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 Slave silks and clothing

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PostSubject: Slave silks and clothing   Slave silks and clothing I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:17 pm

BINA (lit. 'slave beads'):

slave jewelry, usually consisting of plain metals, colored string, wooden or cheap glass beads; sometimes used as a slave name.

lesser beads, cheap beads, beads of little value, save for their aesthetic charm made into necklaces. Sometimes referred to as "kajira bana"
(Slave Girl of Gor pg. 82)


the mark of an unowned un-purchased slave.


about five feet in length, made to loop the throat several times, or by alternative windings to bedeck the body in various fashions, not heavy but not light, closely meshed and strong, often decorated sensuously with colorful wooden beads, semiprecious stones and bits of leather. Detachable. At one point of the chain are two sets of clips, one of snap clips, one of lock clips, it is by these clips that the chain can be transformed from slave jewelry into a sturdy and effective device of slave restraint.
(Rogue of Gor pg. 71)


a cloth that is used to bind and conceal the loins of the slave female, brought between the legs and drawn extremely tight about the waist to emphasis it.

a simple slave garment, about 18" wide: simply a rectangle of cloth, containing in its center, a circular opening (worn like a poncho) belted with binding fiber or a light chain, flanks and brand are bared; favored in Tharna.
(Guardsman of Gor pg. 107)


a style of camisk worn by slaves in the City-State of Turia; it consists of a piece of cloth shaped like an inverted 'T' with a bevelled crossbar; it fastens behind the neck & falls before the wearer's body; the crossbar then passes between her legs & is then brought forward snugly at the hips; it is held in place by a single cord that binds it at the back of the neck, behind the back, & in front at the waist.
(Guardsman of Gor pg. 107)

Ceremonial Dress of the Red Savages:

long shirtdress of soft-tanned hide with cape like sleeves, almost white. Knee length leggings and moccasins. Painted with designs and fringed. Hair braided in the fashion of the Red Savage, tied with golden string. Necklaces of shells and beads, adornments and trinkets, pierced coins of gold and silver hang from the neck. Silver bracelets upon each wrist.
(Blood Brothers of Gor pg. 33)


high tight vest of silk (normally red), with 2 - 4 hooks, leaving tummy bare; the sashed chalwar is a sashed, diaphanous trousered garment, full but gathered in, closely at the ankles.
(Tribesmen of Gor pg. 105)


long narrow strip of black leather, fits over the curla (see below) in the front, passes under, and then again, from the inside, passes over the curla in the back, worn by the slave girls of the Wagon Peoples.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


the red waist cord worn by slave-girls of the Wagon Peoples; supports the chatka.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


worn low on the hips, a belt of rolled cloth, yellow dancing silk, in Turian drape, thighs bare, the front right corner of the skirt is thrust behind to the left, the left lower corner of the skirt thrust into the rolled belt at the right hip. Golden bangles are worn on the ankles, more on the left ankle. A yellow halter is worn, hooked high to accentuate the line of beauty. Light chains and pendants looped about the neck, many bracelets worn on the wrist, on the upper arms are worn armlets, tight, being more on the left than the right. Hair is worn loose.
(Tribesmen of Gor pg. 87)

DJELLABA (slave):

made of rep cloth, coming high upon thighs, used for sleeping in the Tahari.
(Tribesmen of Gor pg. 72)


State owned slaves.


covers from head to toe, is black, at the eyes is a bit of black lace; non-heeled slippers of black, with curled toes accompany the Haik.
(Tribesmen of Gor pg. 44)


slave garb made of netting.
(Guardsman of Gor pg. 108)


Consists of 4 articles, two red, two black, the Curla, the Chatka, the Kalmak, and lastly the Koora
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


vest of black leather worn by the slave girls of the Wagon Peoples.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


short tunic of black leather worn by the male slaves of the Wagon Peoples.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


ankle - length, made of white wool, sleeveless, split to the belly, worn by the bond-maids of the North.
(Marauders of Gor pg. 81)


strip of red fabric worn as a headband by the slave girls of the Wagon Peoples.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 30)


Denotes the Tavern owned slave. her/his use is rented and negotiated with the Tavern owner and may include sexual favors at the owners discretion.


the mark of a pleasure slave; may generally be used by any who desire her/his usage but may be reserved for the sole use of the owner. A pleasure slave is considered to be well trained to please in all ways sexual, service wise, dancing, and are closest to the houris of the arabian harem.


are never given to a slave. they are kept barefoot. occasionally cords are wrapped decoratively about the ankles and calves.


these were described in many ways. the most common being a length of sheer fabric, wrapped around the slave and tied in a single knot on the left shoulder. Often, the waist is bound in a piece of binding fiber.


light chain favored for female slaves, consists of a Turian type collar, to which a light gleaming chain is attached, which falls to the floor, about 10 - 12 inches longer than is required to reach from the collar to the ankles; to this chain, at the natural fall of the wrists, is attached a pair of slave bracelets; at the end of the chain is attached a set of linked ankle rings, which, when locked upon the ankles lift a portion of the chain from the floor. An incredibly beautiful thing, used to enhance the beauty of the slave. The bracelets and ankle rings can be removed, and used separately, which permits the sirik to function as a slave leash.
(Nomads of Gor pg. 42)


resembles the common sirik but the wrists, to permit work, are granted about a yard of chain. Like the common sirik, it is a lovely chain, slave girls look beautiful in it.
(Kajira of Gor pg. 145)


tiny bells which give off a sensual shimmer of sound; threaded by the dozen on thongs or chains, they may be tied or locked around a girl's ankles or wrists, or attached to her collar; are worn or removed only at the whim of a master.

