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 Level three test

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Level three test Empty
PostSubject: Level three test   Level three test I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 2:49 pm

list 5 high Castes in order with their color
list 5 lower Castes with a description and their colors

name 10 Gorean cities (extra points for locations of cities)
name all 6 Gorean mountain ranges and location of 3
name 5 Gorean rivers and their location

name and describe 5 land animals of Gor and describe how to prepare and serve 3 of them
name and describe 5 Gorean fish
name and describe 7 Gorean birds
name and describe 5 Gorean plants

know and explain the monetary units used as currency of Gor
know and explain the Gorean time units
know and explain the Gorean calendar

awareness of the following terms and people:
Elizabeth, Talena, Dorna, Laura, Tarl Cabot, kajuralia, Tuchuk, Tarnsmen, Ubar, Priest King


1)What do the 3 cups in the Bazi Tea Ceremonies mean?
2) In a slaver house, name 5 methods of training are used for the slave girls?


Serves and Serving

write a red silk entrance to a Gorean House
write a red silk offer of service to Gorean Master
submit a pre-written red silk serve for ale in a horn

will fully know how to serve all drinks, including bazi tea, and all foods

will be able to demonstrate all positions chosen at random by Free of the Home except for those following an **

must have knowledge of all dances, including pole, tile, submission, capture, tether, whip, sa-eela, seduction; and have performed 5 dances plus one free dance

Recite Law
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Level three test
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