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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 11, 2008 3:21 pm

cleaning Mistress bedroom

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the furrs. soft silhouette dances across the furrs heading to Her Owners personal bedroom, stoping by the storage room,getting all tha tiwll be needed toclean the room so its impecable =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = gettign deodorizer , floor brush clean rags, fresh candles and jug filled with clean water, carries this heavy load in feet glides down the path , carefully pushes the door open and smiules as girl =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = sees the beautifull room feelign her Owners presence , walking around the room picking up the morning dishes and places them into a small basket, then takes a clean rag sweaping the book shelves =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = replacing the old burne dout candles by new ones , then girl unmakes the bed, removing the sheets as girl can inhale her Owners sent =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walking to the lenon closet hand picking new fresh silks sheets and walks around the bed folding each fold perfectly then places th epillows back on the bed along with the cute plush=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = opening the window lightly letting fresh air enter the room as girl dances around the room sweaping the furrs , then kneels by the bed and places Mistress slipers by the side of her bed, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = turns an dtakes aclean bowl out of th ebasket and fill sit with fresh water and lays it by the bed for Mistress pet to drink and places a bowl of food as well, smiling softly as the nice aroma =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = blackberry scent fills the room as the sweet tiny flames dances upon the burnign candles , admiring the view under the sweet light, reaches back into the basket for a beautifull red rose and lays =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = laying the rose on top of the pillow so Mistress knows her slave loves Her and was thinking of Her as girl cleaned her rooms=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = picking everything back , holding the basket under strong arms and backs away making sure to close the window before leaving so the room isnt to cold for Mistress, turning to balls of tiny feets =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = singing hapilly as girl closes the door shut , and strolls back to the storage room , replacing all into place girl takes the bedding and Mistress close and neetly places them into the lenon basket=
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Posts : 181
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 7:02 pm

cleaning Mistress SH room

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enters her Owner's SH room, smiling recognizing this beautifull room , rememebring good moments passed here, softly pads to the furrs, eyes shining softly as girl starts to walk around the room,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = tiny feet glides along the soft furrs, hands reaching for the dirty dishes, placing them into a small basket, carefully then walk over to the fire place , taking the bowls of sugar milk =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking a wet rep cloth and starts to clean around the rim of the fire , then rises to the book shelves and with a dry cloth sweap s all the book covers one by one until every one is done=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises once more as tiny feet carries girl to to the door, tiny fingers wraping around the broom, twirling and dancing as the broom sweaps around the room carefully, singing happilly =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking the pillows and fluffs them up then replaces then neetly on the couch,then on the furrs , placing the books onthe floors , girl rises and brings a fresh bowl of water and food for the pet=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiles as the room starts to look nice and in order, then girl takes a jug of water and goes around watering all the plants and flowers that so nicely decorates the room,inhaling its sweet perfume=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = last but not lease girl walks by the big shelve and replaces the burning candle with a brand new one , lighting it , then walks off slowly taking one last look around to make sure its impecable=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = lifts the heavy basket now filled with dirthy dishes and heads to the servery,lets the dishes sink into a tub filled with hot soapy water as girl heads to the chill room and fills the jug of milk=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returns to the kitchen and starts to clean the vessels then rinces and dries them off then places them by the bowl of sugar an dmilk and returns to the room sets everythign back by the fire pit =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = backs away slowly and returns to Her Owners room , closing the door behind her=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 14, 2008 6:30 pm

ramberry juice and chocolat Huntress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = lowers down to the slave mat respectfully , turns and rises softly walks along the soft furrs , happy to be of service as soft padded feet carries small frame away to the servery ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling the cool wind blow , soft long mane dances in harmony with the wind , softly kissing bare round flesh, heart beating louder almost audible, as dark eyes rises to the moon above guided by it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = twirling and spining around as hips rocks seductively , soft digit dancing along generous curves,bright eyes sparkles softly as passion rises in taunt slave belly, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = approaching the servery , stoping before th ebig heavy doors, pressing full body agaisnt it , in a quick yet gracefull push, opens the door, entering the room guided by the soft candle light, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = bare feet glides along the hard floor, as beautifull dark orbs inspect the shelves for the perfect vessel, one worthy of the Beautifull Huntress,big smiles decorates moist lips as her gaze stops=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = on a beautifull tall glass with delicat golden base, moves closer , rising to the tip of small toes, soft hands reaches fo rthe glass, lowering it between the generous valley of two round breasts,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feleign the cool glass , agaisnt bare flesh, harden niples , brush agaisnt the glass as girl , fals back to the balls of tiny feet, moving head sideways long mane dances behind her,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = carrying the glass lovingly back to the kitchen, setting it on the counter for a second , as girl head to the cleaning tubs,filling the first one with hot soapy water,and the second with clean water
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = then takes the glass for inspection. rises it to the light looking trew the glass for nicks and cracks , findin gnone she lowers it closer as soft digit runs around the delicat rim, finding it safe=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = girl lets the glass dip in the hot soapy water , as soft feet carries her to the counter seeing a box filled with delicious chocolats and takes it lays the box neetly into a nice silver tray,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returning to the tubs feeling the hot water kiss bare hands , enjoying the warmth for a quick second then tiny fingers carefully wipes the glass clean , then rinces the glass until it shines=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = turn it over letting extra water dripping off as girl bends and takes aclean rep cloth and dries the glass, setting it backon the tray by the chocolats and lifts the tray carefully =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling the music taking control of slaves body , moving gracefully to the chillery, entering the room feelign the cool air kiss bare flesh as beautifull silks dances over rounded cheeks,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiling as girl sees the jug fille diwht fresh ramberry juice, holds it with two hands , pooring the cool beverage into the glass filling it to the rim, then sets the jug down and lifts the tray =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = resting the tray agaisnt slave belly feeling every heart beat echoing like a soft drum roll, instincly moves in rhtym to the beat, as girl makes her way back to the Beautifull Huntress,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = entering the room once more, gently kneels before the Huntress , laying the tray before girl,soft hands lift the glass high wispering softly, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = Huntress may this chilled ramberry juice be as sweet as You and may it qunch your thirst,andmay this sweet candy be pleasing to your taste buds,may you enjoy both as much as girl enjoyed serving You
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiling softly as Huntress seems to enjoy, thank you for allowing girl to serve you this evening Huntress ,takes the candy lays it by her waiting permission from her Owner to eat it=
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Posts : 181
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Age : 52
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2008 4:35 pm

ginger ale and saltine Huntress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the slave mat as tiny feet glides along the the hard floor, seductively sways round hips ina slow paste , as girl passes by Her Owner genlty leans and kisses Her soflty , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = singing happily as tiny feet move to the sweet beat of slave beating heart, eyes dances all around as girl strolls down the pat that guides her to the serving hut, admiring all the wonder of home =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = breathing the sweet air of spring , heart beating fast as long mane dances with the wind,, softly brushing agaisnt rounded flesh, down beneath her shoulders, hands cascades between genrous curves,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = skipping softly as generous breast bounce off side toside as she swirl and twirls around gracefully, stoping before the door as sof thands pushes gently agaisnt the door , eyes shining brightly =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the room reveals iyself eyes scanning the shelves for the perfect glass worthy of the Huntress delisiouc lips,she smiles softly as she sees a tall glass with round base, she moves closer =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising to tip of soft toes with grace and beauty lowers the glass to rest between generous round breast, fallign to balls of her feet , girl turns around and returns to the kitchen,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = fillign a tub with hot soapy water and lets the glass sink in a moment as girl heads to the cabinet taking a clean rep cloth and another tub filling it with hot clear water to rinse the vessel,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as tiny figners sinks into the hot water feelign the softness of the bubbles caress her flesh, smiling softly as agile fingers cleans the glass then lifting it to the light for inspection , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = findingit safe she lets it sink under water as soft fingers runs around the rim cleaning it , then dips it into the second tub rincing it until all soap is gone, takes the clean rep cloth wiping it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = places the glass into a nice wooden tray and balancing it in the palm of agile hands and dances to the chill room , turning around and with firm cheeks pushes the door open , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the cool air kiss nakid flesh , body jumping slightly to the contact, girl kneels down before the cans of ginger ale and pops it open then poors it into the glass slowly watching the bubbles form
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising gracefully holding the tray in soft hands , dances back to thekitchen stoping before the first counter tiny fingers reaches fo rsome saltine, then makes her way backto Huntress,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = kneeling before Huntress laying the tray before her , sof thands takes the glass bring it to he rlips kisses the base of the glass as girl siweprs, Huntress may this ginger ale be cold and refreshing
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may these saltine be to your liking and may you enjoy both as much as girl enjoyed serving them to you=
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Posts : 181
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 23, 2008 3:19 pm

cleaning my kennel and feeding fishie

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes a look around the room and rises walking around picking up all the bears and straightening them out making sure to dust them off one by one neetly and replaces them in place=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes a broom a clean rep cloth and starts to dust off the desk lifting the bowls carefully making sure to not spill the fish bowl then dust under it and repalces htem on the soft surface=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes a pinch of fish food and feed it to her little fish and then gets ajug of fresh water and waters the plants=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walks to the bed unfold the sheets and coverter replace them with clean one takin in slave lennen closet making sur eit snto same quality as the Free sheets and tosses the converter back on the bed =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = replacing the bears neetly in place and smiles softly as girl takes the broom twirling around the room sweaping the floors as she spins about the window she opens it a little , letting cool air enter=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 25, 2008 2:00 pm

