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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 25, 2008 2:33 pm

stocking chill room and fresh vegetables

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs and stands tall walking slowly hip ondulating ina sensual way left then right , stoping at the door peeking one last time over round flesh as the free looks at her=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =smiles softly as she heads out the door, feeling the warm kiss of the sun agaisnt bare flesh,tiny feet carries her away trew the forest spining and tiwrling around, long mane dances behind =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =long soft mane caress exposed flesh as her silks lifts dances with the wind, eyes shining softly as sees all the beauty of her Home, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling the cool grass tease bare feet, as she strolls deeper into the woods, turning at the crossroad, heart beats faster as she dances around, hands caress well forms, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =singing happilly as she opens the fence , entering the shed , she gets two big baskets and and carries them under her small arms,back to the garden, she lowers the basket down =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =melting to soft knees, tiny fingers digs the earth , as she pulls out some fresh potatoes ,gently places them in her basket , then walking on knees she moves to the next rows =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing some big red tomatoes she smiles licking her lips as she thinks that msut taste delicious, then brakes a few tomatoes form the plant and lays them gently inthe basket.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =feeling the sun agaisnt bare flesh , her skin changing color , as she can feel a burning sensation , she moves to the next row, this time she picks up some long cucumber and with same care =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing as alice left and forgot to cook , she thinks a salad will be great on this warm day so she picks up many heads of lettuce and put them in the basket, looks inside and see what else she need=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =and moves to the rows with green onions, and picks up some , feeling the wind caress her skin as she rises and turns around lifting the heavy basket filled with fresh vegetables=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =holding her basket under her arm and dances her way to the kitchen, singing happilly as she hears the song of the birds her feet moving to the rythm. hips rocking left and right,in slow sensual sway=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she enters the kitchen she places the basket on the counter, as she turns around and fills the tubs with hot clean water, then lays the vegetables in it, letting them soak=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =turns to her feet she dances over to the cabinet, soft hands lifts a clean rep cloth and skips on over to the tub, fingers diving under water enjoying the warmof the water against her flesh,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as tiny fingers scrubs and cleans the vegetables, one by one until she as done them all , girl looks out of the window amused by two little birds flying around chasing each other, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =drying the vegetables , she replaces them in the clean basket and carries it over to the chill room,opening the door she feels instantly the kiss of cool air hit her flesh,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as tiny feet glides over hard cool tiles, stoping by the shelves , melts to her knees as she places the potatoes into the basket , the oinions and until all are where they belong=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =then she takes lettuce oinions carrots peas and starts to make a salad, adding alid on the bowl and leaves it in the chill room for later=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = closes the door behind her and returns to her kennel, lowers to the furrs before , melting back to her knees , holding her back straight eyes lowered in respect, soft fingers caress down slave flesh=
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Posts : 181
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 26, 2008 2:48 pm

