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 keeping time

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PostSubject: keeping time   Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:32 pm

The meaning of history lies not in the future but in the moment. It is never anywhere but within our grasp. And if the history of man, terminated, should turn out to have been but a brief flicker in the midst of unnoticing oblivions let it at least have been worthy of the moment in which it burned.

But perhaps it would prove to be a spark which would, in time, illuminate a universe.
---Explorers of Gor, p 230


The clock

the ihn... the Gorean second. (1.35 earth seconds)
the ehn... the Gorean minute, it consists of 80 ihn. (1.8 earth minutes or 1 minute, 48 seconds)
the ahn... the Gorean hour, it consists of 40 ehn. (1.2 earth hours or 1 hour, 12 minutes) the Gorean day consists of 20 ahn
the tenth ahn... the Gorean equivalent of noon or midday.
the twentieth ahn... the Gorean equivalent of midnight.

It was past the fourteenth Gorean Ahn, or hour, the Gorean Day is divided into twenty Ahn, which are numbered consecutively, the tenth Ahn is noon, the twentieth, midnight. Each Ahn consists of 40 Ehn, or minutes, and each Ehn of eighty Ihn, or seconds
---Outlaw of Gor, p 26

The calendar

the hand... the Gorean week, five days
the Gorean month... it consists of 5 hands
each 5 week month is followed by a 5 day period called the "passage hand", this hand is not included in the month ending nor the month beginning.
The Gorean year... 12 months
At the end of the twelvth month, the usual passage hand of five days passes and is then followed by another hand called the "waiting hand" which seperates the years. So in effect then, the Gorean year consists of 73 hands: twelve 5 hand months, 12 passage hands and one waiting hand.

There are twelve twenty-five day Gorean months, incidentally, in most of the calendars of the various cities. Each month, containing five five-day weeks is separated by a five-day period, called the Passage Hand, from every other month, there being one exception to this, which is that the last month of the year is separated from the first month of the year, which begins with the Vernal Equinox, not only by a Passage Hand, but by another five day period called the Waiting Hand.
---Assassin of Gor, p 78

It was now the month of the vernal equinox on Gor, called En'Kara, or The First Kara. The full expression is En'Kara-Lar-Torvis, which means, rather literally, The First Turning of the Central Fire. Lar-Torvis is a Gorean expression for the sun. More commonly, though never in the context of time, the sun is referred to as Tor-Tu-Gor, or Light Upon the Home Stone. The month of the autumnal equinox is called fully Se'Kara-Lar-Torvis, but usually simply, Se'Kara, The Second Kara, or The Second Turning. As might be expected, there are related expressions for the months of the solstices, En'Var- Lar-Torvis and Se'Var-Lar-Torvis, or, again rather literally, the First Resting and the Second Resting of the Central Fire. These, however, like the other expressions, usually occur in speech only as En'Var and Se'Var, or The First Resting and The Second Resting.
---Outlaw of Gor, p 178

...during the ninth passage hand, that preceding the winter solstice.
---Assassin of Gor, p 192

Chronology, incidentally, is the despair of scholars on Gor, for each city keeps track of time by virtue of its own Administrator Lists...sometimes cities are willing to add, in their records, beside their own dating, the dating of Ar, which is Gor's greatest city...Time is reckoned "Contasta Ar", or from the "founding of Ar."
---Outlaw of Gor, pp 178-179

He did so late in the spring, on the sixteenth day of the third month, that month which in Ar is called Camerius, in Ko-ro-ba Selnar.
---Assassin of Gor, pp 234-235

...for the Wagon Peoples calculate the year from the Season of Snows to the Season of Snows; Turians, incidentally, figure the year from summer solstice to summer solstice; Goreans generally, on the other hand, figure the year from vernal equinox to vernal equinox.
---Nomads of Gor, p 11
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keeping time
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