Head Huntress blackwine

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises to full height, soft feet pads along the warm furrs, passes by the fire smiles softly as the flame dances into the pit=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = moving down the path , feelingthe cool grass brushing agaisnt each toes as girl dances and sings happilly between the trees deeper until she sees the road leading to the servery=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hips moving sensually as girl approaches the servery , pushing the door open as white palms press tightly on the door, full frame bumps it opens generous breast rise as girl enters into the room ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = eyes adjusting to the light as girl enters into the room seeing the soft ray of candle light, giving asoft romantic look to the room , girl moves closer as she inspect the shelve carefully =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising to the tip of small toes as fingers dances upon the rims of thebeautifull cups one by one until one catches her attention, soft as fingers wraps around it lowering the cup between full breast=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = falling back to the ball of soft feet, full body turns gracefully as girl holds the cup closer feeling each beat echoing against it,dancing back to the kitchen, stoping by the washing tub =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = placing the cup on the counter near by, as girl fills the tub with hot water and soap,then bends down and takes a copper kettle rinces it under clear water and fills it with cleanwater coffee powder=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = setting the kettle on the earth allowing the blackwine to mixte and heat up , girl attention returns to the cup , lifting it hight to thek light as girl inspect it for chip andnicks=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = dark orb and dainty fingers inspect the cup , finding it safe and secure girl takes the cup dips it into the tub filled with hot soapy water and carefully cleans it making sure toremove all spots=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl dries the cup a sweet aroma fills the room , girl smiles softly knowing the blackwine is ready , carries the cup into a nice round tray , kneeling by the fire lifting the kettle with care=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling the cup with the strong black wine and places the kettle back onto the earht so it stays hot and returns to the Huntress Feet, kneeling down by her , soft hands rises the cup high wipsers =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = my beautifull Head Huntress may this black wine strong and hot keep you warm and happy onthis day =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may you find it pleasing as much as girl did making it for you=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiles warmly thank you Head Huntress for allwoing this girl toserve you=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 26, 2008 3:16 pm

bazi tea with honey, grilled vulo and sar-tarna toast with bosk butter

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = backs away softly keeping eyes lows in respect, turns around and rises to soft feet, hips ondulating sedeuctively , as she hears Huntress voice girl stops and looks to her smiling Yes Huntres=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walking down the path to the kitchen girl smiles as a soft breeze kiss her flesh, long darkmane flying softly behind her brushing agaisnt round shoulders down lenght teasing mid back=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = singing happilly as girl approaches the serving area, soft feet glides against hard cold grounds , entering into the main tent girl dances to the chill room,opens the door feeling the cold wind =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = dark eyes inspect the room carefully seeing the rack meat girl approaches and with grace unhooks a fresh vulo , carries it to the kitchen, as girl takes a broch and places the vulo onthe grill =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the vulo cooks girl rises and turns around heading to the servery , inspecting the shelves carefully reaching for a copper kettle and fills it with clear water then sets the kettle on the hot earth=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the sweet aroma starts to fill the room , girl reaches again this time for the perfect cup to serve the bazi tea,seeing some beautifull serving cup , girl approaches closer =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = wraping soft fingers around the cup , lowering it between full breast girl sings a happy song , carrying the cup to the kitchen ,placing the cup onthe counter as girl fills in a tub with hot water=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adds in some soap and lets the cup dip in for amoment girl turns and walks away to the far left into the storage room , eyes inspect the room for the jar of bazui leaves, sugar , and honey jug=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = places everything in a wooden tray, girl adds in somesmall plate of freshly made bosk butter and sar tarna bread , then holding the tray close to slave belly and dances back to the kitchen=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = place the tray on the counter and takes apeak at the vulo lickign her lips softly as it starting to smell very good, then goes to tub and starts to clean the cup carefully,rinces the cup =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = coating the inside of the cup with sugar, then brakes in some bazi leaf and adds hot water watchingthe cup dissolves as the sugar melts in girl adds in some honey and places the cup into the tray =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes the butter and generously spreads it onto the sar tarna bread, then cuts generous portion of the vulo with a side of vegetables and gravy puting itonthe tray with a cover on top to keep it hot=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = holding the tray carefully to taunt belly and dances gracefully back to Huntress feet , kneeling before her girl lifts th eplate and whispers Huntress may this vulo be as juicy and tender as you=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may this bread be as soft and tender an dbe pleasing to your taste buds and may this hot tea keep you warm and happy on this night=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may this meal be as pleasing for you asit was honor for girl to prepare it for you=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 12:47 pm

ice coco serve Mistress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hearing the command girl repeats ice coco yes my Mistress,rising to full height , soflty padding across the room , as girl approaches the door head turns briefly big smiles on soft lips =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = dark eyes shining seeing her Beautifull Mistress sitting so beautifully, gently turns the handle the door opens curvey figure dances trew the doorway , hips rocking seductively =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as tiny feet moves gracefully along the hard cold grounds, long mane dances with the wind ,softly brushing agaisnt bare shoulders, eyes sparkling under the warm shining sun=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = soft steady heart beat can be felt trew this slave body , round breast dancing to the beat as soft hands roams along generous curves , slowly up caressing the beautifull collar she proudly wears,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = twirling and spining around and round along the path , eyes stoping from time to time as girl admires all of the natures beauty , seeing the birds playing,the fishes jumping out of the water playful=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = heart filled with love , eyes shining brightly as beautifull images of Her beautifull Owner fills her soul,a sweet melody builds threw, this body becomes alive as hips rocking seductively =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl approaches the serving tents ,a soft bright smiles forms as girl sees some beautifull roses near the tent, stoping before them carefully picks one up and bring it closer inhaling its scent=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = holding the rose closer, hands gently pressed agaisnt the door , entering the servery, eyes adapting quickly to the soft light, girl enters deeper laying the rose onto a nice wooden tray, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = gently rolls back to soft heels and dances closer to the shelves, feeling every beat of the music trew out this body ,dark eyes scanning the shelves carefully looking for the perfect vessels =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = like a radar eyes dances all over the cups carefully , stoping on the top right shelve , as they see the perfect one, a long tall glass with small round base,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising to the tip of small toes , feeling the soft silks skirt rising as girl reaches for the glass, loweringit between firm breast feeling the beat of pounding heart echoing agaisnt the glass ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = huming a happy tune as gracefull feet glides along the hard floor, entering the kitchen girl stops by the lenen cabinet taking a clean rep cloth and dances herway to the washing tub, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling the tub with hot water and soap,then takes the glass closer as dark eyes inspect it for chips and cracks , finding none she runs it agaisnt bare flesh holding her breath as she does, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as sensitive skin remains intact, a smiles of relief draws upon moist lips,gently dips the glass into the tub with love and care neetly cleans the glass , then rinces it and dries it off, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = placing the clean glass into the tray carefully to not crush the rose, smiling softly as girl lifts the tray resting it agaisnt burning slave belly, dancing to the chill room =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl arrives before the door , turns around and with firm cheeks bumps the door open , feeling the cool temperature kiss bare flesh, shivering with love and passion , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enters deeper into the cold room, droping carefully to soft knees, places the tray before her, on the lower shelve, then turns around softly lifting a pitcher filled with fresh cold bosk milk =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling the glass just below the rim , girl adds some coco powder and crushed ice , stiring the mixture until it all mixes and smiles, replaces the pitcher back on the shelve and with gracefull move
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising up , rolling to the balls of bare feet, gliding quickly out of the room , still holding the tray agaisnt full breast , heart beating faster as girl returns to her Beautifull Owner,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = kneeling down before Her, eyes lowered in respect, soft voice coem out , as girl wispers softly my beautifull Mistress may this cold coco be refreshing an dmay it make you smiles, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may it be as pleasing to You as it was fo rthis girl to make it for you , and may you please accept this beautifull rose as symbol of girl love and devotion to You=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 31, 2008 3:50 pm

