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 IMPORTANT: slaves MUST read

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PostSubject: IMPORTANT: slaves MUST read   Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:57 pm

kajira and pg slavesI will not chase you down to do the lessons. you will need to come to me when your online. me asking you is being a waste of MY time. if your tags are ƒ€ then you should be in training. either by ME. or by your Owner. no slaves are to be serving at the EP . unless your taken there by your Owner to do so.. that is seperate from the home. its a place for Free and Visiting Free to trade. barter and hold meetings. we are in the process of chooseing one room for family. and making that the place for serves to the Free by you.(for now use the family room) we will be adding doors and stuff to make it work for us all. when you enter the home. your to check in with a Free in the Family room. before going to your rooms. unless your with the One who Owns you. each slave is to post one serve a day (not a offer too, and offer to more than one) and to do a home chore twice a week and post this to the board also. no exceptions. this is your home to show some pride in it. do not ask or talk to Me about getting or Being relased. this is not MY Issue. its between you and the ONe who Owns you.Fahima ƒ€SH
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IMPORTANT: slaves MUST read
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