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 slave Orientation

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PostSubject: slave Orientation   slave Orientation I_icon_minitimeSun May 11, 2008 11:06 am

Slave Orientation

Date Joined - If a trainer is there when the slave is collared, hopefully this will be recorded. Otherwise, we ask or take our best guess.

Chore board url- There is a link to the chore & activity board on the site, here is the url

E-mail address or Yahoo- Do you have an email address that we may send the welcome letter and any future updates to? An anonymous hotmail or yahoo email address is perfectly acceptable.

Chain of Command - There is a chain of command among the Panthers in NFE. Atalanta Head Huntress, Fahima Second Huntress, Taka Third Huntress, Sadira Second Sentry.

Greet - In NFE we greet and offer service to each Free individually, following the chain of command. slaves who are owned by any other than the camp, will greet and offer service to their owner first and then greet and offer service following the chain of command.

After greeting all NFE Huntress in chain of command and not, slaves will greet and offer service to the NFE Mistresses, then visiting Panthers/Mistresss and Masters, and then greet slaves. If you can see a Free obviously being served, it is acceptable to simply acknowledge that you see their needs being cared for and offer your greetings, thus moving you along to offer service to the next.

Do not greet unknown visitors to the city before they are greeted and welcomed by a free of our home. If there are no Free available in NFE at the moment, greet and offer service.

When Free ENTER always remember to sr.

Leave - A slave must ask for, and receive, permission to leave NFE.

Travel - slaves of NFE do not travel without permission, nor alone.

Dualling - Any slave or Free caught dualing in the Home.. Will be dealt with swiftly.

Chore Posts - We do need to copy and paste our posts of chores & activities.

Cut & Paste - With the exception of this orientation material, the only thing permissable for a slave to cut and paste in the room is a scripted dance, but also remember that a dance seen over and over again will not be pleasing so be prepared to dance without a script. Serves, chores and other activities will be written as they happen. slaves attempting to c&p serves and chores *will* be caught.

How to Act - - slaves in NFE are to be obedient and pleasing always. slaves do not simply *nod*. slaves are to make full posts showing intelligence and beauty, no *ss* or *g* type it out *soft smile* *giggles* or should that be *sweet smile* and *grins* it is easy to misunderstand an abbreviation.

The Free may not always be right, but they will be obeyed. Difficult or not, we bite our tongue and do not correct or argue with the Free. slaves may feel some jealousy or feel neglected but we do not exhibit it in NFE, find a slave buddy to help work through these emotions. Find ways to focus on yourself and being more pleasing.

We will not post commentary in the form of "thinking this..." and "knowing that. ..." or "wondering how/when/why...". Our posts will be of things that can be seen, felt, smelled, tasted, or heard. Describe what you are doing and speak the rest in words.
slaves will show actions.

slaves do not handle weapons. slaves can be killed for this. There is a small bone cutting knife in the servery to be used for the cutting/slicing of meats etc. which you may use without asking permission. This must never be taken from the servery.

Accounting - slaves own nothing. If you are given a gift, it belongs to your owner. Please copy the post, including the date / time stamp, name of person giving the item(s) and the item given, and cut and paste it in to the board.

slaves do not touch money. A Free may place a coin on your lips or tongue, or even between the full mounds of your breasts. Carry it in that manner to your Owner’s table or the coin box, and wiggle and jiggle until it drops from you. ::grins:: Have fun with this.

BE Active - slaves are expected to make regular posts to the room of actions. We will keep busy serving, dancing, training, interacting, doing chores, even playing with another slave...something to post regular activity in NFE. We do not simply sit and "read scrolls" or just kneel on "furs". Slaves are always in motion.

Raid - In the event of trouble in NFE or Raiders entering, type in "games".

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slave Orientation
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