march 31 painting cups and vase

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the confort of the slave mat, soft feets pads agaisnt the soft furrs, as girl heads down to the servery she looks carefully on the shelves she sees some new clay and porcelain cups=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = gathers all the un painted new ones and places them into a big wooden tray, then carefully lifts the tray as she walks to the storage room , and finds the small paint brush and different jar of paint=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =lays the buckets of pain carefully before her as girl sets the tray down with all the unpainted cup and saucer and gets the small painting brush =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =takes the first cup and paint brush starts to paint it carefully smiling as the brush strokes the cup a nice brown color appears slowly making sure to not mess it up=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = plaves the cup and matching saucer by the window allowing the sun warm ray to dry them off. then takes the second cup and chooses a different color and theme=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes the second and starts topaint it a nice blue and in middle draws a golden circle to give it a little soft touch then lays th ecup by the window once its done to letit dry to and smiles =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes the a new cup and draws a nice emblem onit with a soft brown tint lettingthe brush neatly stroke against the cup up and down slowly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing the cups pile up by the window girl streaches fingers and reach fo rthe first vase lookign at it smiling as her mind wonders what color shall it be =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes the second vase with wide top and starts to paint it with several shades of purple drawingin small flowers=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = chesk onthe cup as sh elays the vase down to dry smiling soflty as they starting to dry=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = finishing the larger vase smiling softly as girl places it by the window to dry , she gathers all the supply and puts lids back on the paint buckets cleans the small brushes and puts them away=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returning to the room girl walks by the window soift fingers runs onthe cups and vase making sure they drying nicely heart beats fast as soft smiles draws on soft lips,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hoping the free will enjoy them cups and vases as much as girl did to make them=

making blackwine

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes out a big bag of coffee beans and hand grinder poors some beans into the grinder as tiny fingers truns the handle and starts to grind the beans=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = watching the beans turn into a rich nice smelling powder girl smiles softly as she removes the lower box transferingthe new blackwine powder into a big bag until all the beans are grinded=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiling softly as girl sings a beautifull song builds in back of her head , fingers turn the handle round and round as the nice aroma fills the room =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiling as girl fills a second bag of blackwine seeing as the bag of bean is empty she rises and carries the bag to the storage room stacking them carefully onthe shelve making sure th elable can be seen=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking the grinder taking it apart and starts to clean it making sure to dry it off completely so it doesnt rust and replace s it in its place for the next time=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = sets the tray aside as girl moves to the earht taking a kettle and fills it with clean water then adds soem freshly grinded blackwine powder taking a laddle and stirs the pwoder until it mixes=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = then sets kettle on the earth preparing some nice strong blackwine for the home so if guest arrive we shall have some ready to be served, inhaling the sweet aroma as the liquid heats up,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = wile the blackwine heats up to the right temperatur girl heads to the storage taking a hot plate to keep the blackwine hot she returns to the roomsetting the hot plate down by the fire jsut in time =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the blackwine is ready girl sets the kettle carefully on the hot plate and sets a tray down close by with sugar cups and a small jug of fresh milk adding a few spoons into the tray smiling=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding some nice cups in the tray as well so all is handy and ready in case its needed then returns to her place settling down confortable ready to be of further use=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 02, 2008 3:56 pm

filling lantern with oil and doing dishes and laundry for Mistress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=girl rises and streaches herself, as she reach for the chore list dark eyes scrolls down looking one by one to determine wich one she will do today, after viewing all she opts for filling lantern =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=as second chore she will do the dishes and wash her Owners cloth, so that decided she rises and walks down the path to the storage hut, as she enters the hut eyes shifting to find all that she needs=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=first she gets a pail to fill with water , then she gets bar of her Owner personal soap and scented oil to clean her clothing, then a big bottle of oil to fill the lantersn all around the camp,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=puting everything in a big basket that girl places under her arm to carry it back to the working station, seting the basket down as girl removes the bottle of oil from the basket and dances her way=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=huming a sweet tune as girl dances down the path eyes inspecting all around her, stoping before each building when she sees a lantenr hanging at the door, puting the bottle down =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=girl reaches for the lantern and unhooks it carefully to not drop it, seeing as the flame is down girl removes the glass cover turns the lantern over and fills it with oil , then screw the top back=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=continues happily down the road deeper into the camp stoping by the servery seeing the two lanterns on each side of the door and carefully unhooks the lanterns and fills them both with oil =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=feeling the warm kiss of the sun agaisnt bare flesh, singing in harmony with the birds , small heart beat drums to the tempo as girl dances twirling spining around to the next building=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=twirling around hair flyingbehind landing on bare shoulders as girl arrives to the kitchen looking around the room seeing many lanterns girl approaches softly tending to all 6 of them filling them=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=smiling softly as these were the last lanterns needing to be fill she now turns closing the door behind her and heads out to the camp gathering all the dishes laying around the many rooms ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=filling in two basket with all the dirty dishes that she found in all the main rooms girl, heads out to the kitchen filling in two huge tubs one with clear hot water and oen with hot water and soap,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=letting the dishes dip into the sopay water as girl turns and moves tothe lenen closet gather some clean dry rep cloth that will be needed to wipe the dishes dry , then returns to the tub =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=feeling the smooth bubbles pop agaisnt bare hands , the warm feeling of hot water caress tiny hands as girl washes the dishes her hips sway softly into place as soft voice sings to the music of birds =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=fingers dances over the cups in and out the side to around the rim carefully making sure to remove all syains then gently lays the cups inthe rincing tub as agile fingers dances around a plate =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=this time srcubbing softly into the plate as gravy seems tobe stuck on the plate untill all traces is gone , brushing her head back long mane flyingback as girl clears her face=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=keeping focus on the tubs hands runing around under water seeing as all the dishes are now clean girls hands moves to the rincing tub taking a cup inspecting it carefully making sure all soap is gone=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=lifting it out of the water shaking it alittle so extra water drips off then takes a blue rep cloth and starts to dry the cup gently then lays it on the counter as she turns back diving hands back in=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=rincing all the dishes and drying themone by one until all the dishes is done and shining clean , girl takes all the cups and dances her way to the shelves placing all of them in their place =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=singing happilly as girl dances back to the counter this time taking a pile of plates and turns around gracefully rising to tip of small toes as girl places the plate on the shelve =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=rolling back to balls of bare feet girl dances back to the kitchen thi stime gathering all the small bowls and saucer then with beauty and grace dances back to the shelves and places the last items on=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=seeing as all the dishes are now clean and in place , girl smiles softly thinking thats a good thing and happy its over, wipes sweaty forhead and returns to the kitchen empties the tubs and dries them=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=seting the tubs back in place girl heads out of the kitchen, strolling down the path , enjoying the freshness of the cool air against bare flesh , feelingthe softness of her silks caress her flesh =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=as girl approaches her Owner room , belly tighten as love filled eyes shine softly as girl enters her Owner room , the sweet smell of her Perfume still present in the room , fills girl heart with joy=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=shiny eyes inspect the room as girl approaches the bed , gently removes the converter and fold it neetly then places it on the chair as small fingers glides on the sheet seeing her Owner silhouette =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=still imprinted on the sheets , removing them then bring it to her face as inhaling Her sweet scent to feel Her close trew out the day, removing the pillow cases and gently lays them in the laundry =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=making sure to pick up all Her Owners cloths thatneeds cleaning girl places all in the laundry basket and brings the basket by the door, then twirls around singing happilly =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=as girl turns and opens the lennen closet soft figners gently roams onthe soft silk sheets and brings them to her heart then closes the door as girl returns to the bed neetly makes the bed=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=making sure that each corner are folded perfectly so Her Owner slumber can be confortable and peacefull, then places the converter back on the bed and unfolds the right side so its ready for Mistress=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=places a beautifull blue rose on Her pillow and walks to the door lifting the basket of laundry and closes the door behind , as girl heads out to the water pond filling a tub with water and soap =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=kneeling before the tub removing the laundry from the basket and dives them into the tub , taking a brush gently strokes the cloth washing them carefully with love and attention smiling softly =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=one by one tending to the cloth rinsing them then places them once more into the basket, rising and lift the tubs emtpying it by the back three, then places the tub back into the shed=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=returning to the work station , she lifts the basket back and carries it to the entrance of the wood ,where she sets a clothing line and proceeds to hang the cloths to let them dry under the warm sun=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=feeling the wind blow, long mane dances as the cloth fly up and down drying slowly, ...the time passes and girl returns to the cloth line feeling with tip of small fingers girl removes the cloth =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=folding them perfectly inhaling the sweet smell of fresh spring air mixing with the sweet lavendar oil of her Owner,returns to Her Owner room and places all the cloth in their proper place, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps=girl smiels happy tohave been of service on this beautifull sunny day, and returns to her Owners feet ready to be of service if needed=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 03, 2008 1:31 pm

cleaning Mistress big living room,cook meals and cleaning and refilling botas.

