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 Taka & Sadira

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PostSubject: Taka & Sadira   Taka & Sadira I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2008 12:26 pm

TakaォムムサTH: :slips My old sleen knife from it's hidden sheath, grasping it by the blade lightly and offering the hilt of it to Sadira
TakaォムムサTH: care to do the honors Love? Impish light in My eyes as I watch Her
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: :smiles to My Sister taking the sleen knife placing the blade to My palm .. and draggs it across the flesh
FahimaォムムサSH: :watches Taka and Sadi smileing
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -watches Them smilling-
TakaォムムサTH: :notes with satisfaction the intensity of her expression.. looking deep into Her eyes as I repeat the wound upon Myself, ..
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: : feeling the blade slice My plam .. blood starting to flow... flips the blade and offers it to My Sister Love
TakaォムムサTH: :offers the realizes the only time My Blood has touched the EP ground, has been when I bounded with Loved and treasured Sisters I smile for a moment
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: :extends My wounded hand to My Lovely Sister . looking into Her beautiful eyes...
TakaォムムサTH: :feels the sting of the incision in My flesh as the blood flows free, taking her hand into Mine.. Blood to Blood, and Flesh to Flesh
TakaォムムサTH: Let No One dare to come between My Blood Sisters and I, least they pay the ultimate price Love, holds Her tightly with tears of joy in My eyes
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: from this moment on You are My blood Sister.. just so You know as My vows to protect NFE to the death .. I vow the same to You
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -swips a tear of joy on her cheek -
TakaォムムサTH: whispers, We have many miles and Lives to Live My Blood, let this bond se Us through them all
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: aye Blood.. We have been though so much .. and theres plenty more too ...
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: -sees a box of kleenex on the ground and takes one to swip her tears of joy as she smiles to her Sisters-
TakaォムムサTH: using My left to pull a muslin strip from a pouch, and using it to bind Her Wound still watching Her..
FahimaォムムサSH: !AI PANTHERS
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: !Ai Panthers!!!!!!
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: !Ai Lair!!!
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: ! AI Panthers
TakaォムムサTH: each journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.. and in Our Case (s) a Blooding)
TakaォムムサTH: !Aii Panthers
*~Sadira~ォムムサ Guard: and let this be the first step of many that we will take together
.トt膈舅tト.ォムムサHH: !Congratulations Sisters!
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Taka & Sadira Empty
PostSubject: Re: Taka & Sadira   Taka & Sadira I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 29, 2008 6:14 pm

Grats Taka and Sadi lots of love I love you Sorry I coulden't be there Sad

Ah, the pitter patter of tiny feet in huge combat boots. SHADDAP One of you is gonna fall, and die, and I'm not cleaning it up.

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Taka & Sadira
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