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PostSubject: {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ   {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 12:49 pm

Fahima: welcome to NFE.. here is your place to post .. your workatleast one serve from the day.. and any tasks and chores. also your lessons.. dances.. or other items..from you.
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PostSubject: Serve coco to Mistress   {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 2:22 pm

(2:50:34 PM) ***Fahima、A ォムムサSH : closed the tin of slave.. blows out the candle and returns to sit in my place.. dur bring me some hot coco
(2:51:20 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : yes Mistress may she pass by her sister and You
(2:52:23 PM) ***Fahima、A ォムムサSH : aye dur
(2:52:29 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : thank You Mistress
(2:53:07 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she rises to her padded feet being sure to back 3 paces before passing by Her she hurries across the furs and grass to the serving tent
(2:55:18 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she begins to hum as she finds her way into the tent as she enters her emerald eyes scans the room quickly she finds the a pot to warm the milk and cream, she takes a rep cloth and wipes it out
(3:00:12 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she fills the pot with half cream and half milk on the fire, she shaves some chocolate into the warming milk stirring it and making sure it does not skim over or get to hot
(3:01:32 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she removes the pot from the flames and retrieves the perfect cup to pour it in. her slender body stretches as she reaches to the top shelf
(3:02:21 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : pulling it down she quickly inspects it for any imperfections or chips, she gently rolls the rim acrossed her breast.
(3:03:02 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : happy with her choice she washes with a rep cloth and sits it next to the warm liquid she warmed
(3:04:01 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : carefully she pours the coco into the cup topping it with whipcream and more shaved chocolate
(3:05:44 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she places the pot in the sink to be washed and carefully she picks up the warm coco and returns back to the Exchange Point, her padded feet hurry gracefully over the grass returning to her Mistress
(3:06:59 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she kneels at Her feet keeping her eyes lowered she whispers and asks Her if she wishes for durr to taste to ensure its safety
(3:08:25 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : feeling the warmth of the cup in her palms,she prays its to Her liking
(3:11:22 PM) ***Fahima、A ォムムサSH : takes the coco ty dur
(3:11:35 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she lifts the cup above her head handing it to Her
(3:12:03 PM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she is honored to serve You Mistress she prays its to Your liking
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PostSubject: cleaning one of Mistress's rooms   {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 8:07 am

(8:19:11 AM) @500,12 Welcome to Fahima ォムムサSH {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ
(8:21:22 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : durr walks into one of her Mistress's rooms, her eyes scan to see what all needs to be done. she approaches the black panther that lay near the door gaurding the room. her fingers slowly reaches down
(8:22:50 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : petting behind its ears. durr walks over to the couch and fluffs the pillows and places back where they belong. she collects the furrs that lay infront of the couch and runs them outside taking the
(8:24:05 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : broom with her, and beats the furrs after hanging them. for now she leaves them hanging and runs back inside to her Mistress's room. she moves to the fire pit that burned out the night before begins
(8:25:26 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : scooping the ashes into a bucket, being careful not to drop any sut on the floor. after she cleans out the pit she takes the ashes outside and loads her arms with more firewood. placing some logs into
(8:26:57 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : pit, she restarts the fire so that the room will be warm and cozy for her Mistress if she wishes to sit and relax. she heads to the kitchen and fills a kettle with water and returns to the room.
(8:28:35 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : her humms turn to singing her soft voice echo's off the brick walls. happily she sings as her slender frame dances around the room watering the plants and flowers She has around the room.
(8:29:35 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : when she takes the kettle back to the kitchen she grabs a couple of clean rep cloths to dust with. when she returns back to the room she sits the cloths down on the shelf of books and grabs the broom.
(8:31:32 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : swiftly she sweeps and her mind wanders to thoughts of her Mistress, her thin lips curl up smiling. how lucky this girl is to be owned by Her. what slave wouldnt want to be owned by One so beautiful,
(8:31:50 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : strong, and wise.
(8:33:16 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : the faster she sweeps the floor the tighter her grip around the handle gets. she leans the broom against the wall near the door when she finishes her sweeping and grabs the rep cloth she laid on the
(8:34:39 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : self and begins dusing each book, bowl, and shelf placing the items back where they belong. she stretches her tomboyish frame up to the top self lifts the candle, being careful not to spill the
(8:36:05 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : hot wax the puddles near the flame. quickly sweeps her hand with the rep cloth dusting under where the candle sits. she sits it down carefully and continues with her dusting. after finishing her
(8:37:09 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : dusting she takes the dirty rep cloths to the kitchen she quickly washes it out in the sink with soap scrubbing it in her hands being sure to get it as clean as she can.. her tiny fingers ring out the
(8:38:29 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : water after rinsing all the sudds out of it. she turns on her padded feet and hurry's it out to the line near the furrs she beat. returning back to the kitchen she fetches a pot filling it with water.
(8:39:37 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : her chest begins to rise more quickly with all the running and work she is doing.. but she still sings happily to be of service to her Mistress. durr places the pot on the fire to heat the water
(8:40:09 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she turns and goes back inside finding some more clean rep cloths to wash the floors and walls with
(8:40:42 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : when she returns to the fire the water is perfect not too hot but hot enough to clean the dirt off the floors
(8:41:42 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she pours half the water into one bucket adding soap then pours the rest into another bucket for rinsing dropping the rep cloths in each bucket.
(8:42:07 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : each hand reaches down wrapping her fingers around the handles and heads back to her Mistress's room..
(8:43:19 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : when she returns she notices the flame in the pit is dieing down so she sits the buckets down and adds a couple more logs to the flames.
(8:44:35 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she bends at her waist getting down on all fours her hands dipps into the hot soapy water dipping it in and out a couple times letting her hand get used to the heat.
(8:45:51 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : she clenches the rep cloth and stirs her hand into the water to suds up the soap a bit more. when she pulls her hand out she doesnt ring out the cloth. instead she stretches her arm out and spreads
(8:47:02 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : the soapy water in a circle in front of her, her emerald eyes watches as the water splashes onto the floor. she begins scrubbing the floor with both arms and hands pushing and pulling letting go with
(8:49:06 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : one hand her motions begin to circle making sure to get the floor clean. After spreading and scrubbing the soapy water all around her she drops the cloth back into the bucket and reaches into the
(8:53:14 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : rinse water and begins to get the suds off the floor. she continues to clean her Mistress's floors and walls with the soapy water and making sure she has it rinsed well before taking the buckets
(8:54:25 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : outside to dump. she returns the buckets back to the kitchen. cleaning them quickly at the sink before putting them away. she hurrys back outside she grabs the furrs she had hanging on the line
(8:56:22 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : and runs them back inside, she hesitates at the door, her eyes look down as she lifts one foot looking at the bottom to see if they are clean or dirty from running outside, then the other.
(8:57:20 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : "phew, its all good" she says outloud before entering into the room. she steps lightly in on her tip toes feeling the floor is dry and she carefully lays out the furs infront of the couch and on the
(8:58:09 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : sides of the fire pit that is warming the room nicely. she stands there looking around. her smile big and proude. she thinks to herself yep nice job durr. she inhales deep into her lungs through her
(9:00:54 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : nose smelling the cleaness. she quickly places pillows and things that was on the furs back to wear they was. before leaving she puts a couple more logs into the pit and heads out. brushing her hands
(9:02:51 AM) {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ : together, remembering the broom she moved to the hall while doing the floors she quickly returns and grabs it and returns it back to where it belongs. ahhhhh finished, she whispers, at least for now.
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PostSubject: Re: {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ   {durrdanal}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitime

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