june 26 chore cleaning kitchen and preparing food

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = rises from the furrs, as she stands tall, feeling the softness of the furrs tease bare feet, slowly starts to walk in a seductive way, left and right, feeling soft silk caress her flesh=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = tiny feet glides accross the room, reaching the door she smiles as she peeks over her shoulder, seeing her Mistress , heart beats faster, as tears roll down round cheeks, turns and continues , =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = humming a soft song, eyes still wet she dances in a very slow pace, the sun caress bare skin , feeling its warm kiss as her flesh starts to turn to a soft red shade, hands dancing up gently=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = her chest pounding hard , each beat faster, her breast rising to the beat, as she dances around, her long mane caress her shoulders, feeling the music increasing, her breathing fasten =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = dances accross the forest , turning at the crossroad, as she follows the path to the camp, smiling softly as she sees all the beautifull flowers along the way , she stops and picks a bouquet=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = inhaling every single one of them as she holds them tightly , thinking how beautifull they are hoping Her Owner will enjoy them, she holds them close to her heart as she continues her way=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = entering the camp she stops a second seeing all the slaves working and the Free doing their things, she glides over to the Kitchen, opening the door slightly as she slips right in , =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = darkorbs adjusting to the dim light, she goes to the corner lights a candle , smiling as the room becomes clearer, she goes over the to the counter takes the dishes and places them in the tub ,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling it with hot water and soap,as the dishes soak , she turns and takes a clean rag , gets it wet and dances to the counter, leaning forward as gentle fingers dances on top cleaning every spots=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = she takes a clean vase and adds warm water then places the flowers in them, and sets the bouquet onthe counter, as she returns to the tubs , hips rocking left and right as she peeks out the window =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = in perfect harmony hips and fingers dances , as two birds sing their song, eyes lowers to the tub as small fingers dives under water, softly dances onthe rim cleaning them then rinces them, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = turning them over and lays them on a clean rep cloth to dry, as she finishes the dishes she carries the vessels back in the servery, carefully laying them back intheir place, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = as she places the last plate in its place she smiles and rolls back to her feet, turning and dances her way to the kitchen , she takes a broom, sweaping the floor as she twirls and dances =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = around and around , making sure to sweaps every corners, then takes a pail filling it with water and soap and cleans the floors, stoping by the door ,smiling as she sees the kitchen shining=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = taking a small breath she lowers down to soft knees as she takes aclean pot and places iton the counter , as she heads to the chill room , opening the door quickly she can feel the cool air=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = entering the room , her flesh reacts to the temperatrue, as she glides over to the meat rack seeing some fresh bosk hanging she takes a big piece and place it in a plate , then taskes some potatoe
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = and onions then carries all to the kitchen.places the plate and vegetables onthe counter , she places the meat into a cooking pot then adds water and seasoning,choped onions =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = carefully placing the pot on the hot earth , then rises and returns to the counter takes the potatoes and carries them to the washing tub, tiny fingers cleaning them=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = following the sweet aroma of cooking roast, she licks her lips softly as she can hear her tummy growling, she giggles softly, and returns to her chore,slicing the potatoes in the middle,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = adding them to the pot , and smiles as she sings happilly, tiny feet carries her to the chill room , eyes scan the shelve she sees the fresh salad prepared yesturday and carries it to the kitchen=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = a delicious aroma tease her nostril as she enters the kitchen once more , placing the fresh salad onthe counter and puting alid on it , until the meat is ready, she takes a fork and pick the meat=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = seeing as the meat is jsut tender she carefully moves the pot onto a cooking stone to keep it cooking slowly=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = as she turns around she walks seductively stoping by the counter , tiny fingers wraps around the vase holding the flowers close to her heart, and dances back to the attic, entering the room =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = heart racing faster as she Hears the beautifull voice of her Owner, tip toes closer to her , lowering to her knees, as she lays the vase at Her Feet, gently places a kiss upon Her feet=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = cralwing back to the furrs , rocking to her heels turning toface Her Owner, her eyes shine with love , as she spreads her legs widely, baring all before Her, breast rising to pounding heart beat=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = back slightly arched as she hold her head high , the soft caress of long mane tease her rounded flesh , hands snaking down sensual curves as she wispers in a mucsical voice=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = my Mistress this one as cleaned kitchen and prepared dinner for tonight , roast and potatoes and garden salad=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 11:55 am

