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 May 13th - 19th

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PostSubject: May 13th - 19th   Tue May 13, 2008 2:59 pm

1. When entering the home first time of the day do chores. May 13-19

Make a snack.
Clean vulo coup.
Clean My rooms.
Chore of choosing.

Make a drink.
Collect vulo eggs.
Wash My laundry.
Chore of choosing.

Gather firewood for Camp.
Collect 6 herbs from the herb garden.
Learn about 5 different gorean animals. (Send me the written file of the type and description of the animal, along with quotes).
Chore of choosing.

Clean the kajirus wash rooms.
Clean the kajirus clothing.
Learn about 5 different gorean foods. (Send me the written file of the type and description of the food, along with quotes).
chore of choosing.

Clean the furs of the home.
Wash the dishes of the home.
Fetch water for the home.
Chore of choosing.

Make white willow tea.
Wash Fahima's clothing.
Make Sa-Tarna bread.
Chore of choosing.

Wash Atalanta's clothing.
Chore of your choosing.

2. When chore is done go to the Free, karta and then settle. Greet. Once time is spent a bit with the F/family get to serving.

3. If not needed... busy yourself, ie: read of gor, study something.. or simply just make idle conversation with the Family.
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May 13th - 19th
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