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PostSubject: Total Obedience   Total Obedience I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 01, 2008 4:59 am

Most of the women in the books of Gor did not have a choice whether to be slave or not. In this online world you have had that choice and you ahve made it. Now you must live by that decision. Don not make the mistake of thinking that a gorean Master needs a slave to be a Master. He is a Master with or without a slave, but because He is as He is, you will find aspects of your being you have perhaps only caught glimpses of before. Absolute obedience does not seem to be such a hard task, but is it as easy as some would believe?

"Strip" he said. "There are others present," she protested. His right hand, in a backhand blow, lashed forth, fierce and powerful striking her from her knees to her side on the tiles. She rose to her hands and knees and blood at her mouth, regarded him disbelievingly "Must a command be repeated?" he inquired. Swiftly she tore away the slave tunic stripping herself. Guardsman of Gor pg 257

A Gorean slave girl in the presence of a free man or woman always kneels, unless excused from doing so. I had even learned to kneel when addressed by the guards and , of course, always when approached by Targo, my Master. A Gorean slave, incidentally always addresses free men as "Master," and all free women as "Mistress." Captive of Gor pg 73

Will you always remember that a slave must beg permission to perform even the most simple things to speak... to come closer?

"I do not know how to be a slave girl," she suddenly wept. I thrust her head down, "You will begin," I said, "by learning to be docile and submissive." I then rewound the wadding and , dragging her head up briefly, by the hair, from behind, pushed it into her mouth and lashed it in place. I then again thrust her head down. "Also," I said, "you will consider whether or not, at a given time, your Master wishes to hear you speak. If you are in doubt, you may ask His permission to speak which may then be granted or denied, as He pleases." Explorers of Gor pg412

Can you, with hmble grace, accept correction and discipline from any Free? Without arguement? Trusting in your owner and the Free of the house to watch over you, making certain discipline does not become abuse?

The discipline of a slave may be attended to by any Free Person otherwise she might do much what she wished, provided only her Master did not learn of it. The legal principle is clear, and has been upheld in several courts, in several cities, including Ar. Magicians of Gor pg 122

Are you able to bring yourself to put aside earthly pride and so call "dignity" to see the beauty in yourself and your service? To shed the harness of "how you were raised" and do what you must to honor that desire in you to please?

Can you accept the command of a Master over any others, and yet, keep true to the commands of the one that owns you without being contradictory or disrespectful?

"Then she cried out to me."Run, Judy.""Fetch help!""Do not." said the man. "Yes, Master," I said. I looked at the Lady Elicia. "Forgive me Mistress," I said. "I am a slave girl who has been commanded by a man. " I knelt to one side. Slave Girl of Gor pg 392

Will you be able to balance your own spirit with the needs within you to please?

The Gorean Master, commonly, likes a spirited girl, one who fights the whip and collar, resisting until the last, perhaps months later, she is overwhelmed and must acknowledge herself his, utterly and without reservation, then fearing only that he might tire of her and sell her to another. Nomads of Gor pg 29

You find that absolute obidence will encompass many things. It will always come down to His will over yours. How you handle yourself in those times will determine whether or not your path will be a difficult one.

"Perhaps it should only be added that the Gorean Master, though often strict, is seldom cruel. The girl knows, if she pleases Him, her lot will be an easy one. She will almost never encounter sadism or want on cruelty, for the psycological environment that tends to breed these diseases is largely absent from Gor." Hunters of Gor pg65

At times obeying without question maybe confusing. It does not mean that you must to blindly do everything that any Free tells you to do as at times one may command you to do something that goes against the commands of the one that owns you. Should this happen, you should first humbly beg to inform them of the orders you have been given by the one that owns you. If the Free does not agree or begins to give you trouble, pm a Free of the House or the first girl and ask them for help in the matter. To sum it all up, you are to be obiedent, you are to be pleasing, you are to be respectful in all ways. You are to sue your wit, your imagination, your creativity, and your heart to guide you, to show you, to reveal from within you a calmness, a peace, and a desire to project all of the slave you have chosen to be. Will you always remember that obedience goes hand and hand with respect?

"Lack of compliance by a slave girl to a command in the Gorean world is unthinkable. She obeys." Slave Girl of Gore pg 125

A Gorean slave girl is not "bratty" or childishly insolent. To such a girl, the command of a Master is of paramount importance. She does not contest or violate this, but does as she is told. The thought that a command of a Gorean Master, is not just something not done, it is "unthinkable." This is not so much out of fear of punishment or reprimand, or even the desire to be pleasing, but simply beause they do not think to be actively and consciously insolent. Slaves might be found lacking, or commit an error, but they do not do so out of rebellion or premeditated intent, this is just not a concept that crosses the mind of the Gorean slave girl. Conditions in our modern society necessitate that commands and responses to them be both in accordance with the law and issued from responsible consideration. While a slave girl does not contradict the commands of her Master, she likewise cannot be expected to perform commnads that are inconsistent with common sense, sanity and responsiblity. It should perhaps be added that Gorean Masters do not tend to command their girls to do things that subject their property to possible damage or destruction in the first place, nor do they "play games" with them, in the sense of childish toying. This is not to say though, that an owner cannot do these things if he wants to, for a slave is a slave, but what they could do is not always what they would do. The question of whether a slave should obey a potentially harmful command is thus one more or less moot. While she should obey all commands such harmful directives normally will not be faced, with subsequent dilemma thus avoided. If put in such a position, the girl should seriously consider what has been asked of her.

