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 How to dance

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PostSubject: How to dance   How to dance I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:11 pm

"The dancing of the female before the male, that she be found pleasing and he be pleased, is one of the most profound lessons in all of human biology."
(Dancer of Gor, p.193)

"How to Slave Dance"

A slave dancer imagines a dance in her mind and visualizes what she desires to do. She then dances what she sees in her mind. Then describse what she see's in her mind .... placing those scenes into words, trying to be sensual yet not boring. Performing a book dance, entails that you should include the basic requisites of the book into your dance.

• First... set your settings... for example are you dancing sands, atop some furs, on red tiles, on a cold stone floor or kneeling at the feet of your Master? Are you dancing by candle-light, torch-light, lantern or below the stars above?

• Next...describe yourself.. what you are wearing.. emphasize your physical attributes..Don't just describe your breasts or ass .. What color is your hair it soft.. long.. brown.. brunette... curly? Are you naked or wearing silks.... what color or veiled? Are you wearing bells on ankles.. on waist? Describe an aluring image.. sensual..something enticing for the men to enjoy looking at.

• While dancing dont forget the vivid image you gave your audience...sand feels different then cold tiles. Is it a pole you are dancing against.. dont forget how it feels against you.. what it reminds you of...what it makes you feel like deep inside as you press against it. Are your silks remaining off? Are they cast off one by one.. how do they flow to the stones or sand? Are you bound by them?

• If you are wearing bells or bracelets? Remember the sounds that they would make.. incorporate the sounds into your dance. Is the jewelry you wear sparkling by the fires of the hearth or candlelight?

• Do you hear music or drums? Klangas...Flutes? Include the sounds of the room. Use your zills to puncutate key moments of your dance..the tempo of the music is it silent.. loud.. roaring?.Are the Masters chatting.. ignoring.. watching your every move?

• Include the look of your eyes..are they lustful? Your hair is it flowing.. cascading down upon the tiles? Is your body glistening...shiny.. silky? Each movement and expression may change often durin a dance, especially when each phase of the dance changes. Elaborate movements of your hands, fingers, hips and torso. Express your emotions.. feelings.

I suspected that a perceptive master might have a woman such as she trained in slave dance, that she might please him also in this way. I could imagine her, even now, in the floor movements of the slave dance. I wiped sweat from my brow.
(Magicians of Gor.. pg. 197)

• Telling and expressing a thought are two different things.. for example: "I turn looking toward the Master in fright." This statement tell us what the dancer wishes us to know but doesn't describe what the dancer is really doing at that moment. It fails to properly describe the dancer and her movements and expressions.

Instead should be expressed: "The music quiets as I suddenly come to a stop.. my body freezes in place, I feel my muscles tense as I quickly turn my eyes widen as they scan the area frantically in search of this Master..... With slow movements I thingy my head to listen ...chewing on my lip.. my chin quivering in fright."This actually shows the detail and expressions of the dancer.. that way the audience will know what this girl is trying to express. Make your dance come alive with your feelings and expressions. Also.. if you are dancing for an audience.. make everyone feel special, try not to ignore anyone if possible... but.....if you are dancing just for your Master, make Him want you, show Him how you can please Him with your movements and expressions.

• Lastly.....Remember: Decide how your dance will begin and end..
Enjoy, have fun with it..

***Do Not Cut and Paste***
That is a sign of lazyness. Do not be surprised of some may be critical of your dance.. or make suggestions.

***Always dance from your heart.***
Dance what you feel and describe it. Let them know your passions, your joy, your pain and sorrow. A dance is to affect all who watch.

***Be original***
Your dance is a your personal inner self expression. Please do not copy matter how many times that dance has been done make the dance your own.... claim it, body and soul.

***Be sensual***

Why do the Masters watch? They like to see the female expression of sexuality, to show herself as a woman..sensual. You can be as blatant or innuendo-ish as you like.

***Spell check***
Nothing will distract more from a dance then badly spelled words.

***Reality check***
Is what you dance possible? Don't be on your knees in one pose and leaping in the next pose, unless you write that you are rising from your knees to leap into the air... Remember no one is a mind reader, they cannot see the dance that is in your head.

***Read your dance out loud to yourself***
Does it flow smoothly and makes sense. Don't be afraid to go back to maybe add things or omitt some things. The dances are like living things... forever being changed, even while you dance them. Don't squeeze your text together so its hard to read. Leave part of your expression. Nothing worse then trying to read a dance that is squished together.

***Show your chain sisters***
If you need help or an opinion they will help, but do not get upset by the honest answers you will get. be ready to accept the fact that if your sisters don't like it neither will the Masters/Mistresses. It is not you they are critiquing but the dance so do not take this personally in any way. A dancer should always seek constructive criticism of her dancing in an effort to improve herself. Like anything one learns ... practice makes perfect.

***The dance is to please your Master***
None of this will help if you are not writing it to please your Master. If He is a leg man add more leg poses...if He likes to see one touch themself more add more caressing of your body into it. Modify all the suggestions made here to fit the audience you will be dancing for.

In the dance I had power. In the dance I was beautiful. I saw delight in the eyes of men. I heard gasps of admiration. To be sure I was of a body type, that of the natural woman, short-legged and well-curved, that tends to be attractive to Gorean men, and I think my face, which some had told me was delicate and sensitive, and lovely and intelligent, which so easily betrayed my emotions, may have been pleasing to them, but I think there was more to it than these things.
Dancer of Gor.. pg 193
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How to dance
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