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 Chain of Command

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PostSubject: Chain of Command   Chain of Command I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:15 pm

†.ÄtäLäntÄ.†«NFE»HH (Head Huntress)
Fahima«Ñƒ€»SH (Second Huntress)
Taka«Ñƒ€»TH (Third Huntress)
Kamala «Ñƒ€»AH

for Most homes:
1) own Master/Mistress
2) Ubar of the Home
3) First Sword of the Home
4) Second Sword of the Home
5) Third Sword of the Home
6) First Blade of the Home
7) Second Blade of the Home
Cool Third Blade of the Home
9) First Shield of the Home
10) Second Shield of the Home
11) Third Shield of the Home
12) Any other Free Male of the Home
13) Any Free Woman of the Home
14) First girl of the Home
15)co first girl of the Home
16) second girl of the Home
17)Any other senior kajira of the Home
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Chain of Command
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