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 Level two test

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PostSubject: Level two test   Level two test I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:48 pm

General Knowledge

The Yellow must be able to:-
name all High five Castes together with their colors.
name three lesser Castes together with a description of their function

name five Gorean cities
name two Gorean Mountain Range
name two Gorean River

name and explain the monetary units currency of Gor
name and explain the Gorean time units

name and describe five land animals of Gor
name and describe five fish of Gor
name and describe five Birds of Gor

show an awareness of the following terms:-
Tuchuk, Tarnsman, Ubar, Har`ta, Tarl Cabot, Homestone,Priest-King, Quiva, Ta-Sardar-Gor, Raid of Acquisition,Coin-Girl, Talena, Robes of Concealment, Face Strip, slavers kiss


1)What is the Reason for a dance?
2)Name 5 Musical insturments used for dance.
3)Why does a slave kneel 3 paces from a Master/Mistress?
4)When a slave teases, she should be expected to be some ways that a girl teases?
5) What are the different placements of the hands with reference to the palms and what do they mean?

-------------------------------- -----------------------

Serves and Serving

write an entrance to a Gorean House
write an Offer of Service to Gorean Master
submit a pre-written paga serve
be shown to be fully knowledgable of, and how to serve the following:-

kalda, ka-la-na, blackwine, water, milk, Ale, paga, sul-paga, one platter of food.

to be able to demonstrate any of the following positions:-

nadu, bara, leasha, sula, sula-ki, ko-lar'ing position, whipping position, slave lips.

Recite ' Law.

Undergo an examination of randomly selected questions by your trainers, to show a broader knowledge.

must have knowledge of 5 dances (pole, submission, tether, whip and capture) and perform 3
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Level two test
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