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =today April 3 girl will be cleaning her Owners big living room, she will be cooking and cleaning and refilling the botas=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =she wakes after a goodnight sleep,feeling rested and ready to srart the day, the birds are playing a sweet melody as girl sing softly to their sweet music=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =stroling down the path to the kitchen girl , stops by the cool room gathering eggs fresh milk ,butter green oignions and a few thick slices of ham, green salad some strawberries and oranges=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =onces she's got everything in her basket , girl turns around and with happy dancing feet makes her way to the kitchen,puting the basket filled with goodies on the counter , girl seaks for a big bowl=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking a big cooking pan a wisk and places them on the counter,still singing her feet danes softly as agile hands takes few eggs braking them into the big bowl,chopping the slices of ham =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding the ham into the bowl,then chops some green oignions and cheese mixing everything into the bowl adding milk beating everything until is all mixed in=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =carries the bowl to the hot fire, takes the big cooking pan,add some butter into it then pours the mixture ,letting cook slowly, as it does girl move to the back guided by a sweet smell,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing the fresh loaf of breads on the tablew girl cuts one into thick slices and places them on the fire until they are crisp and gold,then butters them and places them into a small table basket=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =covering it with clean cloth,then returns to the fire seeing a thick ham and cheese omellette cooking instantly licks her lips as slave tummy growls, flips the omellette overletting it cook some more
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =girl takes a few plates and lays the green salad in the bottom of the plate adding some slices of oranges and strawberries on the sides, then girl gets two copper kettles cleaning t hem =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =then fills the first one with fresh water and blackwine the second with thick bosk milk and coco powder, placing both on the fire letting it heat up , as it does girl cuts the omellete =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =generous portion into the plates, setting the plates on the table along with the blacwine and hot coco keeping them covered and on hot plates=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs crawls to the table opicks up the plates and cups places everything into the small basket she layed under the table,takes aclean rag and wets it then gently starts to scrub it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =soft hands rubbing in circles covering every spot around the table making sure to clean any spot that might have been on it , then girl rises to her feet carrying the basket with the dirthy dishes=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = stoping by the door , lays the basket close as girl wals to the pillows fluffing it then gently places them on the couch neetly until all pillow sbeen attended to=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes three beautifull pillows nicely tucks them behind my beautifull Mistress and smiles softly at Her as girl passes by her closely inhaling her sweet perfume, girl moves to the other side =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returns to the chore she started kneeling before the white furrs rolling them carefully so the dust doesnt fall onthe table and walks out the door, hangs the furrs on a cloth line=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking a long piece of wood and starts to beat the dust off the furr , seeing the small dust fly off girl smiles softly letting the furrs hang a moment so the fresh springair perfume mixte in them=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the furrs hang out in fresh air girl returns to the room .takes a broom and starts to sweap around the floors , singing softly as she does, opens the window slightly welocming the fresh air =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = listening to the sounds of the waterfall as the water spalshed agaisnt the rocks the birds singing softly as heart fills with joy happy to cleanHer owner big living room=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing the room shining brightly girl lights to rose scented candles and places them on each side of the table so its nice perfume fills the room as it burns=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returns outside takes the furrs back wraping arms around them and returns to the room laying the white furrs back onthe floor smiling softly as the rooms looks perfect,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = stepping out a moment enjoying the warm sun , closing dark orbs feeling the wind kiss bare flesh soft silk fly softly as longmane dances behind her like a soft feather, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enjoying the day strolling slowly down the path passing by the servery watching the slaves working , continuing down to the water pond , dropping to soft knees feeling the cool wet grounds under her=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hands diving under water removing one by one the botas, seeing as they are empty girl places them into a big basket and rises gently to return to the servery, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = in the servery girl goes to where the clean botas are kept and and takes 15 clean botas fills 3 three with kalana 3 with paga and 3 with fresh water 3 with cola and 3 with dr pepper =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = leaves the filled botas in a basket by the door in the cool room wile she goes to the kitchen fills two tubs of water adding soap in the first one and lets the empty botas sink in =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = cleaning and rincing the botas hanging them to dry as the extra water drips off girl heads back to the chill room , carefully lift the heavy basket and slowly but safely heads to the water pond,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = kneeling carefully taking the botas one by one and ties them to the stick and lets them dive under water sothey are cold and chilled as the Free likes it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rising softly as the last of the bota is now tied an dunder water girl returns behind the kitchen where she let the botas hang to dry and unhooks them one at time as they are now dry, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = carries them back inside inthe storage room places them in place so they are easilly found when needed , closes the door behind her , her chores of the day beeing done =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = girl closes the door behind her and returns to the big living , enters scrubbing tiny feet before entering so she doesnt leaves dust and mud on the fresh cleaned room and kneels at the slave mat=

rolling cigarettes for Mistress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =extending arms catching the bag to roll cigarettes lays it between parted tighs as girl opens the bag laying the paper agaisnt bare creamy thighs taking a pinch of tobacco laying it into the paper
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =tiny fingers rolls the paper on the side tucking the tobbacco tightly into as tiny fingers runs down along moist lips feeling slaves desire cover tiny fingers then runs the finger along the sides=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = sealing the cigarette tightly and place sit into the tin pack then takes another paper lays it against bare flesh tuckign the tobbacco agaisnt tightly as fingers runs agaisnst juicy lips=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =sealing the sides with slavesweet juice , again utnil she as a pack fuilled the casing holding 15 smiles softly as she sees the case filling, then closes thebag of tobacco to keep it fresh =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = puting the paper away as girl lifts the tin case of cigarette placing it onthe table close to Her Mistress wispers may these cigarette made by Yours be pleasing to You =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = place Her ashtray onthe table as girl wispers thank you for allowing Yours to serve You today =
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april 3 cooking dinner

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as Mistress ,is away girl prepares the dinner , she rises from the furrs as girl heads to the meet storage takes out two big vulo and some green salad prepares some gravy=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hooks the vulo to cooking rods and turns the handles as the vulo cooks over the fire girl heads to the chill room and gathers some fresh vegetables and cutting board =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = choping all the vegetable into small chunks and throw them into abig pot adds some water and broth adding osme spices as the soup cooks girl cutas soem fresh bread and butters them=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smelling the sweet juicy aroma of the vulo cooking girl walks over smilign as the skin becomes all golden and crisps carefully removes the vulo from the grill and places it into a nice big plate=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: setting the plate in the middle of the table as its sweet aroma fill the room girl tummy growls as girl licks her lips,setting the basket with fresh bread rolls by the vulo and smiles softly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = finishes the meal with two cold dr pepper and sets them onthe table to help wash down the food hoping her Beautifull Owner will be hungry=
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Mistress iced coco

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the furrs stands tall as soft feet glides along the furrs passing close by her Mistress smiling softly at Her as girl continues her way down the road going trew the woods =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enters the server eyes scanning the shelves for the perfect glass to serve the iced coco , one worthy of her Owners delisious lips=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = one by one girl inspect the shelves closely as soft fingers runs over the rims , stoping her attention on a medium transparent glass , girl lowers it between round breast feeling heart beat echoing=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = like a soft drum roll agaisnt the glass, soft breast harden to the contact of the cool glass,fallingback to the balls of bare feet, girl turns and dances to the kitchen, filling a tub with hot water=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding soap into the water and clean water into a secon tub girl lifts the glass to th elight as eyes and fingers dances all over the glass inspecting it carefully for nicks and cracks , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = finding none girl runs the glass around hard niples to make sure its really safe then lets the glass dip into the hot water with clean rag girl washes the glass in and out carefully=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = then rinces the glass removing all traces of soap , then dries it with a clean blue rep cloth, settingthe glass inot a nice round tray, girl lifts the tray holding it close to a strong heart beat,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = dances her way to the chill room , girl turns around and with firm cheeks pushes the door open, feeling the cool breeze hit bare flesh girl hurries deep into the room,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = bending carefully girl lifts a jug filled with fresh bosk milk and pours some in the glass just below the rim, then she adds some fresh grinded coco powder and several peiece oif chiped ice =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = then with a spoon stirs the coco mixing it until a darkl brown color can be seen , then girl takes a can of whip cream and add soem into the glass, then rises holding the tray closer=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = quickly yet with grace leaves the cold room closing the door behind her, and dances her way back to Her beautifull Owner, singing happylly, stoping at the entry girl wipes her feet, before entering=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = making her way to Mistress feet firl kneels before her lowering the tray with grace and care, closes dark orbs as girl rememebrs loving moment feels her desire , run small fingers down to mosit lip
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = loved covered finger runs around the ruin leaving traces of her desire on the rim slave sweeteningthe glass and drink, girl wipsers Mistress may this iced coco be as sweet as You
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may it be a spleasing to You as it was girl honor to prepare it for You=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: thank you for allowing me toserve you on this beautifull night=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 6 I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 04, 2008 8:39 am

