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 Confessions of a Sissy: Why is he a slave

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Confessions of a Sissy: Why is he a slave Empty
PostSubject: Confessions of a Sissy: Why is he a slave   Confessions of a Sissy: Why is he a slave I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2007 1:50 pm

i've always thought that my sexuality was different, but was never clear on why. Puberty and my early 20's had me pushing my true sexual feelings aside so that i could pretend to be vanilla, or what i thought was normal. In the last week, i've discovered that my kinky wiring doesn't make me broken, just different.
“i think that women are the stronger of the genders” and it’s a thrill that some of them choose to take complete control of men.
i have a habitual rotation of places i like to visit on the net. Sites that i feel have helped me immensely to understand this different sexuality within me. Not that i am a member of any websites, i just tend to browse and read.
Over the years, i have become pretty routine with masturbation. It usually happens just before bed, bringing myself to climax with fresh images of the days happenings in my mind is always a welcomed feeling.
Sometimes, i use masturbation as a means to relax before bed, and other times it used as a relief after being teased by the days events or sights. Climax is a quick and easy way to ease myself of the preoccupations and thoughts and remain in focus. The pattern has changed only after becoming enslaved to my Huntress.
i have always been intrigued by chastity. The concept is very exciting to me and the delicious torment of constantly needing an orgasm is appealing as well. i am not wearing any chastity devices, but is forbid by the command of my Huntress. It is the first time in life that i have restrained myself from masturbation and this wouldn’t have been possible without the fear of my Huntress.
i realize that through my slavery to Her, i am being strengthened, not weekend. In my never ending quest to please Her, i am doing things that, a week ago, would have made me vomit.
She has me on panties and is turning me into a sissy. When she commanded me to stroke myself in the pantie boy attire, i achieved the largest errection in my life. It never crossed my thoughts that tasting my own pre-cum and working on my male appendage would help me achieve an errection, so large.
Since being enslaved to my Huntress, i have been good and managed to remain chaste. The evenings have been difficult, especially when my Huntress makes me stroke the sissy dick on cam and does not give permission to release. i never thought i would be able to refrain from masturbation and this shows that i am bettering my skills. i hope my Huntress grants me the strength to go on and not release.
i can proudly say that i haven’t cheated even though remaining so was a challenge for me. i came only when asked to, though the activities that i preformed on cam made me ooze a lot of pre-cum, which i dutifully licked.
i think i’ve been shown the way that many are afraid to walk, the path of a true slave, “slave to a Panther”. In years of my submissive existence, only my Huntress have been able to guide me through the path. With Her, i don’t feel the urge to resist. i do not know if what i am doing is right or not, but i believe that what She decides for me is the best that could ever happen to me.
i must have been born to be a slave, or i wouldn’t be submitting like this. i am reminding myself that this is the sacrifice that i am making to become a real slave to the Panthers, who serves without limits.
My inner voice tells me that if i don’t do what she says, my submission will not be complete.
i remember reading a page which said the following about slaves:
1. Are capable of unblemished honest and integrity,
2. Have the courage and conviction to explore, discover, and, most important, live the truth, and nothing else.
3. Are so pure, so developed, so directed that they can live freely by the owner’s will, and have, nor want, any other will.
4. Are willing to put their life on the line over their beliefs, and who are willing to experience anything their Owner wants them to so they will know the truth instead of only having heard about it.
5. Are without limit or limitation
6. Are willing to never take credit for anything they do for the rest of their life because they know they ARE their Owner, and it would be stealing to take the credit.
7. Are not bound by the past, and are unconcerned for the future because they have the courage to live honestly in the moment, always.
8. Are capable of giving up the right to ever feel anger, to ever judge another, to ever disobey.
9. Are willing to be the observed instead of the observers, to be the criticized instead of the criticizers.
10. Are as pure and refined, as dedicated, respected and revered as the finest sword in the hand of the finest swordsman in existence.
Others might regard slaves as worthless creatures, but in my humble opinion, the 10 points stated above describes a real slave, and that is what i want to be. Yes, i might be kinky, but that is in my utmost desire to serve my Huntress.
i am not weak, i submit only to my Huntress. i give myself to Her without limits, because i realize, i was born to be a true slave, not just a submissive.
i am developing the ten values i have stated above when i submit to my Huntress. And my submission to my Huntress is not limited to the virtual world. My Huntress owns my body, heart, soul and mind. i am just Her property, be it the virtual world or my real time.
i believe that my destiny is about what i do for my Huntress. When that effort is performed honestly, in integrity, and from the order that i am given by my Huntress, i am rewarded with calmness of the mind and happiness. That is not the same as having happiness as the objective of my effort.
Most of the times, one can't convince the people they want to impress that one have achieved success unless one describe to them "my" car, "my" house, "my" address and so on.
i wish that, in my servitude and in my growth as a true slave to my Huntress and the Panther Home (NFE) , i will grow as the best and that instead of other slave owners saying my slave, they would use “be like the Lotus’s slave”.

always at my Huntress’s service
the puppy boy kem
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Confessions of a Sissy: Why is he a slave
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