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PostSubject: Positions   Positions I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:07 pm


she kneels at Masters feet, her ass on her heels as she extends her arms over her head, crossing them at the wrists. her body leaning back as she lowers her head between her arms, offering Master her neck.

---Book 8: Hunters of Gor, page 16


she kneels at Masters feet as her thighs spread wide. her back arched to thrust her breasts forward. her head held high but her eyes are lowered in respect and her palms are placed on her thighs facing upward.

---Book 17: Savages of Gor, page 155

---Book 24: Vagabonds of Gor, page 209

---Book 7: Captive of Gor, page 143

---Book 22: Dancer of Gor, page 51

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 282


she kneels at Masters feet, her thighs pressed together and her hands are placed faced down on her thighs. This is used when serving a Mistress

---Book 3: Priest Kings of Gor, page 46


this is sometimes used as punishment. A girl lays on her stomach with her wrists crossed on her back, she crosses her ankles as if awaiting binding.

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 77


a girl falls face first onto the ground, her forehead resting flat on the surface her arms at her side and with her legs spread wide she crawls to Master.

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 247,

---Book 23: Renegades of Gor, page 7

---Book 15: Rogue of Gor, page 102


a blanket is placed over the slave completely, when this is done the slave must remain still and quiet until the blanket is removed

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 94


a girl places her hands behind her back her shoulders pushed back and her breasts thrust outward, with her hands clasped tightly behind her back ready for the bracelets.

---Book 8: Hunters of Gor page 146

---Book 10: Tribesmen of Gor page 78

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor page 132


a girl lies on her back, knees raised, heels on the floor with her hands beside her.

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 442


the slaves kneel one behind the other, wrists are chained together

---Book 11: Slave Girl of Gor, page 127


a girl gets onto all fours, her forearms flat against the ground her ass in the air, her forehead to the ground but not touching she crawls to an inch from Masters feet.

---Book 10: Tribesman of Gor, page 78


a girl stands in front of Master naked, her feet shoulder width apart standing straight and tall, placing her hands behind her head

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 36


a girl kneels in nadu, bends her body backwards, her head to the ground. she places her hands to the ground by her head and pushes herself up into a back bend.

---Book 9: Marauders of Gor, page 261


a girl stands feet flat on the ground, gracefully bending at the waist, so that her hair will fall forward for display, to be shorn, seized or used for any purpose her Master desires.

---Book 12: Beasts of Gor, page 409


she falls behind Masters left foot and awaits his movement. she stays to his left and follows him wherever he may go.

---Book 9: Marauders of Gor, page 123


a slave lifts their head far back

---Book 21: Mercenaries of Gor, pages 308-309


There are three different forms of this position though all have the same basic meaning behind it. Each is a show of female submission. (or a slave may use a combination of the three)

A) the slave kneels in nadu with her head lowered.
B) from nadu, the slave lowers head to the ground, placing her hands against the ground, palms lowered.
C) the slave moves to her belly and slowly inches forward to the Master's feet and at that point proceeds to lick and kiss at them before bellying back somewhat

---Book 21: Mercenaries of Gor, page 410


a girl stands and moves behind her Master, bending at the waist. Placing her hands behind her and puts the side of her head to her Masters hip, so that he may easily lead her by the hair or collar while he moves.

---Book 15: Rogue of Gor, page 248,

---Book 21: Mercenaries of Gor, page 437


similar to the high lesha. This position is used to attach a leash. A girl kneels with her back to her Master, her chin lifted and her head turned to the left offering Master her collar. Her wrists are crossed at the small of her back.

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 76,

---Book 14: Fighting Slave of Gor, page 366


a girl nestles into her Master when ordered to do so

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 279


a girl goes to the ground upon her stomach before her Master. Turning her head she places her cheek against his feet, kissing them lightly in a gesture of love and submission.

---Book 22: Dancer of Gor, page 114,

---Book 21: Mercenaries of Gor, pages 410 & 411

PROSTRATE OR KARTA (an onlinism)

a girl kneels and touches her forehead to the ground stretching her arms out before her with her palms down and her fingers spread. This position is used when waiting to enter a room.

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 157


taking short rapid steps, her legs almost straight her feet hardly leaving the ground. Her back is kept straight her head turned to the left and her arms are kept at her sides, her palms facing outward at a 45 degree angle to her body. upon reaching her objective she drops to her knees and assumes the nadu position.

---Book 5: Assassin of Gor, page 45


a girl falls to her hands and knees, her head down on the floor, her hindquarters thrust high for viewing and/or her Masters pleasure. This is also known as "assuming the modality of the she-quadruped" this is an instruction whereby a girl must perform her regular duties upon hands and knees, without the benefit

of the use of her hands. In this position she may not rise to her feet and may use only her mouth and teeth to grasp and manipulate objects.

---Book 21: Mercenaries of Gor, pages 215-216,

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 434


a girl turns her head up to Master, her lips pursed in a sensual kissing position. She remains motionless, and may not move until she is granted the kiss from Master. her hands are places faced up on her thighs.

