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 Rules of etiquette

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PostSubject: Rules of etiquette   Rules of etiquette I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:10 pm

From the moment a girl begs Huntress’s ko lar, she belongs to Her
A girl gives to Her, her mind and body
As Her possession, She will care for the girl as She sees fit.
A girl gives her emotions, her thoughts
She cares for her completely,
Her responsibility is absolute
Spiritual, emotional, physical, sexual her very soul is Hers, without question

Slaves have used the word "Tal" as a greeting in the books....

slaves according to the books would 'not' accompany it with the hand gesture.
There are examples in the books of slaves using the word "Tal" as a form of greeting. (Beasts of Gor pg 112)

`Tal, Master,' they said to me. `Tal, Slave Girls,' I said to them.
( pg 345 Tribesmen of GOR)

I Wish You Well: This is the common Gorean phrase of farewell. It may be used by slaves.

I Ask Your Favor: This is the common Gorean phrase for "please." It may also be used by slaves.

Gorean slaves, who speak in first or third person, are expected to beg permission for just about everything. All rooms require permission to enter as well as to leave. Kajir must beg permission to speak, greet, or to whisper in IM to any Free Person.

A girl must beg permission to be afk (away from the keyboard), and some Masters will give you limits of how long you may be gone. Waiting for permission to exit a room can be a frustrating experience, but wait, you must! Often, the Master is distracted and you may need to ask several times before permission is granted.

Slaves are forbidden to change their nicks. Woe unto you, if you decide to do so in a Home Stone, without a Master's permission.

Be silent when Freepersons are speaking. If you think you have something to add, ask respectfully, to be allowed to speak. Do not be surprised if you are ignored or scorned. If you make a valid, intelligent point, the most you can expect is *Master nods* Do not think you will forever lose your voice. On Gor, you are expected to earn the privilege of using it.

Your wit and intelligence will be noticed over time. Then, when you ask to speak, it will be granted more readily. Be patient. Be pleasing. Be silent. DO NOT SPEAK WHEN A GIRL IS SERVING OR DANCING!!

Chains of Command:

In group settings, certain free persons should be given precedence by slaves, especially when serving. A Ubar/Administrator should be given priority in all matters, as he is the chief of state and the highest ranking free person in the city.

After them, then comes the Ubara/Free Companion of the Administrator. After that, would be any other high ranking persons present. Then, your owner should be given precedence. Finally, all other free persons would then have equal precedence.

Cliché’s from Gor:

· You, the slave, always have the last words. They are, "Yes, Master".

· A Master may not be right, but he is never wrong. If you think he is wrong, refer to Rule #1. These two overused maxims illustrate the philosophy of Gorean Mastery.

· You are property. You have no rights. You speak only when spoken to or when offering service. All permission, even your name, comes from your Master. When a Master has spoken to you, and you believe you "must" be heard, remember this: There is one word you should lose from your subbie vocabulary.. "but " !

· The only course is to beg, very respectfully, if you may speak. If he agrees to listen to you, be aware that you have permission for one question. His answer ends that permission. Do not make the mistake of saying, "Yes, Master, but.... ". You will need to beg again to say more, if you dare. If he says no, that's it. No!

If you have trouble remembering this, there is another Gorean maxim that may serve you well:

· A slave's eyes and ears are for listening and learning. Her mouth is for obedience and pleasuring.

· Never alert a Freeperson. Alerting is considered, "touching", and touching a Freeperson is forbidden without permission.

· Do not touch weapons. The penalty for doing so is death.

· Do not touch money. If money is given to you in room, take it in your mouth and carry it to the Inn or Homes Stone Masters.

· Never look directly into the eyes of a Freeperson unless directed to do so. Keep your eyes lowered, preferably focused on your thighs, the floor, or his boots.

· Never, never gossip or whisper about Freepersons. It is entirely disrespectful. You are allowed no opinions about Freepersons. If you do prattle in message, do not be surprised to see the log of the conversation played back in room by the "discussed" Freeperson. Your loyalty and your sister slave’s loyalty is to Freepersons, not to other slaves. An obedient slave keeps no secrets from Freepersons. Do not assume your whisperings will be kept private.

· Remember to greet "in order" when you enter a Home Stone.

The formality of your greeting will vary according to channel tradition, but please…
Where in the Gor novels do slaves say, "hiya".

Be silent while you are new, while you are learning, observed. You may be anxious to be noticed and included in the goings on, but in a true Gorean Home Stone, your posts and IDLE comments are unwanted. If you have questions, message a more experienced slave.

Most will help you. If a Master questions you, try to keep your answers straightforward. Your bountiful breasts, blushing cheeks, rosy lips and contrived "shyness" will earn you the contempt of your sister slaves.

Save your flowery language for serves and positions. Master’s wants open, honest answers respectfully delivered. If you have a question, beg permission to speak. If you want to speak to a Master in message, beg permission in room.

Try not to fall into the trap of self-indulgent posting. You are here to learn, learn, and learn! Be patient.

You will gain the notice of those who are most Gorean, if you are patient. Posts such as, "girl tosses glistening tresses over a bare shoulder, arching her back as she continues to kneel quietly on the serving furs” are designed to call attention to you, which is most displeasing and un-slave like. If you want to be noticed, do something useful.

Put some logs on the fire, gather up some used paga bowls and take them to the servery to plunge into some hot, soapy, water. If your activity is related to "room and village work", it is more likely to be more acceptable to a Gorean Master.

Gorean slaves do not own their names…they are given them by their Master….as such He can easily take it away or change it at his whim. The slave who has kept the same nick for some time has done well to serve Him, without a doubt.

· Do not use caps for anything other than Master/Mistress. He/She, and Master/Mistress' may capitalize House
when speaking of Masters House. Honor may also be capitalized.

· Do not refer to your sisters and brothers or yourself in caps. kajirae names are written in lowercase letters to symbolize their servitude and will display their brand of ownership suffixed to their given name.

Rules to Remember:

Goreans will not tolerate :

· whining, or listening to other kajira whining

· jealousy

· talking back, pushiness, sassiness, or sub-like behavior

· whispering (IM) to Free without permission

· cussing in room at any time

Punishment is at times required in order to teach the kajira the err of her way.


Master has sole charge of His kajira.

From the moment a girl begs Master’s ko lar, she belongs to Him.

A girl gives to Him her mind and body

As His possession, He will care for the girl as He sees fit.

A girl gives her emotions, her thoughts

He cares for her completely,

His responsibility is absolute

Spiritual, emotional, physical, sexual

Her very soul is His, without question.

MASTER’S Word Is Law!!!

Being a true kajira takes complete devotion, a willingness to learn and a creative spirit.
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Rules of etiquette
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