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = today april 4 girl will clean supply tipi and fetch water for water barrels scattered around camp and she will clean her Mistress Adult dice room.=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the furrs streaching legs as girl feels the cool breeze coming from the window.seeing her Beautifull Mistress resting girl smiles happylly, quietly passes by Her ready to start the day=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enjoying the fresh morning as girl walks down to storage shed feeling the cool kiss of green grass tease bare feet, the softness of long mane dancing with the wind brush down bare shoulders and back=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl stroll down the path , bright smiles on soft lips can be seen as girl is amaze by the beauty of Our homeland, seeing the camp already so alive as the flowers starts to grow the sweet perfume=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = watching the birds singing on a branch near by, as she continues deeper into the woods she can see two baby rabbit playing running around the trees, warm feeling fills beating heart=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = turning left at the crossing girl heads down to the shed , opening the door as girl enters feeling the cold ground agaisnt bare feet smiling softly as slave body reacts to the coldness=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = inspecting the shed for a second looking for the empty pail girl smiles as she sees them , soft hands wraps around the handles lifting two and with grace heads down to the water pond =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl arrives at the pond softly drops to soft rounded knees, as she takes the first pail and is about to dives it under to fill it she smiles seeing baby ducks swimming close by=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling the first then the second pail with clean pure water girl carefully rises and lifts the heavier pails , proceeding with care girl turns and walks slowly back to the camp=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl approaches the camp she can see on the left of the tent the first big barell , pads her way to it , girl deposit the pails down as tiny fingers lifts the top of the barrell off=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing as its half full girl one at time pours the pails into it , seeing as its still missing some girl takes back the pails and happilly returns to the pond over and over until the barrel is full=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = smiles softly wiping forehead as the warm sunray starting to affect this slave body,putting the empty pails downs and replaces the top of the barrell in place shuting it tightly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = lifting the pails once more , and walks deeper into the camp stopping before the food storage as she sees another big barrell , girl inspect it to find its full so she replaces the lid on tightly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling so happy this morning tiny feet dances agaisnt the hard surface, feeling the blades of green grass tease her, twirling round and round eyes shifting to the blue skies as girl admires it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the time passes girl as filled 3 barrell with pure fresh water, 3 were only missing just a little and 3 were totally empty, happy that its done girl returns to the storage room =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = this time girl takes a clean pail some clean rep cloth a wooden floor brush some soap and a broom and en empty basket and heads down to the middle of the camp and enters the supply tent=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = putting the basket down girl takes a clean dry cloth and a wet one and starts to go over the shelves dusting first the top shelve removing all the supply then puting them back one at a time=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = dusting the shelve then the suply making sure to place them back so the labels are infront so its easier to access when needed, then moves to the middle shelve this one contains the jar of spices=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = with same care and devotion girl wipes all the jars clean and carefully replaces them back on the shelves in order =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = last but not least girl gets to the lower shelve this one containing all the bags of blackwine beans coco powders and flour girl removes them all and takes the broom sweaping the floor clean =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = replacing all the bags in the right place stacking them carefully then continues to sweaps the floor until shes covered all the surface , then wipes the paga barrells one at a time =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = inspect the room seeing if shes missed a spot girl smiles and removes all the small burned candles replacing them with new ones so theirs light in the tents when needed, backs away and turns around=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = leaving the supply tent all clean and fresh , smiling softly as the time passes , girl enjoys a moment breathing in the sweet fresh air filling her lungs, heart beating creating a sweet tempo =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = her daily chores done girl smiles softly as she stroll down the path guiding her to Her Beautifull Owner's rooms , entering Her quarters girl heads down to the Adult dice room ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = remembering it was in use the night before , girl brings with her a pail with clean water some soap a brush and clean rags, enters the room , girl puts the basket down , takes a clean rag =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding soap to the water girl gets the rag wet as she starts to clean the tables removing all the dirthy dishes cleaning all the spots away leaving it shiny and sparkling.=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = moving to the couch removing all the pillows dusting the cussions then replaces the pillows all fluffy and nice=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = gets to the slave furrs , kneels down as girl sees spots she gets the wooden brush and starts to srcub until it all disapears leaving the furrs bright and clean , girl smiles as the room smells nice=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = replaceing all the burned down candles with new scented berry ones , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = fills two bowls one of fodo oneof water for Mistress pet then leaves the room spotless ready for the next time and smiles as her chores are done girl returns to Her kennel where she smiles =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enters quietly as Mistress is resting and kneels down at the furrs , petting her kitten and feeding her fishy=
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drinking slave wine april 5 /2008

FahimaォムムサSH: pours a glass for jala to drink
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: takes the glass brings it close to lips looks at Mistress puzzled and swollows the nasty beverage until the glass is empty
FahimaォムムサSH: date it and post this as done
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: making funny faces as the liquid drips down her throat
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cleaning pens and feeding animals and cleaning Mistress lotus cage

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the furrs, soft feet brush agaisnt the ground as girl heads out following the path down to the hen house , enters into the storage room takes two big pails big shovel and weel barell =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enjoying the warm sun and cool earth as girl sings softly to the sweet melody of the birds as she goes deeper into the forest , turning right as girl put a pair of long water boots enters the pen=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as girl will clean and feed feed critters....Verr, Sleen, Tarsk, Bosk, Vulos, Kailla and milk verr.=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walking carefully by the Verr , taking the rake and starts to clean the pen, bringing all the excrement in a pile she takes the shovel and scoops them into the big barell to be used later inthe garden=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = petting the Verr as girl works around it, slowly not wanting to scare the beast, heading back to the door girl opens the gate carefully then closes it as girl goes tothe storage house =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = looking around to find the proper bag of food girl sees in the corner some old washed down lettuce and grains fills the bucket and fills the secondone with water , carrying both back to the pen=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = placing the pails and shovel into the wheel barell and the bags or animal food , hands wraping around the handles lifting the barel and pushes it into the next pen, stoping before the vulo pen =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walking around the pen carefull to not step on the vulo so they dont attack her, girl uses the rake and clean the pen making sure to leave the excrement in pile and shovels it intothe barel =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = emptying the food contianer with empty grain shells,filling the food container with new grains, then fills the other with water and hurries out as she sees the vulo wanting pick at her=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling the smell making her nauseated as she approches the kailla stables , pushing the excrement to the middle then again fills the barel , filling the food container with fresh hay and water ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = walks slowly to the big beast petting it gently feeling its soft furr tease bare fingers, as girl pushes and cleans the stable the flies flying around her , buzzing into her ears,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = reaches into the wheel barell and takes a big carot and hand feeds it to the beast , still amazed by its size girl walks out carefully to not scare the beast=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = closing the door carefully, so the beast dont jsut run free, then heads to the other side of the stable opens the door entering the Bosk pen fills the containers with fresh hay and water ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing the beast in the field girl works in the pen cleaning it as clean as possible, feeling the bad smell , making her dizzy girl hurries up and closes the door, inhaling the fresh air =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling lungs with fresh air, girl carefully pushes the wheel barell back to the storage room, leaving it behind as the baril fill with excrement is toheavy making note to ask a slave boy to see to it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = last but not least girl walks down the path to the Sleen , shaking slightly as she approaches , entering the dark cave , slowly moving around as she sees jack and jake sleeping =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = hoping she dont wake them up girl sweap around pushing the rake all the way out as she sees the excrement into a pile , using the shovel and fills the barel by the entrance of the cave ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling the warm sun , girl takes the bowls filling the first with sleen food and the other with water , as she backs away girl hears the sleen waking up, she turns around tip toeing out , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = thinking to herself , girl is glad she was able to tend to them as they slept , wondering if the sleen would of recognized her , from the previous time she tended to them.=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = leaving quietly girl heads back to the camp, all animal beeing fed and pens cleaned girl places everything inthe stroage room and heads to the wood, removing her silks and jumps into the cold water =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = diving under taking a brush abd soap starts to scrub herself washing away the bad smell of a long labor day=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = enjoying the softness of the soap dancing on her bare flesh, the cool drops of water gliding down lower her back as girl rinces her hair =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = washing up , until the smell of her labor does disapear, feeling clean and refresh, girl slips out of the water drying herself up and applying soft cream then girl slips a new set of silk and goes back to her Owner=

