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{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ is esnslaved to Kamala ォムムサAH (Assistant Huntress) since last week. he had been a frequenter to NFE before, but due to an accident he was not online for quite long and on return was collared by my Huntress, he is of medium build, sparkling eyes and soft spoken. "The litany and responses of the congregation were now completed and the initiates, some twenty within the rail, began to sing in archaic Gorean. I could make out little of the wording. There was an accompaniment by sistrums. Portions of the hymn were taken up by four dedicated boys, standing outside the white on a raised platform. Their heads were shaved and they wore robes resembling those of the initiates. Choirs of such boys often sang in the great temples. They were young male slaves, purchased by initiates, castrated by civil authorities and, in the monasteries, trained in song. I supposed, to one versed in music, their soprano voices were very beautiful. I did not care much for them. Here in the far north, of course, in Kassau, to have any such boys, properly trained in the archaic hymns, indicated some wealth. I did not think such singers existed even in Lydius."
Book 9, Marauders of Gor, page 42"
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