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Goblets "Because there are many Goreans who cannot read, many stores , shops, and such, will utilize various signs and devices to identify their place of business. For example, a large, wooden image of a paga goblet may hang outside a tavern." "Magicians of Gor" page 393 "Many civilians, I believe, do not know why certain warriors, by habit, request their paga in metal goblets when dining in public houses." "Renegades of Gor" page 77 "Before we set out we broke open the great bottle of paga and Tharnack, Clitus and I clashed goblets and emptied them of their swirling fires." "Raiders of Gor" page 113 "I rose to my feet and lifted my goblet of paga, acknowledging the cries of my retainers." "Raiders" page 218 "I thrust out the silver paga goblet, studded with rubies, and Telima, standing beside my thronelike chair, filled it." "Raiders of Gor" page 223 "I held out the paga goblet, and she refilled it." "Raiders od Gor page 231 "Your paga," said the nude slave girl, who served me, her wrists chained. "It is warmed as you wished." I took it from her not even glancing upon her, and drained the goblet." "Raiders of Gor" page 100 "Tamirus lifted his hand good-humoredly, graciously, to Mirus, and then, too, to the others in the tavern, and returned to his table. There, waiting for him, was a goblet of paga, doubtless a gratuity for the loan of his expertise." "Dancer of Gor" page 187 "I heard the roars of triumph, shouts of pleasure. I was frightened. The men were on their feet. There was a thunder of applause, the striking of the shoulders in the Gorean fashion, and, too, the crashing of goblets on the tables." "Dancer of Gor" page "A toast," we called.Shirley hurried about, making sure there was wine in the goblets. Callimachus drank water, but he permitted a drop of wine to mix in the water, that the ceremony of the toast might be one in which he fully shared. Wine, incidentally, is often mixed with water in Gorean homes. This is primarily because of the potency of many Gorean wines. The wines I was serving, however, were such that, sensibly, they could be served undiluted. An alternative with the potent wines is to serve very small amounts of them. We stood. The musicians stopped playing." "Guardsman of Gor" page "She reached to the wine, a sweet Ka-la-na of Ar, and filled the goblet to the third ring. Then, as I sat back against the couch, she knelt before me. She, head down, pressed the heavy metal goblet deep into her lower abdomen, and then she lifted it to her lips and, holding it with both hands, kissed it lingeringly and lovingly. Then, kneeling back on her heels she put down her head and, humbly, her arms extended, her head down between them, proffered me the goblet."Wine, Master?" she asked.""Yes," I said. I then took the goblet from her, and drank. She lifted her head, and watched me."I think you know how to serve wine well," I said."Master should know," she laughed.I indicated that she should approach me. "Keep your hands on your thighs," I told her."Yes, Master," she said.I then, crouching beside her, my hand in her hair, controlling her, gave her to drink from the goblet, letting her finish the last ring. I then gave her the goblet, and she put it to the side, with the wine vessel.I then sat back again, against the foot of the couch. She, kneeling to the side, in the lovely position of the pleasure slave, watched me." "Guardsman of Gor" page "Temione had now filled her paga vessel. She picked up a goblet from a rack near the vat. The shelving on the rack was of narrow wooden rods. The goblets are kept upside down on the rods. In this way, washed, they can drain, and dry. This also affords them some protection from dust. I watched her carefully wipe the goblet. Woe to the slave who would dare to serve paga or wine in a dirty goblet!" "Vagabonds of Gor" page "But Kamchak said nothing. Then he took his goblet of Paga and drained it, watching the girls swaying to the caress of Turian melodies." "Nomads of Gor" page 97 "When Kamchak had finished he held out his right hand and a man, not a Tuchuk, who wore the green robes of the Caste of Physicians, thrust in his hand a goblet of bosk horn; it contained some yellow fluid. Angrily, not concealing his distaste, Kutaituchik drained the goblet and then hurled it from him." "Nomads of Gor" page "I took the goblet, filled with burning paga. I had not had paga since returning from the northern forests. (...) I threw from me the goblet of gold." "Marauders of Gor" page 22 "More paga, " I said. Another vessel was brought (...) Then I drained the goblet and flung it from me." "Marauders of Gor" page 23 "I observed Inge filling the paga goblet of one of the huntsmen. She knelt closer to him than she needed to. Her lips were parted. Her eyes shone. Her hands, slightly, shook on the paga bottle." "Captive of Gor" page 301 “Paga, Masters?” asked the dark-haired girl, kneeling beside the table. Samos, not looking at her, held forth his goblet. The girl filled the goblet. I held forth my goblet, and she, too, filled mine." "Hunters of Gor" page 9 "Another man turned away from her, when she approached him, to have his goblet of paga filled by a luscious, half-naked, collared slave." "Players of Gor" page 20 "Pembe placed a goblet of paga in her hands. He then pointed in my direction." "Explorers of Gor page 172 Cups "I decided I might care to taste the steaming black wine. I lifted my finger. The girl in whose charge was