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 10 steps to serving

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10 steps to serving Empty
PostSubject: 10 steps to serving   10 steps to serving I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 1:47 pm

a. thank Them for their order
b. repeat what they ordered (cold,hot)
c. smile and rise to feet

a. take three spaces back
b. turn to go (tell what you are doing in detail)
c. go to servery or chillery

a. examine....make sure no flaws
b. choose proper receptacle for the drink or food
c. please check container and drinks page for this information....

a. wipe the vessle until it shines
b. use clean hair
c. use rep cloth
d. use your imagination...

a. fill the container with the beverage
b. remember to think of fixing it - hot moisture
curling hair around the face..
c. the smell

a. return to Master/Mistress
b. weave your way or tinkle slave bells...whatever is in your heart .
c. sway hips...whatever draws notice to you and include the Master/Mistress ...always complimenting...

a. if white you will tower
b. if in front of Mistress you will tower
c. if Master and you are yellow or red Nadu always
d. never ever mention slave heat during a serve unless it is to your Master...

NOTE: City of Benist doesn't prove the drinks or food may ask a visiting One to prove...
check the page for how to prove drinks)
a. raise arms high over your bowed head....eyes lowered in respect.
b. you may kiss the bottom of the drink for the kiss of submission or the side of the plate......never kiss where One may touch with their lips....ever.

a. tell Master/Mistress what you have brought them
b. and hopes it pleases them and talk about them here ....bring them in and build them up
d. the hope that your serve pleased them and how much pleasure it is to serve them ....bringing your name in here so they will remember you and be pleased you are this curteous and thoughtful
e. this is where they usually take the drink or food

a. lower your hands to your thighs and wait further instructions....or to be dismissed..
b. if the Master/Mistress doesn't excuse you please ask them if They need anything else or if you may be excused.
c. if they do not excuse cannot leave.

Some Do's and Don't while serving
* after serving, always stay at the Master/Mistress feet till they dimiss you backt to the furs
* Don't talk to anyone in city while serving a Master/Mistress.....your full, undivided attention should always be on the One your serving...don't greet anyone....don't whisper
*be very descriptive in your serves..."paint the picture" with your words....use your body...tell the color of your eyes...the sway of your hips
* do not yell across the room to a Master/Mistress and ask to serve.....pick up your hiney and go to them....asking them from the kneeling position you are suppose be at and ask politely....make your Home Stone proud of you...
* always remember when serving a Master if you are opened you will nadu* remember to always TOWER in front of a Mistress no matter the color of your silk...these are highly respect women in gor and you will show your respect to the Honored Ones

Here are a few quick tips to help you.
Master is Master. A slave is "property" of the slaves Master.
All slaves nicks begins with a lower case letter. Master and Mistress "nicks" begin with a capital letter.
Slaves use no caps, unless used in the words Master or the Masters name (or His, Him, He). Always, always be respectful of Master's and Mistresses.
Never say the word "I". Say: This one, this slave, this girl, this kajira (female), this kajirus(male), not the word "I" or the word "me".
It is wise to ask for permission to "enter".
"Always" ask permission to "leave".
Always kneel - slaves never sit - there are no chairs in Gor.
slaves do not put drinksto her slave heat (Gorean term for a woman's girl thingy) for anyone but her Master.
Extra ones
** If unsure of something, msg a more experienced slave for advice or an op.
** Do not try to serve until you know how, unless a Master requests and then it is wise to tell that Master you are not yet trained. He will decided if He wishes the slave serve or not.
*** Don't be a social butterfly. If you are serving a Master, be attentive to Him, and give Him your "full" attention until he has dismissed you.
*** Slaves need to learn about: slave *honor *loyalty *honesty, serving drinks and food, silks, collars, sex, branding, piercing, dance, assage, chain-sisters, castes (pretty much in that order).

