them all.. let them Bring it
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: lol
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: They cant handle us
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Seeing the blood disappear, cho takes the second cloth and wraps it around Mistress's hand. Lips part placing a kiss upon the freshly wrapped wound as lips whisper softly.
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: recorking the bottle and putting it back at your feet
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: Thank you my Mistress for allowing cho the honor of cleaning your wound.
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: :smiles kissing the girl's head
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: return the iterms
Kamala «Ńƒ€»PG: items*
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Purrs and softly whispers
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: yes my Mistress
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: smiles to mne ty that didnt hurt to much
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Body uplifts swiftly, hips begin their rythmic sway as a path is made to the kitchen. Silky tresses kiss ivory shoulders as body enters quickly within as to not keep Mistress waiting.
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Takes a quick path to the washroom, tosses the blood rag into a basket for washing then twirls around bucket in steady hands as cho moves with a quickness to the cool room so the ice doesn't melt.
{abby}Fah«Ńƒ€»ws: tomorrow morning may i go work on my pally?
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Lip curls under nervous teeth remembering the chill of the coldness within. Takes a deep breath, then yanks the door open, hops within setting the bucket back to it's place.
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: no abby not until you beging to be pleasing to me
Fahima«Ńƒ€»SH: you will show ME iam worht more to you than it is
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : Turns slowly, eyes searching the needed chores to be done tonight on her way out. Hops out the door, then pauses. Bumps the door shut with a upturned hip and moves with a happy bustle through
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : the kitchen and out into the livingroom. With a quick path taken downwards and to her Mistress cho smiles excitedly. Pausing three paces from her furs, body lowers to a crawl moving the rest of the
{cho}Kama«Ńƒ€»ws: : way upon hands and knees. Once at her feet, lips place a kiss of love to them then allows body to uplift and curl around her giving up all her warmth to Mistress.
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Fahima & Kamala
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