chores june 27 2008

making bandages, feeding animals,

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs , as tiny feeling glides along the cool grass, hips rocking sensually, as the sun warm her flesh, feeling the softness of long silks dancing against bare flesh=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =enjoying the fresh air , filling her lungs as she breaths deeply , inhaling the fresh scent of nature,as she strolls down the forest,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =loving life in the camp, she smiles as she approaches, eyes admiring the beauty and peace around the camp, stoping at the entrance as she sees a flower bed, moves closer and with tip of her fingers
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =gently picks some beautifull roses and holds them clsoe to her heart, inhalin g it perfume as she strolls deeper into the woods until she reaches the storage hut,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing the baskets filled with used rep cloth, taking them one by one as she picks out some of the older one to make bandages=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =putting them into a smaller basket to carry them to the washing tubs,fills the washing tubs with warm water and adds soap , then she lays the cloth in as she takes the scrubbing brush =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =pulls the first cloth agaisnt the washing board , as agile fingers scrubs hard working the stains until it almosts disapears =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =then she rips it in many long stripes , until all the cloths are done, lifting them up and carries them to the kitchen, she sets them on the counter , then she turns around dancing in slow pace=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she reaches the cabinet she bends low with grace, as tiny fingers wraps around the handle of a big black pot,pulling it to her in a qucik yet gracefull pull, carries the pot to the pond =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she bendslow she can feel the cool earth under bare flesh, with agility she lowers thepot into water, filling it halfway , then rises and carries it to the earth ,slightly titling sideways =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =finally reaching the fire she lays the pot on it letting it boil, as it does she dances over to the counter taking the ripped cloth and drops them in boiling water sinking them under with a stick=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as the riped cloth boil she places the flowers in a beautifull dark clay vase, and sets it in the middle of the table, enjoying the sweet aroma fill the room, her heart filled with joy =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =after a few minutes she looks in and sees the cloth boiling , thinking to herself they are perfectly sterile, she rempves them carefully from the pot, rolling them one by one=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = after they are all rolled up and neetly placesd inthe basket she carries them out to medecine hut , placing them carefully in the shelvesmaking sure to cover them to keep them sterile.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =closes the door behind making sure its shut tightly and returns to the working area to see to her next chore=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =leaving the medical hut , she strolls down the path this time she turns left at the crossroad, heading to down the direction of the hen houses, she goes to the chiken house first,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =enters the storage room gets two big pails, filling the first one with fresh water and the second with grains and hay,carefully walks by the chickens, replaces the water and fills the bowls with food
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =then quickly walks out as the chiken runs towards the food and water, feeling some try to pick at her feet, closes the door behind her and makes sure its shut tight.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =moves on to the next pen, stoping once more by the shed and fills the two pails with water , then goes over to the verr,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking some hay and filling their food and water, then clsoes the fence making sure once more to close it tight,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =walking over by the wagons she fills a pail with scraps and heads over to the tarsk pen , bends over gets rid of the old water and replaces it with fresh water, then moves over to the feed through =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = filling it with scraps and water then hay and returns to the storage room , as tiny feet carries her to the next hen house she smiles seeing the camp so alive today as the Free and slaves all enjoy the day=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =walking and singing to the Kaiila's stable she carries a big pail filled with meat , feet dragging under the weight as she finally reaches the pen and carefully approaches the beasts as she fills the feed through with fresh water and food=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =holding her breath as she sees one of them approaching , instantly she walks away from the fence, impressed by its size and beauty,moves gracefully with the pail filled with water and fills the kaiila water container=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she finally is done standing before the fence admiring the beautifull beast , impressed by their size and strenght,girl's hands slips in her back gently rubs her side,as she can feel the warm sun kiss her flesh.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =bends over slightly, picking up the enpty pails, as she slowly start to walk back , feeling her body tired from the hard labor, but happy to in her home and happy to have been usefull,singing hapily as she enjoys her walk back to the camp=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =stoping once more by the storage shed, places the pails back in their spot and closes the door behind her, tiny feet carries her to her work station, as she takes a moment to take alook at the chore list, putting amark by the ones she jsut did,=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 28, 2008 7:21 pm