Slave Rules
These are some of the basic rules you will need to know while on Gor, some of the channel rules may vary slightly, but over all, they will be pretty much the same. Read them; learn them, live them.
Greet all Freeperson's with Master/Mistress. If the gender cannot be determined by the nick, use Master till corrected. Apologize profusely, and then make note.
While Freeperson's are NOT always right, they are by definition, NEVER Wrong, therefore slave's do not argue with a Freeperson, they have the last two words in any disagreement ...those being "Yes Master".
Slaves have no rights, you have nothing not given you by a Master. Your name is not your own, it can be changed at any time. Any items given to you by a Master, can just as easily be taken from you, if you are entrusted to carry the name of an Owner, silks, jewelry, guard them carefully and with your life.
The merest whim of your Owner is your highest law. The collar entrusted to you carries the honor of your Owner, you and you alone, can make it as light or as heavy as you wish it to be.
Jealousy and possessiveness of one's owner has killed more slaves than disobedience. The Master's actions are unquestionable.
Slaves who "entice" with slave heat, should be prepared to act upon such actions. Slave heat should NOT be used unless the slave truly wishes to "entice" the Master. If you show it, be prepared to use it.
Slave's are not permitted to enter into the conversation's of the Freeperson's ... if you wish to converse with your sister's do so in MSG's .... do not discuss URTHLY (everyday) issues on GOR in open room.
Slaves are not to touch any form of weaponry... this even includes a kitchen knife... slaves are not allowed to touch coins... each of these items carry the penalty of death for a slave.
Slaves are slave's on all nets and channels, to be caught as a Freeperson, or uncollared under another nick, could result in death for a slave, or at bare minimum.. branded a traitor(ess) to Gor.
Slaves are to be pleasing at all times, there is no room for PMS, or bad moods. If your not up to being pleasing, do not enter the channels. Excellence and perfection in a slave is the goal, only that will be tolerated.
Slaves are to speak in the 3rd person speech. Slaves do not have the words "I", "me" or "mine" in their vocabulary.
Free Persons
Free Woman: Free women are viewed by most Goreans as priceless. Slaves are not used for breeding, except to create additional slaves. Therefore only a free woman can bear children that create family. If a slave gets pregnant, most Goreans would either enslave the child, or give it away. In rare cases, the slave was freed long enough to have the child. Even rarer is the case where the mother is allowed to remain free, some men becoming very sentimental about women that present them with children.
The rights of Free Women vary by city, caste and wealth as might be expected, with wealthy high caste women having woman a great deal of freedom of action. Free Women are often seen managing shops in the cities, since it is generally dangerous for women to travel without an escort. In such cases, the men do the leg work and the women manage the business.
Many members of the Caste of Scribes are woman, and generally these women are as honored for their work as their male counterparts.
An unescorted Free Woman is in constant danger as it is not uncommon for young tarnsmen to rope women off the high bridges of a city just for sport and capture. Of course, with the Robes of Concealment hiding the features of a Free Woman as they do, slave girls make much better prey, if only because the tarnsman can see the value of what he is capturing. This is why the Robes of Concealment are so much a part of the Free Woman's life, including the veil.
On Gor a Free Woman would rather be totally stripped of the rest of her clothing than to lose her veil. A woman without a veil is naked, while those without clothing are merely undressed.
_Free Companion: Free companions are the closest thing to a "wife" that a Gorean has a contract with another free person, usually of the opposite sex, for a period of one year. If not re-avowed and renewed on it's anniversary, the contract is considered dissolved. Considering the life span of a Gorean is measure in centuries, not years, this is very practical. Free companionship are automatically dissolved if either is enslaved.

The Slaves
What is a kajira? Basically a kajira is a Gorean slave girl who is branded with a kef and may be collared or uncollared, owned by a Tavern or a Master/Mistress.
But there is a difference between a kajira and a slave. A kajira serves her Master with pride, her submission comes from deep within her soul, and it is also a part of your heart. A true kajira will kneel in front of her Master and surrender not only her body, but her mind, heart and soul. She belongs to him completely, totally and unconditionally. This goes well beyond trust; a kajira must have integrity, loyalty, and honesty. For without those values you have nothing. But with them you have everything.
You must unquestionably strive to please your Master because his word is law. He will protect you, nurture you, and guide you. He will punish you, but not with hate or cruelty, but with love and caring to make you strong and special. True kajira's are valued property, because with all of their heart they want only to bring her Master great pleasure. She does this with the beauty of her serves, the pride in which she wears her collar, and continually works on ways to please her Master. A kajira must NEVER dishonor or bring dishonor to her Master, her channel, her collar and her sister kajira's. If ever a Master has you serve someone else you must do it with the same pride and love you show for your own Master. A kajira is different from a slave, anyone can be a slave, but only a few are true kajira's. That is why we are special.
Kajira/Kajirus: These are slaves, female and male respectively. There are many types of slaves to be found, however, the most common in the tavern is the common kajira, a multipurpose personal slave, and the female tavern slave. These slaves are referred to as kettle and mat slaves. In other word, they do everything from serve as scullery, to cooking, serving, and warm Master's furs at night. Pleasure slaves are often referred to in talks, but actually are not that common. Just because a slave is used for pleasure, that does not qualify her as a pleasure slave. However. the term is in common use now, as any female slave are given the basic instruction in how to serve as a sexual slave.
Pleasure Slave: A slave specially taught the arts of pleasure. A true pleasure slave knows the position of a slave, many dances, how to cook, serve, and how to make love to a man..all with superb skill. However, the house that trains such tends to put it's special flavor to a girl, many prefer to train their own slaves, rather then have the girl they owned trained like a dog unthinkingly. (Assassin of Gor , the fifth book has many details on the training, but other titles i.e. Slave Girl of Gor, Kajira of Gor and Dancer of Gor also should be studied to get a complete picture )
Passion Slave: A girl, not trained, but Bred specifically for sex. No Earth girl is EVER a passion slave. It inconceivable and impossible. No passion slave is ever taken to Earth either. Passion slaves are almost never freed. Passion slaves breed true, and their children are marked with the mark of the house that bred them. In this way they are easily identified.. Male passion slaves are harder to identify, except that they are uncommonly beautiful and almost always have a club foot (inherited from the mother). DO NOT claim to be a passion slave, unless you have seriously studied Gor.
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10 steps to serving
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