the silver vessel, filled with black wine, knelt beside a tiny brazier, on which it sat, retaining it's warmth. She rose swiftly to her feet. She knelt, head down, before me. She poured carefully, the hot, black beverage into the tiny red cup. I dismissed her." "Guardsman of Gor" page 244/5 "I lifted the tiny silver cup to my lips and took a drop of the black wine. It's strength and bitterness are such that it is normally drunk in such a manner, usually only a drop or a few drops at a time. Commonly, too, it is mollified with creams and sugars. I drank it without creams and sugars, perhaps, for I had been accustomed, on Earth, to drinking coffee in such a manner, and the black wine of Gor is clearly coffee, or closely akin to coffee. Considering its bitterness, however, if I had not been drinking such a tiny amount, and so slowly, scarcely wetting my lips, I too, would surely have had reacourse to the tasty, gentling additives with which it is almost invariably served." "Guardsman of Gor" page 247 "Verr milk, Masters!" I heard called. "Verr milk, Masters!" I opened the slats a tiny crack. I wished to see if she were pretty. She was, in her tunic and collar, kneeling on a white blanket, spread on the cement, with the brass container of verr milk, with its strap, near her, and the tiny brass cups. She was extremely lightly complexioned and had very red hair." "Savages of Gor" page 61 "I ordered another cup of paga." "Explorers of Gor" page 132 "I opened my eyes. I proffered, tears in my eyes, the cup of paga to my captor." "Slave Girl of Gor" page 68 "My master extended his cup to me, and I, kneeling, filled it with Sul paga." "Slave Girl of Gor" page 82 "Sometimes inert, esteemed Gorean free women cry out in rage, not understanding why their companions have forsaken them for the evening, to go to the paga tavern; there, of course, for the price of a cup of paga, he can get his hands on a silken, belled girl, a slave (...) "Tribesmen of Gor page 25 "At the end of her dance, she is given a cup of wine, but she may not drink. She approaches the young man and kneels before him, her knees in the dictated position of the Pleasure Slave, and, head down, she proffers the wine to him. He drinks. There is another general shout of commendation and well wishing, and the feast begins, for none before the young man may touch food on such occasions. From that moment on, the young man's sisters never again serve him, for that is the girl's task. She is his slave." "Outlaw of Gor" page "On the tray, too, was the metal vessel which had contained the black wine, steaming and bitter, from far Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, the small yellow-enameled cups from which we had drunk the black wine, its sthingys and sugars, a tiny bowl of mint sticks, and the softened, dampened cloths on which we had wiped our fingers." "Explorers of Gor "Other girls now appeared among the tables, clad only in a camisk and a silver collar, and sullenly, silently, began to serve the Kal-da which Kron had ordered. Each carried a heavy pot of the foul, boiling brew and, cup by cup, replenished the cups of the men." "Outlaw of Gor" page "Attached to the vessel, by a light chain, was a golden cup. It had two handles. From a spout on the vessel, grinning, Gorm filled the golden cup. The liquid swirling in the cup was black." "Marauders of Gor page 83 I hurried to him, carrying the large bronze vessel of paga, on its strap about my shoulder. I knelt and filled his cup." "Slave Girl of Gor" page 293 Bowls "At a gesture from the proprietor, the grimy man in the tunic of white and gold, one of the serving slaves, with a flash of her ankle bells, hurried to the Assassin and set before Him a bowl, which she trembling filled from the flask held over her right forearm. then, with a furtive glance at the girl chained at the side of the room, the serving slave hurried away. Kuurus took the paga bowl in both hands and put his head down, looking into it. Then somberly, He lifted it to his lips and drank.’ "Assassins of Gor" page 9 ‘'I had heard of black wine, but had never had any. It is drunk in Thentis, but I had never heard of it being much drunk in other Gorean cities. (...) Then I picked up one of the thick, heavy clay bowls. It was extremely strong, and bitter, but it was hot, and, unmistakably, it was coffee.’ "Assassins of Gor" page 106 " I then took the wine, with a small copper bowl, and a black, red-rimmed wine crater, to the side of the fire." "Captive of Gor page 331 "I had carried about bowls of cut, fried fish, and wooden trays of roasted tarsk meat, and roasted gants, threaded on sticks, and rence cakes and porridges, and gourd flagons, many times replenished, of rence beer." "Raiders of Gor" page 44 "The slender blond girl, who had been giving men water from the skin bag, was now given the work of filling small bowls from the large wooden bowl, for the bond-maids. She used a bronze ladle. (...) The girls, including the slender blondish girl, emptied their bowls, even to licking them, that no grain be left." "Marauders of Gor" Page 64/5 "Seems that slave girls mostly ate their gruel from troughs or from bowls, using their fingers. "I shared breakfast with Elizabeth who informed me that it was better than the porridge below in the trough in the feeding room for female staff slaves, (...)" "Assassin of Gor" Page 106/7
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Servery Items
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