june 28 chore

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises from the furrs shaking her legs a second as she rise, hips rocking as she dances along the cool grass , up until she reaches the forest entrance, peekingone last time over her shoulders=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing the free still away she ventures in the forest feeling the cold earth beneath bare feet, walking slowly enjoying the day ,and all the beautfy the forest as to offer,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =seeing animals and Human living in harmony, as she advence deeper in the woods she can feel cool wind agaisnt her flesh, the fish jumping out of the water ,the verr drinking in the pond as she passes=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she approaches the camp she can see the fire burning and lighting the area , follows the light into the camp , turns and heads to her Owner's private hut strolling down the hall =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =opening the door , she stands in the entry inspecting the room , seeing as it needs tending to she clsoes the door and heads to the supply tent, getting a basket for the dishes, an empty pail,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =adding some clean rep cloth into the basket, some new frutiy scented candles,a broom then turns and closes the door behind her,on her way back she stops by the pond, lowers to her knees,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =lowers the pail in the river filling it to the rim , then gracefully rises sliding her arm under handle and gently dances back , feeling some cold drops splash her skin as she moves=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = opening the door to her Owner's room once more she enters laying the basket down and the broom by the door, then enters and starts to pick up the dirthy dishes ,and lays them in the basket,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =she takes a clean rep cloth and gets it wet and starts to scrub the table tops until all the stains are gone and surface is smooth and shining,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =rises up once more twirling around as she dances over to the shelves dusting them , then skiping over to the couch she takes the pillows holding them close, soflty inhaling scent of her Owner=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =places the pillows on the table as she dust the couch , then neetly replaces the pillows on the couch for Her confort=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =she moves to the corner taking the broom she starts to sweaps the furr clean, dancing around with soft lighted steps , making sure to sweap all the tiny corners, singing happilly to the birds song=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she sweaps the furrs she can see the burned down candles so as she places the broom into the corner she bends low reaching into the basket and pulls out 3 new fruity candles and replaces them=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = stops a second admiring the room shining and smelling freshness she bends over picking up the basket and gathers her stuff around and returns them into the storage hut,then carries the dishes away=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she heads to the kitchen she stops by the dirty basket lays the wet dirty cloth in it, then she goes to the tubs filling them with warm water and adds some soap into the first one=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = as the dishes soak in she fills the second one with warm water , then she turns around and gets soem clean rep cloth to dry the dishes, puts the cloth on her shoulder =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =tiny fingers dives under water feeling the soft bubbles on bare skin as she cleans the cups her fingers gently scrubs around the rim to make sure they still intact and safe , then rinces it=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =hips dancing as she sees to all the dishes are perfectly clean and carries them back to the proper shelves , making sure to places all personal vessels in the right place=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =closing the door behind her after making sure the kitchen is left spotless and returns to the exchange point lowers to her knees and crawls to Her Owner's feet
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 29, 2008 4:30 pm

june 29 serves and chores

Mistress chesse chips

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =she leans and kisses her feet then she rises and walks accross , hips rocking as she dances over left and right in a slow sensual pace=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =singing and dancing happilly as tiny feet carries her away to the servery, heart beating with joy and happiness, as she stolls down the path, feeling the warm kiss of the sun warming bare flesh=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she enters into the forest she smiles seeing nature and its beauty, follwoing the path that guide to the camp, she cant help but admire the beautifull flowers that growing close to the huts=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she approaches the camp , eyes shining with joy as she sees the other slaves working , the camp is so lively today, heart feels good, she enters into the servery , =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =darkorb scan the shelf , fo rthe perfect vessel one wothy of her Owner, she moves closer as tiny fingers run around the bowl tomake sure its safe, smiling softly lowereing the bowl holding it close =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =turning around she dances her way to the kitchen , seting the bowl on the counter, as she fills a tub with wamr water and soap, then gently places the bowl in to allow it to soak, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =entering the servery she sees the bowl of chips and carries it to the kitchen,stopingb y the cool room she gets a generous piece of cheese,and carries it back to the kitchen, puts the cheese in a pot=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =places the pot on the earht allowing the cheese to melt as it does she turns around and goes back to the tub, tiny hands washing the bowl very carefully then rinces it making sure to remove the soap=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = fills the bowl with fresh corn chips and places the bowl in a tray as she returns to the hot earth carefully removes the pot seeing the melted cheese she carefully pour some allover the chips=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =takes the remaining cheese and pours it into a small bowl then places it inthe tray, turns and gets some hot peppers and slices it into thin slice then olives and puts thenm on top of the chips=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =gracefully lifts the tray holdingit close to her belly as she dances her wayt back to her Owner's feet, melting to soft knees and places the tray before her, tiny fingers lifts the plate wispers=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =my beautifull Mistress may this bowl of chesse chip be as delicious as you may it bring joy to you as much as it was a joy fo rme to prepare ,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: = places the bowl with dip beside the chips and wispers thank you fo rallwoing this one to serve you this day it was anhonor and joy=


