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 Plant life on Gor

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PostSubject: Plant life on Gor   Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:47 pm

Brak bush

A shrub whose leaves have a purgative effect when chewed; traditionally, branches of it are nailed to house doors during the Waiting Hand to discourage the entry of bad luck into the house for the New Year

Carpet plant

A plant of the rainforest area inland of Schendi, having tendrils that are sometimes used as a source of drinking water


A small, short-stemmed flower indigenous to hillsides; sometimes called the 'slave flower', it is often used as a design for slave brands; sometimes used as a slave name. Similar in appearance to the Urthen rose


A tree of the Tahari having lanceolate leaves; the trunk leans, like that of a palm tree


A largish scarlet flower having 5 petals


A tree with very strong yellow wood, used for making bows; the fruit of the ka-la-na is used to make ka-la-na wine


A shrub of the Gorean desert; a lethal poison can be extracted from its roots, while chewing the leaves has an addictive arcotic


A shrub whose salty, blue secondary roots are a main ingredient in sullage

Leech plant

A hemovorous plant that fastens two hollow, fang-like thorns into its victim, through which it can suck the blood that nourishes it

Liana vine

A rainforest plant which can be used as a source of drinking water

Needle tree

A tree of the Thentis region, whose oil is used in perfumes

Palm trees

More than 1500 varieties of palm trees exist in the rainforest.. one of which is the Fan Palm, more than 20 ft high, and spreads it leaves in the form of a an opened fan, it is an excellent sourse of pure water, as much as one liter of water being found, almost as though cupped, at teh base of each leaf's stem.


A tufted, reed-like plant that grows in the marshes; used for making paper


A fiber plant similar to cotton


('life-daughter'): grain, specifically wheat

Sim plant

a rambling, tangled vine-like plant with huge, rolling leaves, raised in the pasture chambers of the Nest

Sip root

A bitter root whose extract is the active ingredient in slave wine


Delicate, yellow-petaled meadow flower, symbolic of feminine love and beauty; a crown of talendars is often worn by a free woman during the Companionship ceremoney; worn in a slavegirl's hair, it is a silent plea for her to be raped


A plant of the Tahari; its roots, mashed & mixed with water, provide a red dye


A tree which produces a black wood that is very strong; ebony?


A reddish tree having a large trunk


A bluish wildflower commonly found on the lower ranges of the Thentis mountains; used in perfumes

Veminium, desert

Small, purplish flower found in the Tahari; used in perfumes

Violet grass

patches of stalky grass, one of several hues used in pleasure gardens of Turia
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Plant life on Gor
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