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 10 Steps to A Serve

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10 Steps to A Serve Empty
PostSubject: 10 Steps to A Serve   10 Steps to A Serve I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 1:40 pm

1*** Approch the Free Person from a crawl position ...offer Service....After offering serve and being told what the Free wishes,example say yes Master or Mistress chilled kalana in a goblet.
2 *** Gracefully back up three paces, turn on the balls of your feet and head to the severy describing how you are walking the floor feels...flow of hair..color eyes sparkle as approching the kitchen etc.
3 *** take your time chosing a vessel adding extra special things like the color any inscription its shape what shelf its on high shelf you must climb up /or a lower shelf you must bend over etc.
4 *** Check the vessel for flaws by twirling it clockwise upon your wrist..thigh..or belly clean it well with a rep cloth or clean piece of silk to remove any dust or impuritys that would bring harm.
5 *** Get and prepare the appropriate drink/food items.Hot/cooked items are at the hearth, cool chilled items in the chillery room off the servery, others at room temp are in the servery.
6 *** return to the Master or Mistress...make sure to describe grass/stones you walk over..each movement how your silks flows..color of hair how it tumbles down your back walking slowly to not spill the drink/food.
7 *** Kneel to the Free's feet you are serving if white silk tower..thighs closed....for yellows silks nadu with thighs open.. If serving a FW, always kneel in tower, unless She has requested otherwise.
8 *** Present: gracefuly bring the vessel to your heart for three beats then kiss the lower side of the vessel, not the rim whisper a soft prayer for the Frees health and safety.
9 *** Tell the Master or Mistress what you have brought them saying [your name] brings You chilled kalana this night and pray it quench Your thirst and a honor to serve Them and is found pleasing.
10 *** Ask if you can you offer them any thing else or be excused to see to another Free. thank them.
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10 Steps to A Serve
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