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 Sales and Tradings of slaves

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PostSubject: Sales and Tradings of slaves   Sun Oct 28, 2007 7:47 pm

Here logs of sales/tradings will be kept.
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PostSubject: Re: Sales and Tradings of slaves   Thu Mar 06, 2008 12:02 am

March 6 2008, release of (brock) Fォムムサ

(brock) Fォムムサ: Mistress, would You allow me to be Free in order to cap up
FahimaォムムサSH: this is a beg from a kajirus?
(brock) Fォムムサ: boy begs Mistress, please allow him to be free, to allow his soul to explore
FahimaォムムサSH: for a boy to be a Free.. once freed he would need to seek a new home.. and name .. with Males to learn from
FahimaォムムサSH: this is what you are begging of ME?
(brock) Fォムムサ: yes Mistress, would prefer to come back here eventually
FahimaォムムサSH: considers this
FahimaォムムサSH: brock come here
FahimaォムムサSH: stand next to me
(brock) Fォムムサ: knnels before his Owner
(brock) Fォムムサ: stands next to You
FahimaォムムサSH: takes a key. fingering it ..thinking
FahimaォムムサSH: do you promise to learn to Become a FM.. before even condsidering owning any kajira ?
(brock) Fォムムサ: yes Mistress
FahimaォムムサSH: atleast 3 months
FahimaォムムサSH: puts the key into the lock.. releaseing him.
(brock) Fォムムサ: smiles to You
FahimaォムムサSH: takes a scroll out of my bag.. scribbling on it.. the date.. some names .. and that this entitles brock to BE Free.
(brock) Fォムムサ: Thank You Fahima
FahimaォムムサSH: hands this to him
FahimaォムムサSH: save the log
FahimaォムムサSH: jala post it
{jala}Fahimaォムムサps: yes my Mistress
FahimaォムムサSH: but know.. the girls here are all off limits to one theyve called Brother
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Sales and Tradings of slaves
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