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 Mandatory: NEW slaves Read

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PostSubject: Mandatory: NEW slaves Read   Mandatory: NEW slaves Read I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 05, 2008 8:40 am

So you think you want to become a Gorean slave? You think you have what it takes? Many think they can be a kajira, but in reality, they don't have a clue. Gor is hard, unfair, demeaning, and goes against what we, as human females, were brought up to believe.

Then again, Gor can be wonderful. It can bring a sense of freedom to a kajira, let her very soul take flight with exquisite pleasure. It can seep into your soul, without you even knowing it.

If you are here so that some big, strong MAN can overwhelm you and give you the cyber-sex you've always dreamed of, you're in the wrong place. There are thousands of BDSM and "pick-up" rooms for that.

There is a lot to learn about being kajira (Gorean slave), and only the truly serious will take the time to learn it well. It's not something you will learn overnight and in reality, a good kajira will continue to learn all the time.

First off, the mindset of a kajira is critical. A girl must want to serve others with all her heart, not just serve one person, and not just serve sexually. A kajira must achieve total effacement of self, an abnegation of one's own desires, and the turning-outward of one's energies toward others.

A kajira, secondly, shows herself and her beauty off in everything she does. You will utilize every action, from entering a channel to approaching a Master, to bring pleasure to the Free with your unique loveliness and style.

On the other hand, Gor is about the Free, not the slaves - how long can you sit in a channel, unnoticed, not called upon, without fidgeting, without adding a little comment here and there to get yourself noticed? Which is not to say that kajirae should not enter into conversations; but they do need the self-control to be still when the time is appropriate. As Will Rogers put it, Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Then there is Gorean factual knowledge, gleaned from the Scrolls, John Norman's 26 books of the Chronicles of Counter Earth. From animals to foods, from drinks to positions, each bit is important knowledge for an on-line kajira. Granted, as a kajira you might never be asked about what kinds of flowers are in Gor, but if you are, you'll be able to answer with a correct answer.

Being a kajira is not to be taken lightly. It takes a lot of hard work, and determination. As a kajira, you need to have a deep craving and inner desire to serve. As Gorean slaves we wish to be perfect, but you need to understand that no matter how hard you try to please the all Free, you'll never be able to.

Be yourself when in Gor; embellishment of one's image is normal, but complete falsification of who you are as a person only leads to hurt and anger. There will be times (because yes, we are human, even if in Gorean law we are considered livestock) that in your mind you'll want to lash out and blurt out words that as time goes on, will surely come to mind. But if you really want to be a kajira, you won't say them. You'll bite back the rudeness, the feeling of "how dare they say this or that". Many kajira say they have black and blue tongues, but they learn what to speak about, and what not to speak about.

The Free will often encourage you to speak openly, but acting the brat is only going to get your ass kicked right out of the door. And it will gain little, if any, help from the girls who've been just where you are now, alone, scared and wondering what they got themselves into.

The biggest thing to remember though is, you are on Gor to have fun, to grow, and to enjoy yourself and others. There will be changes within you as you let your inner slave-self fly free, as you fulfil yourself as a woman in this unique, supra-womanly way. Note, however: if it ever stops being fun, that's when to turn off the computer, and take a long hard look at where you are. Slavegirl of Gor,
11:134-5 As I turned, hurrying, suddenly, frightening me, I realized the Ta-Teera had scarcely concealed me. This frightened me for I had become much aware, in the last few weeks, of the capacity of my beauty to excite men. Eta had told me that I was becoming more beautiful. I did not see how this could be. Yet, apparently, for no reason I clearly understood, I was becoming more provocative and stimulating to men. I suspect this. had to do with the gradual loss of layers of constriction and inhibition in my movements and attitudes, and expressions, the sluffing off of modes of impersonality and rigidity in which I had been conditioned since girlhood on Earth.

I now related to men in a much more spontaneous and intensely personal way than once I would have dreamed possible. I now saw them as unique, exciting masters, each different and incredibly individual, who might, for a word or gesture, have me; how could I not regard them differently from a free woman; and, too, doubtless, they saw me in a similarly immediate and intensely personal fashion, not as an object shielded, by prejudice and law, and fear and pride, from them, even to touch whom could be a crime, but rather as a slave girl, vulnerable, exposed, at their mercy, unique in her exact helplessness and individuality, the same in some respects as all other bond girls and yet interestingly and profoundly different, too, from all the others.

I shared the condition of slavery with other bond wenches, but each of us, of course, as masters know, in the depths and complexity of us, is a surprisingly and uniquely different individual, a latent prize for the chain, an astonishment fascinating to learn and subdue. I suspect the changes in me, at least in part, had to do with two things, the gradual stripping from me of negativistic Earth conditionings and, on the positive side, the Gorean acculturations to which I, a bond girl, was being exposed. I was learning my slavery. Oddly enough, in learning my slavery, I was experiencing an incredible sense of psychological freedom and liberation. I was liberated from political and economic roles of male impersonation and freed to be myself, a woman.

The major difference in me, perhaps, however, was not behavioral, social or cultural, but biological. The cultural arrangements, as such arrangements should or may, liberated rather suppressed, constricted or thwarted my inner nature. My inner nature, thus, was permitted to open its petals to the rain and sunlight of a clean, honest, glorious world. I was becoming true to myself. I think that is it. In becoming true to myself, too, I was becoming happy. And, as Eta once told me, it is hard for a woman to be happy and not to be beautiful.

Finding your way here was the first step, but probably the most important one you'll ever have to face again.

Ten difficult things about becoming a kajira (no particular order):
Making sure the Free Person you choose to be your "Guide" or "Mentor" is going to stay on Gor, and going to remain Free
Just because you know a few serves, and can spell "heat", and alcove well, does NOT mean you're a kajira
Learning to put your self second, and when you don't agree with the Free person, letting go of the irritation
Having patience, no matter how dense that Free Person or that other kajira is
Not taking the first collar that is dangled in your face.
Knowing that your Master may take more than one slave, and it is not your place to comment
Knowing it is ok to make a mistake, then learning from it and moving on "Remember: your mistakes are the only things you can truly call your own."
No matter what you do, there is just no pleasing some.
Never assume you know what a Free Person wants... they'll tell you
Smiling all the time, especially when faced with a displeasing, annoying, or downright belligerent Free Person

Ten nice things about becoming a kajira (no particular order):
You can find real Men here, Men who don't compromise, waffle, or are wimps that you can walk all over
You might find your belly, that point within you that burns to serve, to please, to bring pleasure
You will learn that it really counts to please men. If this is too "sexist" for you or otherwise offensive, then Gor is not for you.
You have your Master looking out for your every need; your Master will handle all the bullshit that anyone gives you (Kit`ala)
Total freedom to be able to enjoy and feel and be pleasured.. including multiple, all-body orgasms (feiqua{KK})
The looks from Men in malls and other public places -- a kajira has an aura, even IRL (In Real Life), that she is for pleasure... Males can sense this, even subsonsciously (feiqua{KK})
You can make real what is deep within your heart, what you have known all of your life, but was never quite sure it was acceptable (charlyn{KK})
It's okay to be very feminine and not have to try to match the men... it's okay to be me (`shayna)
When a girl is ready to know true happiness, it will find her
You become a kajira.. that most beautiful, most alluring essence of femininity, proud in your completeness, modest in your slavery, knowing you have achieved the totality of what other girls dream about and envy, timid and afraid, from afar

-- brandy,
with a little help from Oryx con Lara, Lady Viviane, pyxi{OcL}, and others as noted
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Mandatory: NEW slaves Read
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