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 224


a girl lays on her back, head to the floor, a common disciplinary position

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 202


a girl falls to the ground on all fours, lowering her head to the ground with her ass thrust upwards and her thighs spread wide, exposing her hindquarters fully in preparation for the caress of the leather upon her body.

---Book 5: Assassin of Gor, pages 294-295


a girl stand with her back straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned.

---Book 11: Slave girl of Gor, page 249


a girl kneels, bending at the waist, she places her cheek to the ground. Taking her Masters right foot and places it upon her neck. Her arms are held behind her back crossing them at the wrists.

Same as Collaring


a girl lays on her back, her hands at her sides her palms face up. Her legs are spread wide as she awaits Masterís inspection.

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 77


This position is almost identical to the sula except here a girl lifts her hips off the floor, as if beckoning him with her body, encouraging her sexual abuse by him.

---Book 13: Explorers of Gor, page 329


a girl kneels on the ground puts her head down to the floor, clasping her hands firmly behind the back of her neck.

---Book 19: Kajira of Gor, page 434


gracefully turning, she walks across the room, her feet hardly touching the ground. Reaching her objective, she halts and stands, her body erect. her shoulders back her breasts forward her belly in. she turns her hips out a bit, her hands at her sides and point one foot. her head is up and her eyes are lowered.

---Book 10: Tribesmen of Gor, pages 332-333,

---Book 4: Nomads of Gor page 30


assuming the nadu position, though her arms are crossed in front of her. she leans forward and places her head to the floor, first sweeping her hair forward over her shoulders in order that her back might be utterly exposed to the whip. Whipping can also be done at a post where a girl binds herself to the post.

---Book 7: Captive of Gor, page 200
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Posts : 40
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Age : 40
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PostSubject: Re: Positions   Positions I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:08 pm


You!" said the trainer, gesturing to another girl with his Whip. "To his feet! Beg for love!" This girl hurried forward and knelt before Drusus Rencius. "I beg for love, Master," she whispered. "You!" said the trainer, indicating another girl. She, too, hurried forward. She knelt before Drusus Rencius, her palms on the floor, her head to the very tiles. "I beg for love," she whispered. "I beg for love, Master."


The slave kneels in the nadu position (see NADU). Her back arched she bends her body backwards, pressing the top of her head to the tiles.. her hands shift from her thighs and rest either side of her head as her back maintains its arch. This position is very painful to maintain for over 5 minutes. ( This exposes a slaves 'heat' and breasts deliciously for her Masters enjoyment.)


The slave turns her back to the Free Person, spreading her legs wide, bending forward at the waist, knee's locked. She places her palms shoulder width upon the floor her hair hanging down between them. She holds this position for the a Free Person's kiss upon her "honey lips.".


Takes her hair in his hand and yanks back her head hard as he pulls back on her hair exposing her neck and face to him. He attacks her lips with his own kissing her passionately and powerfully, taking her top lip in his teeth he bites down on it and then takes her bottom lip and sucking on it bites down on it as well as he continues to kiss her.. He then kisses her exposed neck. and drags his tongue across her neck and into the warmth.


This is not technically a position but is definitely a command sometimes used for punishment. In this discipline the female is forbidden human speech, she is also forbidden human posture, in the sense that she is not allowed to rise to her feet. Her locomotion, unless commanded to roll, or put under similar commands, suitable for a pet, will be on all fours. Her food will be thrown to her, or put in pans on the ground. In either case, she must feed without the use of her hands. she is kept quite definitely as only a mute pet much like any sleen would act. Sometimes the slave is even taught tricks she must learn without the help of verbal clues.


when a slave unbidden offers to a master fruit (usually a larma or yellow Gorean peach) - either real or imagined, it is a silent plea to be ravished/raped by that master


a slavegirl will ask 'Your property begs to be permitted to reveal herself to her master', and if permision is given she does so - stripping herself in any one of 1000 ways


Sitting on your bottom with knees pulled up to the chest, feet on each side with ass cheeks spread wide, hands then snake down between the legs and under the knees, placing the back of the wrists to the ankles to be bound for open use.


The Master is usually sitting when he commands the slave into the position of Serar. The slave quickly leans forward and lays herelf over the Master's knees, her belly facing down, her hair over her face ... It is desirable that the palms rest flat on the floor as well as the feet, but that would depend on the size of the Master and the slave. The most import part is that the derrierre is positioned in a way where it is easily accessible to the Master,for disciplining, or training the opening for other purposes. Pretty much you are draping your body over the lap of your Master. If you are tall enough you of course will have your hands and feet touching the floor.


she moves to her hands and knees ..her legs parted widely ...her head straight motionless waiting for the Masters command and pleasure


This is a method of touching a slave without warning. Usually used for a slave being exhibited for sale, exposing her slave heat to potential buyers. The Slaver usually does this using a coiled whip. (also known as the Slaverís Kiss)


Immediately lay down, forbidden to rise even to her knees.
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