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises and looks around seeing the room needs tending , girl walks around picking up the dirty dishes and sets them in a basket for later, takes a clean rep cloth and pail of water adds some soap =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = and wipes the top of the table, fingers pushing round and round covering every spot,then cleans the sides of the table =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = takes a broom and sweaps under the table seeing some bread crumbs has fallen under, then sweaps around the couch and fire place=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking the bowls by the fire pit and replaces them with clean ones then place the dirthy ones and places them in a basket for later=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = setting new log in the fire and starts the flame sweaping the edge of the pit clean and lights a beautifull candle seeing the nice glow lighting the room and its sweet aroma givingit a soft touch=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = brushing the floor softly then the cusion fluffin them up and places them back one at time on the couch, heart fills with joy ad the room now looks in order and worthy of her Owner=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing some books have fallen girl walks to them and replaces them neetly on the book shelve, then turns around and waters all the plants making sure not to over do it and smiles softly, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = turns and walks away holding the basket filled with the dirthy dishes , girl lays the dishes in a tub adds water and soap and starts to clean and wash every piece , rincing and drying them off =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = replaces the vessels on the shelves so they will be there when needed and returns to her kennel as everyone left home =
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Mistress back Massage april 7

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: crawls back behind Mistress rubbin ghands together as girl opens the bottle of lotion rubbing some in to white palms and slwoly starts to massage Mistress shoulder softly
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: smiling softly as she rubs Mistress feeling her soft skin relaxing under bare slave fingers brushing her hair slightly to th eleft side as girl focus on that side feeling tight muscle relaxing
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: inhaling her sweet Owner scent as girl massage fingers pressing deeper into the skin yet very gently
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: massgae back of Mistress head gently fingers splaying widely
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: feeling the lotion enter Mistress skin as tiny finger glides smoothly on her bare flesh fingers pressing up and down from left then right behind her neck
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: taking more lotion gently applying some in bar ehands massaging lower down Her back feeling her relaxing as the muscle loosen
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: listening to Her Mistress breathing softly as she gets pampered by Hers, pressing firmly as girl can feel a huge knot working it in a circular motion
~Cupcake~ォムムサ Guard: moans
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: brushing her hair to the other side as slave fingers runs to the right side dancing softly on Her skin
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: slave heart beats fast as her fingers caress Her Owners soft silky skin , eyes filled with passion and love as girl massage Her with love and devotion
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: applying a soft steady pressure in the right side of Her neck as girl feels a knot ,working it until it loosen and give out
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: inhaling the sweet perfume mixing lovingly with Your skin as tip of slave fingers press into Your neck gently, smiling softly as she listen to Her Owners word as well as Her body reacts to the massag
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: feeling so happy as girl massages Her Owner , smiling as she feels her fingers working down Her back working the left side up and down gently,then the right making sure all the lotion enters Her skin
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: feeling Your skin so soft and smooth girl keeps working the knots lovingly
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: moves higher closer, as girlcan feel the softness and warmth of Her Owners skin so close to hers , heart races as soft lips kisses Her neck lovingly ,
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: fingers dancing up and down softly brushing Her flesh feelign the lotion entering deep into Her skin leaving it feleing like a soft silky sensation
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: eyes never leaving Her Body as bare fingers massages behing her neck again moving to the right
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: breathing faster as Her skin feels as soft as a feather , loving Her with all girl is eyes dances over her beautifull body pressing gently as she feels Her Owner relaxing and peacefull
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: closing eyes softly as girl takes Her Owner's scent , feelignthe sweet perfume filling the room , tiny slave fingers loving the feel of Her skin as the lotion enters Her , gliding softly down
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: totally devoted girl massages her non stop , enjoying the soft smooth silky skin of the One she Adores
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: kisses her one last time and crawls to the front kneeling down at her feet and gets all she needs to roll the cigarette


rolling Mistress cigarette april 7

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = reaches in her small pouch gets out the bag of tobbacco, the thin paper and her Mistress cigarette holder pak, takes a paper lays it on soft laps takes pinch of tobbacco lays it down on the paper =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: tiny fingers tucking the tobacco tightly as girl figners slips down feeling the heat of her desire sliping onto tiny figners coating them as girl slides finger along the the paper seasling it tight=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: turns to face Her Mistress taking the cigarette between tiny fingers extendign arms high as girl offers the cigarette wispers Mistress may this cigarette help make your day better
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: takes candle light it then lift it to Her Owner so she can carefully light Her cigarette
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = keeps rolling the paper with same love and devotion filling it with tobbacco then sealing it with this slave passion , filling the pack then smiles and puts the bags away for later =
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hot coco Mistress

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs, feeling tiny feet gliding agaisnt the soft furrs, eyes shining with Love as girl passes by her Beautifull Owner,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =soft rounded hips ondulating seductively as she passes close by Mistress, with beauty and grace dancing her way to the servery,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling the warmth of the flame dancing into the pit, hands dancing about generous curves as girl feels the power of the three moon over slave, belly burning with desire and need to please Her =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling heart beating loud as girl strolls down the path , guided by the Moons reflection upon this home , seeing the stars shining in the darken skies, love filled eyes sparkling into the night=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =listening to the mysterious sounds echoing trew the night , hurrying speed taking bigger steps girl enters the servery, takin amoment toadjust tothe soft candle light, girl approaches the shelves=
{jupiter}Kォムムサws: to untie one shoe she glances for a moment at the sports tennis shoes , before once more reveling her shint teeth to untie the knot , her teeth and mouth waork together to loosen it . finally it =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing soft silk rises lightly to the racing heart beat, holds the cup close to burning flesh , falling to balls of bare feet, turning gracefully hearing the music building into this soul, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feleing the music takin control of this body , each movement filled with passion ,grace and beauty , reflecting the Love and admiration thisone as for the One she Loves and Adores more then all,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = girl softly turns the door to the kitchen open, entering softly as tiny hands lifts the cup high exposing it to the light as dark eyes and fingers dances in harmony over the delicat cup ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = inspecting it carefully fo r chips and crack , wanting toensure her Owner safety, only wanting the best for Her, she runs the cup agaisnt swollen breast, holding her breath as she does,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feleing the smoothness of the cup as she runs it agaisnt bare flesh, girl smiles as she runs the cup inthe tub with water cleaning and dryin g it carefully then sets it in a nice rounded tray, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = letting the rest in the tray girl kneels down taking a clesn kettle and rinces it under warm water then fills it with rich fresh bosk milk , adding some fresh coco beans into the mixte =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = stiring the coco seeing it changing toa rich dark color the sweet smell filling the room letting her know its ready girl approaches carefully , removing the kettle from the fire and fills the cup =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: as girl kneels down eyes filled with love feeling slave burning with desire , runs fingers slowly around the rim , slave sweetening the drink with this one essence, then adds some fresh whip cream=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding a cherry on top , hands trembling with passion as girl lifts the tray to slave heart , dancing gently back to Her Owners feet, entering the room girl dances to her Feet, kneeling carefully =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = lowers the tray between creamy tighs girl lifts the cup softly extending arms forwards wispers may this hot cup of coco, sweeten by Yours keep you warm and smiling , may it be as pleasing to You =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as it was this slave honor and joy to prepare it for You Mistress, thank you for blessing thisone this nigh tby allowing her to serve You
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April 10 chores of the day and cleaning her Owners room

