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PostSubject: {bellatrix}KamaźNFE╗ys   {bellatrix}KamaźNFE╗ys I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 7:53 pm

Info on the slave bella: This one is owned by Huntress Kamala since January 28th, 2008. Huntress found bella within the home Temptations of Gor unowned and uncollared to any home under the name mahira. This one started at white silk level, is now at yellow silk.

Description of bella: bella is a lengthy slave, standing at full height at 5ft 10in, curvy in all the right places, good sized breast that are perked and sit just right, and raven night tresses that can't seem to get enough of caressing ivory flesh, and hazel/green eyes sparkle with love and pride of that which bella is.. Kajira....

Outtro: This slave hopes to bring happiness and pleasure to every Free within the home as her heart sings just to be within this fine home. Thank you my Mistress for finding bella and taking her home.. This one can't explain just how much this girl feels safe, secure, and comfortable within the walls of Northern Forest Exchange.
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