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 Communication of need with Free

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Communication of need with Free Empty
PostSubject: Communication of need with Free   Communication of need with Free I_icon_minitimeWed May 14, 2008 2:30 am

Gor is rich with metaphor and symbology and ritual, some of which may be utilized as shown below to tell a Free of your sexual needs, without being unduly blatant about it.

1) Talenders in the hair, or given to him
2) Tie a loose knot in the hair on the right side, let it hang over the cheek
3) Kneeling nadu, eros (as the pleasure slave)
4) Body touching
5) Palms up, facing Them
6) Offer fruit, holding it next to her body
7) Belly crawling, with the ass up thrusting

A verbal method which can be used is to bring the wine, serve it, then beg Them to take the Second Wine (herself).

Book 22, page 298
Ritual formula of a slave in need - "I acknowledge unequivocally and without reservation that I have sexual needs. Similarly, I inform you that I want them satisfied. I beg you, Master, to satisfy them."
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Communication of need with Free
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