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 reformated PC and lost tags

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reformated PC and lost tags Empty
PostSubject: reformated PC and lost tags   reformated PC and lost tags I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 12:49 am

*** Page from Warlock1818 in NFE Entrance: has logged on from Palace Portal as user number 6769
TakaуTH: Tal Warlock
Warlock1818: Tal Taka
TakaуTH: turned in Yor NFE tag Hon?
Warlock1818: Had to re fomat this thing
Warlock1818: have not added it yet
TakaуTH: nods.. it happens.. why did You need to format?
Warlock1818: i mast up the comupter with a programe i was wrighting
TakaуTH: ouch.. I'm sorry to hear.. it must have been bad to have to completely reformat
Warlock1818: wipe out the hard drive
TakaуTH: did You reformat the same hard drive, or chang it out?
Warlock1818: i hade two do it from dos
Warlock1818: and yes it was a bitch
TakaуTH: never worked with DOS.. I've always used XP
TakaуTH: I'd like to learn some base programing to learn how to do a random activation program idea I've had, but no money to go to school for it
Warlock1818: well the way i did it i had two write the Xp
Warlock1818: Two day job trust me
TakaуTH: ouch
Warlock1818: Just with that not including my drivers
Warlock1818: smiles
TakaуTH: and her I am picking Your brain, when Your here trying to relax.. not very nice of me
Warlock1818: tis alright im used two it
Warlock1818: My R/l mate dose it all the time
TakaуTH: dos She Palace?
Warlock1818: no she just like two play her game when she gose on the pc
Warlock1818: yerbook Et.................
Warlock1818: she leav the flirting to me
TakaуTH: smart one there.. My Cante isnt nearly as into palace as I am.. I should be thankfull I guess
Warlock1818: Me and mine we have an under standing
TakaуTH: that;s a must, if You wish to keep a relationship strong
Warlock1818: O ya we ben togather for ten years
Warlock1818: know each other realy well
Warlock1818: well i have not ben here for some time so i did not know if my sisters wold wont me with the house name yet so i just left it like this for now
*** Message from FahimaA уSH: hugs SIS
*** Message to FahimaA уSH: HUgs Sis.. Warlock says He had to reformat His pc.. so no tags.. do I offer them back to Him?
*** Message from FahimaA уSH: sure no ones taken them
Warlock1818: that was another reason why i did not put the nfe name back on yet
TakaуTH: Warlock, smiles.. You came to Us when Dawn was here, and You mated to Her.. NO one has asked You to remove them..
TakaуTH: a member of the home is a member, as long as they have honor, and wish to be here
TakaуTH: would You like Me to put them on?
Warlock1818: if you wish Sis
*** Page from System: Warlock1818 namegagged by TakaуTH as Warlock1818у
*** Page from System: Warlock1818у unnamegagged by TakaуTH
Warlock1818у: Thank you Sis
TakaуTH: Most welcome Bro.. dont forget to safe the tag for future use
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reformated PC and lost tags
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