A slave's head, mind and her "belly" will work hand and hand in bringing to light all the wonders of the woman you have yet to allow the world to see. It was the need within the core of you that brought you to Gor and it is that need that keeps you going. It is your mind that will bring knowledge and understanding unto this path you have chosen. It will give proper placement of all aspects of your journey, It will be your mind, your intellegence, that will keep you alert for things that should be done and those that shouldn't. Your intellegence could be the difference between being happy with the path you've chosen or miserable in a cage of your own making. It is your imagination that will give imagery to your thoughts, your needs your desires, your feelings. And yes, slaves do have feelings! Your heart that will bring focus to those cannot actually show you your heart, it is something that you will discover gradually, step by step. But it is our hope to open your heart and your mind so that you will know when these little steps are taken, and to guide your mind and your "belly". Take each of the following passages from the book of Gor add five of your feelings about each one. How is what you read different from what you expected of a slave? Have you ever felt yourself in similiar circumstances? When you close your eyes and reflect on the passage, what does your heart show you?

1. "Her feelings were easily hurt, a valuable property in a slave girl. Too, she could not control her feelings, another excellent property in a slave girl, Her feelings, vulnerable, deep, exploitable, in her expressions, and on her face, betrayed her, exposing her to men, and to their amusement, as helplessly as her stripped beauty. They made her more easily controlled, more a slave." Tribesmen of Gor pg 103-104

2. "The life of a female slave," he said, "is a life wholly given over to love. It is not a compromised life. It is not one of those lives which is part this, and part that. It is a total way of life, a total life... There are no bargains made with her, no arrangements." Mercenaries of Gor pg 435

3. "Slave girls relish compliments. Indeed there is a Gorean saying to the effect that any woman who relishes a compliment is in her heart a slave girl. She wants to please. Most Gorean men would not think twice about collaring a girl who responds, smiling, to compliments. A desire to please her Master. When she is complimented she knows she has pleased him." Beasts of Gor pg 17

4. "The life of a female slave," he said, "is a life wholly given over to love. It is not a compromised life. It is not one of those lives which is part this, and part that. It is a total way of life, a total life.The female slave seeks to give all, selflessly, knowing that she, as she is a mere slave, a rightless animal owned by her Master, one who can be bought and sold at his least whim, can make no claims, that she deseves nothing. and is entitled to not the least attention or consideration. There are no bargains made with her no arrangements." Mercenaries of Gor pg 435

5. "I wanted to tear at their eyes with my fingernails. But I did not wish to be whipped, or slain. It is not suprising that the Gorean slave girl is obedient. those who are not obedient are often destroyed. I was terribly afraid then, that I had even felt a momentary impulse to rebellion. I shook with terror. Did I think I was still on Earth? Did I not know I was now on Gor? I shuddred. Rebellion is not permitted to the Gorean slave girl." Slave Girl of Gor pg153

6. "Slavery to the woman is more than a sexual matter, though sexuality is intimately and profoundly involved in it, essentially, crucially and ultimately. It is an entire mode of being, an entire way of life, one intimately associated with love and service." Vagabonds of Gor pg 53

7. "We must thus see to it that we are marvels to them, that we serve them with eagernes and perfection. This is not a matter, incidentally of serving regardless of our will and possible desires, or in spite of them, but of actually adjusting our will and desires, in such a way that they now find expression and fulfillment even in such service." Dancer of Gor pg 312

8. "The slave girl is a lovely, vulnerable, highly sensitive organism; the rational Master commonly, unless she chooses to be troublesome, handles her with delicacy and affection." Guardsman of Gor pg 172

9. "Beauty and intellegence are all well and good, but the best slave is she who loves the most deeply." Magicians of Gor pg 204

10. "In your weaknes and need, and love, in your honesy and truth, you are a thousand times stronger, and greater than such caricatures of women, than such travesties of women, than such pseudo males and facsimile men, denying themselves and their feelings, holding themselves rigid, not faring to feel or be themselves." Renegades of Gor pg 243

Now that you have written out your thoughts and your feelings once more kneel in a time of quiet reflection. Focus inside you, in your heart of heart. Look for what these passages may hold for you, now and in the future.
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Total Obedience
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