produce a sensual shimmer as the slave moves can be worn anywhere that a Master sees fit, around the ankle, wrist, attached to kol-ars "Tasdron crouched beside her left ankle and with his key, removed the slave bells from her left ankle."
(Rogue of Gor pg. 233)

"as they walked or moved, adding their sound to the slave bells that had been attached to their Turian collars"
(Nomads of Gor pg. 90)


Summer: fur wrapped about the feet, tied with hide string, brief fur tunics, hair tied back with red string.
(Beasts of Gor pg. 153);

Winter: Brief fur panties, which bore the sign of the looped binding fiber, sewn in them with red-dyed sinew on the left, which identified them as slaves. Stockings of lart fur, which too, bore the sign of the looped binding fiber on the sides of each stocking. Boots that reached to the crotch, fur trimmed at the top. Hide shirt, also with the sign of the looped binding fiber applied on the left. Two parka's are worn simultaneously, both have fur trimmed hoods, and both carry the identifying mark of the looped binding fiber.
(Beasts of Gor pg. 184)


hair is worn loose, (only the Free Women of the Red Savages braid their hair) the slaves wear a scandalously short shirt dress.
(Blood Brothers of Gor pg. 71)


Tied in such a manner, as to emphasis, (not too subtly) the figure.
(Dancer of Gor pg. 155) (think "corset")


brief tunic, slit deeply at the hips, narrow shoulder straps, little more than strings.
(Dancer of Gor pg. 155)


generally diaphanous, can be worn in a variety of ways. On the shoulder, off the shoulder, with high necklines, or plunging necklines, in open or closed garments, tightly or flowing of various lengths. Can be worn only in halters and G-strings. Sometimes strips are wound about the body. The tying of slave girdles, with such material, emphasizes the figure and makes clear her bondage, is also an art in itself. Can be worn in brief partable or wraparound tunics with a disrobing loop at the left shoulder, a tug on the loop, drops the tunic to the girl's ankles, gracefully.
(Dancer of Gor pg. 224)


a small triangle of diaphanous yellow silk, worn across the bridge of the nose where, beautifully, itís porous, yellow sheen broke to the left and right. Considered a mockery, as it reveals as much as it conceals; adds a touch of subtlety and mystery.
(Tribesmen of Gor pg. 69)


commonly short, front opening, fastened with a single tie.
(Blood Brothers of Gor pg. 49)


a one piece, sleeveless, short slave garment; also called the slave rag, most exciting of slave attire.
(Guardsman of Gor pg. 107)


The white silk slave is not necessarily virgin, merely reserved for her Master/Mistresses sole use. Generally permitted to serve drinks and food and conversation but sexual use is forbidden and corporal punishment is at the hands of the owners. Masters and Mistresses insulted, may embarrass, confine or display the slave, but may not strike in any way nor permit another to do so.

Garment: whites silk extend part way down a girls thigh. Long enough that, even if she should stretch up her rask and heat remain covered. The upper portion, though tight enough to show her figure will completely cover her breasts. Only her back, as down to the small of her back is uncovered.

Level: white silk indicates a girl is in training. she is learning to serve, of the food and drinks of Gor. the layout of her owner' home and what is expected of her as a slave. Once she has shown a competence in serving, and knowledge in the above things plus completed one dance she will be ready for yellow silks.
Note: a Member of the home will also fur the girl before she receives her yellow silks.

Serves: white silk serves should concentrate on the serve itself. Showing clearly each step, the right goblet etc. Some description of the girl herself may be included, however it should be subtle (as against sensual or sexual) Hair, eyes slim waist, long legs are examples.

Note does not apply to personally owned slaves.


Denotes the Tavern owned slave. her use is rented and negotiated with the Tavern owner and may include sexual favors at the owners discretion. Note: yellow silks are divided into two parts. restricted and unrestricted. While she is restricted she should avoid any action or words that show a want or need for sexual attention or offer of sexual use.

Garment: yellow silk are shorter than white. Should a girl stretch, an observer would see the girl's bottom peek out. When the girl take nadu, her heat will be visible. The cut of the upper portion lower and slightly revealing. The girlís back is visible down to the start of her rask.

Level: the girl now learns as much by experience as training. she learns how to be pleasing in all her actions and words, how to 'deal' with the Free and many more things beside. Only if she shows herself to be a true and well-trained slave will she be ready for red silks.

Serves (restricted): yellow silks start to add descriptions of themselves to their posts. The descriptions she gives should be sensual. NO mention of her slave heat is allowed. The aim of her descriptions should be to paint a delightful and pleasing image, not a wanton of obvious offer of use.

Serves (unrestricted): she may now show her willingness or desire for sexual use. However this needs to be subtle and done in a sensual manner. she may now make mention of her 'slave heat'.
NOTE: if they serve in a provocative manner and/or mention their 'slave heat'... they should be prepared to follow it through:

There is no distinctive garment for a male slave on Gor, it is said, "it is not well, for them to discover how numerous they are."
(Outlaw of Gor pg 66)
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Slave silks and clothing
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