making slavebells

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=seeing as everyone is here she sits quietly enjoying the day , she rises from the furrs and retires to her kennel,as she strolls down the slave path she stops by the utility hut=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=gathering some yarn and a jar of colored beads,holding them tight as she dances her way to the confort of her kennel=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=enters the room she melts to her knees as she places thejat before her, opening the lid, and yarn , cuts several long pieces and makes a knot at the end=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=tiny fingers takes the first bead sliding it onto the string as her fingers work she hears a beautifull chant, seeing two birds on the widow frame,she starts to hums,to their a beautifull song=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=heart filled with joy as she works her mind recalls all the tender moment lived in this room,chest rises to slow heart beat.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=singing hapilly as tiny fingers agile and soft works on this beautifull blue and red slave bells until she as filled it to the middle she adds a beautifull golden bell, then continues with a blue then red,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=taking amoment she admires this beautifull piece, as she ties it tightly at th eend and gently places it into a small basket infront of her,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=as the time passes she works and relaxes enjoying the quietness and peace, takingthis time some beautifull purple and gold beads, thinking of her beautifull Owner,she starts to work on this bells adding beautifull golden heart in the middle=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=then again adding purple then gold one smiling as she can see the beautifull bell shining,hoping that these will be pleasing to the Free.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=inhaling the sweet perfume of wild flowers carried by the warm wind, entering trew the window,she closes her eyes a second jsut feeling so happy.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=opens her dark orb once more she takes green and yellow beads this time,and lets her tiny figners work magically as the bell takes form she adds this time a beautifull butterfly in the middle of this one, then adds more green and yellow bead =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=smiling as she takes alook at all the new slavebells, all alittle different one from another makingit unique in its kind,hoping that it will make someone as happy as she is making them.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=as the new slavebells lay there all shining under the reflection of warm sun , she cant help but think how lucky she is to be in this home, surrounded by family.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:= taking the yarn and cuts yet a few more string , then takes this time beautifull pink and purple and baby blue beads, she starts to add them one after the other , then adds a small key in the middle and more beads , then ties a big knot inthe end tightly=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=as the jar is empty she picks up all the new slave bells and places them neetly into a tiny basket carries them into the suply hut and replaces th eyarn and emtpy jar intheir places.=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps:=makes anote to let her Owner know that the jar of beads is empty and leaves the hut closing the door behind her, returning to her kennel and smiles happy, hoping that her Owner will be proud of her .=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeSun Jul 13, 2008 9:03 am