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =waking up on this bright morning, girl strolls down the path to the storage room,gathering all the cleaning tools, singing softly as girl feels the morning breeze caress soft flesh as silks dances=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =enjoying the fresh air,listening to the different sounds around the camp as nature wakes,heart beating softly as the sweet music of nature invades her body, slender arms dancing agaisnt bare flesh =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =caressing generous curves as fingers kiss the Beautifull collar she so proudly wears,hipes rocking softly as she spins and twirls around feeling so happy , dark mane dances behind like a feather=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =opening the door to the storage room, girl enters lighting the candle, eyes adjusting to the softness of the light=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =gathering all she needs, rep cloth soap pails brush candles deororizer,puting everything in her basket and walks out of the room , this time strolling down to the camp , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =following the road to Her Owner's chambers, girl enters the room called Fah 1 and inspect the room seeing it needs refreshing girl puts the basket down , taking the pail and carries it to the stream=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =kneeling down by the pond,brushing long dark mane to the side , as girl takes the pail and dives it under cold water filling it to the rim,then rise gracefully lifting the pail filled with cold water=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =dances down the road enjoying the cool breeze as the sun starts to warm bare flesh, singing softly as girl enters her Owners room once more, filling a big pot with the water and put it on the fire=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =letting the water boil alittle,as the water warms up girl rises and picks up the dishes form the floor and mantel then puts it aside in a basket for later, then takes a rep cloth and sweaps the table=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =dances around the room sweaping the floor then walks over to the couch taking all the pillows one at a time and fluffing them then lovingly replaces them for her Beautifull Owner's confort=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =moving around the couch girl takes aclean rep cloth and starts to polish her Owner blade,carefully to not cut herself,then as the blade shines girl turns and dances around feeling long mane fly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =tiny feet glides along soft furrs,heart beating with joy and love as girl tiny fingers wraps around the candle seeing as the wax melts girl gets abrand new one and replaces it on the candle holder=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =singing a sweet melody as girl looks around the room , feeling her beautifull Mistress presence , body trembles with passion and desire for Her, kneeling down filling the tub with the warm water =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =placing the dirthy dishes into the tub adding some soap and gently starts to let fingers dances onthe rims cleaning and scrubing them one at a time feeling the softness of the bubbles caress fingers=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =hot water kiss bare flesh , as girl rinces and dries the dishes one at a time with love and dedication, knowing her Owners delicious lips may meet those same rim,safely replaces then on the shelves=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =warm feeling of love and happiness fills this ones soul and heart as delicat fingers work , inhaling Her Owners sweet scent inthe room, eyes shining with bright glow of passion , thinking of Her.=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking a nice bowl filling it with fresh fruits and gently places it on the edge of the couch hoping her Owners enjoys them , knowing her slave hand picked and washed everry fruit in it, out of Love =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =closing the door behind as small frame disapears to the other side , tiny feet gliding agaisnt the cool ground as girl pads her way back to the slaves working area to see what else needs to be done=
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making blackwine and coco april 14

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from furrs soft hips ondulate seductively as girl dances across the furrs , pushes the door open as she passes the door feeling it closing behind her gently bumping soft rask=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =dancing happilly down the forest , feeling cold ground beneath bare feet, tickling her as green grass brush against soft flesh, tossing hair off as long mane dances down nakid flesh,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =as girl strolls down the path , feleing the warm kiss of the sun agaisnt exposed flesh, girl heart fills with joy as dark eyes rises to the blue skies above , admiring the beauty of Our land =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =heart fills with love as she enters the camp hearing the vocies of the Free echoing liek a sweet melody into this one ears, tiny feet moves to the soft tempo of beating heart, chest rises proudly =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = feeling the softness of her silks fly caressing nakid flesh as she twirls and spins around, turning before the door of the storage room,gently bumps it open , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =lighting the candle as she enters the servery eyes slwoly adjusting to the soft glow of light, inspecting the shelves closely , girl reaches forwards soft hands wraps around two copper kettle,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =filling the first one with rich bosk milk girl adds soem freshchly scraped coco and places the kettle onthe earth lettingit warm and melt a little she then fills the second with fresh clean water =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding some freshly grinded coffee beans and stiring the mixture until she sees a rich dark color form then places that kettle on the earth as well , lifting the lid of the first kettle=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as a sweet aroma tease her nostril girl stirs the dark colored beverage seeing the coco mixing , she smiles softly as the hot coco is ready she sets that kettle to a ironplate by the fire=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = allowing the kettle to stay hot she then turns her focus on the kettle filled with hot blackwine and carefully lift it placingit also by the fire so it stays hot hoping that it will be pleasing =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the hot beverage steaming , girl heads to the servery inspecting the shelves for some cups worthy of the Free of her home, she smiles as girl sees on the shelves some new cup =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = soft fingers wraps around the cups inspecting eachone carefully as her figners dances onthe rims finding them safe and sound girl lowers them to a pounding heart beat , =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the cups are found to be safe girl lowers them to heart and dances ehr way to the kitchen settingthe cups to sink in the tub
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =singing happilly as girl washes the cups feelingthe hot warm water kiss her flesh as soft bubbles caress her skin , then rinses the cups and dries them , settingthem in a nice silver tray =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =lifting the tray carefully , girl heads back to the kitchen stoping by the earht carefully lifts both kettle setting them down onthe tray and returns to the free=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =looks up to Head Huntress whispers my beautifull Head Huntress she hopes this strong blackwine be pleasing and keep you warm on this night=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: places ahot steamy cup of coco up by her Owner lettingit sit on hot stone keepingit hot for Her=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =cralws over to Huntress takes a cup of hot coco wispers may thi scoc keep you warm and smiling this day Huntress=
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Mistress lunch

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs ,standing tall as girl heads down the path to the kitchen , feeling the cool blade of green grass tickling bare feet=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =dancing and singing to Nature's song hips rocking in slow sensual way, heart beating faster as her desire to please grows, entering the kitchen dark orbs shining with love =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =continues down the hall turning left to the storage room girl enters the cold room ,dancing closer to the meat rack seeing some nice juicy steaks hanging , girl carefully unhooks a big thick piece=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =placing the fresh meat into a round plate holding it close girl , turns to ball of tiny feet and closes the door behind her , as she goes down back hall again this time stoping into the chill room =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =takes a basket fills it with fresh garden vegetables and closes the door behind her singing softly as she returns to the kitchen, setting the basket and plate onto the counter and kneels down=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =setting the steaks on the grill letting it grilled as she turns to around seeing some fresh baked bread girl takes a few rolls and sets them in a basket with butter and chops the vegetable =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =smelling the steak cook she moves and flips it around as the vegetable cooks girl heads down to the servery seeking a nice plate worthy of her Owner's meal, hands dancing upon slave flesh =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =inspecting the shelves closely tiny fingers dances upon several plates before stopping on a beautifull white plate , lowers it between round breast feeling tiny heart beat pounding agaisnt it=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she returns to the kitchen , dark orbs dance in harmony with tip of gentle fingers upon the plate making sure its safe , then dips the plate under hot soapy water and cleans it closely, drying it
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =seting the plate on the counter , turning back keeping focus onthe fire as the sweet aroma of grilled steak tease her nostril , tummy growling , as she lick the corner of moist lips,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =placing the steak into the plate adding a portion of potatoes and vegetable then add lid over the meal so it stays hot as she lifts the basket with hot rolls and caarries the tray to her Owners feet=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returning to Her feet setting the basket with bread rolls on the table girl kneels down as agile hands carefully places the plate on the table wispering softly, my beloved Mistress=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may this big juicy steak be as pleasing to your tummy as it was apleasure to prepare for you , may it be as sweet and tender as You are and may it fills your Hunger on this day=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = thank you for allowing girl to serve you this day =
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april 17 cleaning Huntress Meli rest