hot coco for 2 july 12

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =smiles softly as she backs away inreespect, rising to soft feet, gently dances away to the servery wigling hips seductively with every sway, feeling the warm kiss of the nightly wind=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =smiling softly as she dances round and round , tiny feet carrying her down to the servery ,entering the servery dark orbs carefully scanns the shelves for theperfect cups, ones worthy of them,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =inspecting the shelves one by one , moving closer as she sees beautifull cups beautifully decorated with flowers , she rises to the tip of her toes as slender arms extends forwards with graces =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =lowering the cups between roudned forms , holding them close to her heart as she dances her way back to the kitchen,lays the cups onthe counter as she fills the tubs with hot water and soap =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =taking the first cup holding high to the light as eyes and fingers dances upon the rin making sure it is safe and worhty , seeing as her skin remains intact she lays the cup under water=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =allowing the cups to soak as she turns to the second cup with same love and dedication carefully inspect it and lays it under water as its safe and perfect , as the cups now all soaking=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =turning around and goes to the cabinet bending closely soft agile fingers lift a coper kettle fillingit with rich boisk milk and coco then lays it gently over the hot earth, until its perfectly hot =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as the coco heats up, she moves back to the tubs singing happily to the birds sweet chant, fingers dancing on the rim cleaning and rincing them carefully, then palces them neetly into a nice tray=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =lifting the tray holding it close to her belly as she dances to the earth, kneeling carefully setting the tray before her as agile fingers lift the hot kettle pouring the hot beverage into the cups=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =replaces the kettle back onto the earht as she takes some freshly made whip cream and adds generously into the cup scraping soem choclat ontop then lifts the tray holding it close to her heart =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =entering the exchange point heart beating fast and loud happy to be of service, dances down stoping before the beautifull Mistress in red melting to her knees before her lowers the tray down =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =wispers Mistres smay this one offer you a warm cup of coco hoping that it will keep you warm and happy onthis night
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: may thisone continue her serve Mistress
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: smiles softly as she accepts the candy , placingit intothe tray for after her serve wisp[ers thank you Mistress
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: rises and contiunues her serve stoping before the beautifull Mistress with blue veil and wiseprs may this slave offer you a warm cup of coco on this night
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: smiles softly as she lays the cup before Mistress , she hopes it will be pleasing to you as it was for me to make , thank you for allwoing this oen to serve you=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: respectfully backs away slightly before turning and dances to her Owner's feet kneeling before her takes the last cup specially sweeetend by this slave and wispers my beautifull Mistress=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: may this hot coco be pleasing and sweet as you liek , may it keep you warm and confortable as you recuperate and may it help make you feel better=
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PostSubject: Re: {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ   {jala}Fahimaォムfeサ - Page 8 I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 01, 2008 8:24 pm

TH blackwine serve sept 1

{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =she rises from the furrs places asoft kiss upon her Owners boot as she passes Her , heading to the servery admiring the beautifull flame dancing in the pit as she enters into the servery =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =dark orbs shining under the bright light of the tent, seeing the candles glowing strong, admiring the flames dancing for a moment then tiny feet carries her to the shelves, scanning them carefully=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =fingers dancing on the surface of the rims as dark orbs inspect them for cracks, seeing a nice matchin gset of cup and saucer onthe first shelve she reaches high with arms fully extent,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =tiny figners gracefully wrapping around the cup , lowering it between heavy breasts, dancing her way to the kitchen as she rises the cup to the light eyes carefully inspect it forimperfections, =
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =as she finds the both to be perfect she lays them into the washing tub filled with clear soapy water , lettingit soak as she heads over to the counter, filling a clean kettle with water and powder=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =carries the kettle sittingit on the hot earth, as the dark liquid starts to heat she returns her attention to the cup , fingers dancing on the rim in and out cleaning it , then rinces it=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =gently places the cup and saucer into the wooden tray she as previously selected and carries it by the fire. melting to her knees as the sweet aroma of fresh blackwine fills the room,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =carefullky lifts the kettle and fills the cup jsut below the rim, remembering that Huntress wants a drop of alcohol in it she carries the tray to the cabinet takes the bottle of alcohol and drops in=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =a few drops of the stroing beverage, then lift the tray to her belly , heart races as she returns to the exchange point, hips rocking seductively as she approaches Her, she drops to her knees=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =lifting the cup before Huntress lowers eyes in respect as she wispers Huntress may this blacwine be as strong and warm as you may it keep you fresh and alert sothat you remain safe in your travels,=
{jewel}Fahimaォムムサps: =thank you for allowing this girl the honor of serving you on this warm night=
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