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises to full height, soft feet pads against the furrs,seductively hips sways left and right in slow pace, heart beating fast as the warm sun kiss bare flesh soft silk dances with the warm wind=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =singing happilly as she stolls down the forest path guiding to the Huntress's camp girl enjoys the fresh air onthis sunny day, animals playing as the forest comes to life, hearing the sounds of labor
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =as slaves and Huntress run around the camp, tending to life on the camp, the warm wind blows long mane dances behind , gently caressing round shoulders,turning left at the crossing following the path
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =happy feet dances as breast bounces softly , twirling around feeling so happy, she stops at the entrance examines the camp smiling softly as she heads down to the Huntress Melissande Hut,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =entering her hut girl tip toes on over to her Rest, smiling softly seeing all the beautifull kitten laying around, removing the sheets and converter girl places them into a small laundry basket,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =heading on over to the cabinet , softly hands caresses new silk sheets and turns and dances back to the chamber, neetly places the sheets and converter on the bed making sure that each folds perfect=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =opens the window sliglty allowing the fresh air to enter the room, as she sweaps the floor , then places all the pillows back onto the bed fluffing them perfectly for Her confort,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking a clean rag and starts to polish all the tiny decoration and flower vases, adding fresh new flowers and water into them=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking a big jug holding between generous breasts as girl heads down to the water pond , she feels the coolness of the grounds tickling bare feet as she approaches the pond eyes shine softly=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she sees a baby deer drinking water , girl approaches gently not to scare him and drops to soft knees, hands diving under water filling the jug,then carefully lifts it giggling softly as tiny drop=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =of cold water splash agaisnt bare flesh,feeling it refreshing as the sun strongly kiss exposed flesh seeing its color darkening as she returns to the room,admiring the beauty of the camp in day light=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =entering once more into the room feeling the cool breeze entering the room the sweet perfume of wild flowers refreshing the room, girl smiles softly as she inhales the sweet aroma,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =laughing as she sees two kitten running around her, heading for the bowls,soon followed by their sibbling, girl gently pets them as she rise and carefully backs away =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing the candles all burned down on the night table girl reaches in her small pouch removing a nice berry scented candle and gently sets in the candleholder and turns away stoping by the door=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =eyes scanning the room carefully admirin gall the beauty and confort of the room , heart beating fast thinking Huntress must sleep peacefully in here,satisfied she turns around closing the door =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =carrying the basket filled with the Huntress sheets girl heads down to the working area , filling two big pot with water and sets them on the earth to let water boil a moment until its perfect,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =as the water boils girl fills two washing tub adding soap into the first one then fills it with the warm water and lets the cloth saok in a moment as it does girl closes her eyes a moment =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =listening to the melodie of the birds hips rock in place as tiny fingers work on the cloth brushing and scrubbing them clean, then rinces them and sqeezing hard remove over water hanging them to dry=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =a few hours later girl returns to the woods removing the sheets and folding them neeetly as they are dry and returns to the Huntress room one last time and places the soft sheets back in the pantry=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =closing the door leaving the room impecable she sings happily as her chore is done , girl dances her way back to the sweet confort of her Beloved Owner, settling down on the furrs=
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cleaning Huntress sitting room

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rising gently to full height, soft feet padding gently agaisnt the cosy furrs, quietly tip toeing out of the room , not wanting towake her Owner, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling the warm sun still very strong kissing bare flesh , skin changing color as she dances her way trew the camp, listening to the sweet songs of the birds,warm feeling of peace consume her=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =smiling softly as tiny feet dances feeling the cool blade of her Home tease her skin, feeling so alive as her body moving gracefully hands roaming down soft curves,lifting head to the blue sky, =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =sun still very bright lights her step, as she enters the forest listening closely to the sounds ,turning head tothe left as shehears crakling sound behind her, jumps slightly as she sees a Huntress =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =holding a leash attached to it is a new slave, she smiles softly at the Huntress and the new slave,going back to her chore she enters the Huntress's huts turning left to the One she needs to tend to=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =stoping at the door eyes exploring the room, smiling softly as she feels the warmth and coziness, seeing the fireplace needs to be tended to she goes to the back room taking a pail and small shovel=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =some clean rag and jug of water, a broom and new candles, then turns gracefully and dances her way back to the room, putting the basket down by the door, she takes the shovel and pail and kneels down=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing that the flames have been killed she takes the ashes and fills the pail until the fireplace is ashes free, then she takes some pine cone and adds new logs into it and starts the fire again,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =inhaling the nice aroma of burning pine cone fill the room, she rises and takes aclean rag and starts to let gentle fingers dances on the mentel,sweaping away the dust , as it now shines girl rises=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =extending arms froward as tiny figners reaches for the burned down candle and replaces it with a new scented one,then falls to the balls of tiny feet and continues to sweap away all the furniture=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = moving around the room fluffing all the pillows and neetly places them back on the couch for the Huntress comfort one by one until all of them are perfect,then she bend down rolling the carpet =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =carrying it outside lets it hang on the cloth line then takes a piece of wood and beats the dust, watching it fly off=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =returning inside taking the broom and sweaps the floor as she sings softly stopingbefore the kittens and gently pets them, then reutrns to her labor until the floor is impecable,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =picking up everything she used toclean the room , putting everythingback into the basket girl leaves it by the door as she steps outside walking to the pole holding the carpet between soft arms =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =making her way back to the sitting room , kneeling carefully as she places the carpet back at its place and smiles as she sees the room shining and the fire burning the sweet smell of burning cone =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =closing the door behind her making sure its close tightly so the kittens dont run away,heart filled with love , hoping the Huntress will have a great home coming and returns to her Owner=
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girls cleaning Huntress pool april 18

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =closing the door to the living room , girl turns left as she walks down the hall seeing the big walls hiding the Huntress private pool approaching softly the sweet perfume of the flowers tease her=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing abby enter the room girl takes the right side of the room leaving the left for abby, smiling softly seeing the yellow ducky swimming into the bath, leans closer as the duck swims by her, =
{abby}Fahォムムサys: =abby go to the side wall and pick up the big pool net and walk back to the pool and begin to gather all the dead leafs and bugs in the pool being carefull not to fall in the cool water=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling wet feather caress tiny fingers as the duck comes closer,walks carefully around the edge of the pool , tending to the fire kissing the flame girl lets it cool a little =
{abby}Fahォムムサys: =dipping the net in and under the water to get all the leafs asnd bugs floating in the pool,seeing the ducklin abby is careful not to hit it and go around it watching it move to the side of the pool =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = picking up all the dirthy dishes and towels still laying by the pool , eyes admiring the beauty and peacefullness of this pool , the cool wind blows agaisnt her flesh, as she walks around the pool=
{abby}Fahォムムサys: =getting deep to the bottom of the pool abby almost fall in wishing she had on this hot spring day as the sun was still high in the sky at the late hour seeing there no more leafs in the pool abby tap
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = singing softly, seeing abby cleans the pool , girl walks around tending to the pillows, replaces them neetly as she fluffs them , moving closer to the walls inhalling the sweet perfume,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = returning to her chore she walks to the fire pot cleaningit carefully so the ashes dont fall into the pool, then adds soem pieces of dry wood into the pot lighting the fire until its flame dances=
{abby}Fahォムムサys: = the net on the grass to clean it out and walk to the side wall and put it back in place, going back to the pool abby pick up any towels laying down and lay them over the stone bench to dry out=
{abby}Fahォムムサys: then abby see some dirty vessals and pick them up and go lay them by the door to carry out after she finish cleaning the pool ' next she go to the tiny red and yellow talander flowers and pick off =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the pool is now clean girl picks up a red rose and carries it to her Owners feet kissing it softly before layingit at her feet=
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blackwine serve Jarl april 19

{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: back away respecfully and turns rising tall as she softly starts to dance hips rocking in slow seductive pace as her well rounded form disapears threw the door into the deep wood=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling coolness of the land tease bare feet,as beautifull purple silk lifted by the wind , brush gently agaisnt slave body,heart beat increses as she enters deeper down the forest ,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =always amazed at the beauty of the land we call home, eyes dancing all around with each steps, hands feet dancing as a sweet melody canbe heard only by a slave soul, moving gracefully to the tempo =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =thinking of all these beautifull sounds nothing yet comapres to Her Owner's beautifull voice, smiling softly as it still plays like a sweet melody into her soul,hands dancing along generous curves =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =stoping in the middle of the camp, seeing slaves working hard as Huntresses having breakfast, eyes filled wiht love and admiration shine brightly, entering the serving tent girl seeks out a kettle=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =tossing long dark mane to the back as she bends closer , agile fingers lifting a red copper kettle , rinces it under water to make sure no dust is left on it , then she fills it with fresh water =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding some freshly grinded beans and stirs the mixture until it becomes of a real dark color and sets it toheat on the Earth , then carefully steping back , she turns around happilly dances her way
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =into the shelve room dark eyes scans the room like a radar one after one she inspect the cups wanting the best for Him, she smiles as she finds the one she wanted, a beautifull blue and golden cup =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = lowers the cup with grace and beauty arms arapping around it ,holdingit tightly as she returns to the kitchen , lifting the cup high exposing it to the brigh t light of the sun , inspecting it close
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =finding no cracks or chip that could harm Him she lowers the cup into the washing tub filled with hot soap water and cleans it withcare making sure its impecable and worthy of Her Owners Guest=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =rinces and dries the cup toperfection jsut in time as a soft wistles can be heard coming from the fire letting her knwo the blackwine is ready gurl hurries up to it, gettig down to soft knees=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =lifting the kettle carefully as she fills the cup with the rich balckwine then replaces the kettle down on a hot plate to keep it hot, turns rises and carries the tray back to His feet,=
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: =kneeling before him lowers the tray and soft hands wraps around the cup as she wispers Jarl may this blackwine keep you warm onthis beautifull morning may its taste be pleasing to you =
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: = may it be as strong and perfect as you enjoy and thank you for allwoing this slave toserve you today=
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