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 dennis: a work in progress

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dennis: a work in progress Empty
PostSubject: dennis: a work in progress   dennis: a work in progress I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2007 3:57 pm

* Page from dennis in NFE Entrance: dennis just entered
*** Page from dennis in NFE Entrance: has logged on from T&C ~Brothel~ as user number
* TakaォムムサTH * this one is slow and low.. but the beat can set an interesting mood
*** Page from System: dennis pinned by Kamala ォムムサAH
*** Page from System: dennis unpinned by Kamala ォムムサAH
TakaォムムサTH: purrrs
Kamala ォムムサAH: did I ever collar you?
TakaォムムサTH: -sniffs-
dennis: shivers in silence in the corner
TakaォムムサTH: growls slow and low-
dennis: not sure Huntress Kamala, i was collared once here yes, before i was away for
some time
TakaォムムサTH: paws at the hapless green ball with light velvet paws..claws sheathed......for
Kamala ォムムサAH: -looks at it-
TakaォムムサTH: dennis.. was the boy released from his collar?
dennis: had some terrible rt experiences
dennis: so have been offline for some time
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Greet, dennis, smiles.
TakaォムムサTH: -swats the tennis ball-
TakaォムムサTH: answer boy
dennis: boy was not released from his collar
TakaォムムサTH: was your collar ever removed?
dennis: no it was not
TakaォムムサTH: so why then is the thrall running loose without it?
TakaォムムサTH: slips claws out slightly, slices the ball and leaving small bloody furrows in
its skin-
TakaォムムサTH: sssssssssssss
dennis: it has been some time since i was online, is first time i got back
TakaォムムサTH: answer boi
TakaォムムサTH: return your name to how it was then
dennis: the name is not saved i am on a new computer
TakaォムムサTH: growls low and deep, focused on the prey
TakaォムムサTH: sniffs.. slapping the ball savagely back and forth toying with it
{dennis}ォムムサ: is this ok ?
TakaォムムサTH: the boy ws dennis then?
TakaォムムサTH: was
{dennis}ォムムサ: my name has always been dennis on palace and online yes
{dennis}ォムムサ: sits silently in the corner
TakaォムムサTH: look ot the sign above
TakaォムムサTH: av up brat.. and karta for your entrance
*** User logged off: {dennis}ォムムサ
TakaォムムサTH: chuckles
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: afk
*** User logged on: {dennis}ォムムサ
*** Page from *Tracker: {dennis}ォムムサ (a.k.a. dennis) signed on
*** Page from {dennis}ォムムサ in NFE Entrance: {dennis}ォムムサ just entered
*** Page from {dennis}ォムムサ in NFE Entrance: has logged on from Palace Portal as user
number 6809
{dennis}ォムムサ: as was described in the most ancient scrolls
{dennis}ォムムサ: boy crawls towards the homefire
{dennis}ォムムサ: reaching with arms far forward
{dennis}ォムムサ: touching the ground with his head
{dennis}ォムムサ: tighs spread so that his chest can reach to the ground
{dennis}ォムムサ: fingers wide... while whispering... may boy enter please
TakaォムムサTH: We'll have to work on the boys karta skill...aii brat, enter rise and greet the
{dennis}ォムムサ: greetings Huntress in white
{dennis}ォムムサ: greetings Huntress with dark hair
{dennis}ォムムサ: greetings Lady Lilth
{dennis}ォムムサ: hope the day was this far filled with wonders for You
TakaォムムサTH: what has happened in the boy's r/t that was so terrible ?
TakaォムムサTH: tis good to have hime back though..glad I didnt take his head
{dennis}ォムムサ: blushes thank You for the kind words Huntress
*** User logged off: Volkano {AFFGGDD}
TakaォムムサTH: smiles
{dennis}ォムムサ: and its rather hard, although that might sound egoistic, to spend the
evenings alone :-(
TakaォムムサTH: its very hard, when Oour hands are tied and Wwe cant help a loved one
{dennis}ォムムサ: yes Huntress it is
TakaォムムサTH: consider yourself restricted to home boy when you can be on
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: I'm back, smiles.
TakaォムムサTH: we;cpme back Lovely Sis
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Greets, dennis, I am well, smiles.
{dennis}ォムムサ: yes Huntress, its wonderful to be at home here
TakaォムムサTH: welcome rather
{dennis}ォムムサ: greetings Lady Lilth
{dennis}ォムムサ: thank You for Your kindness and compassion Huntress
TakaォムムサTH: arches an eyebrow at the boy.. the male is welcome..though few would see
me sa ither of those, throaty laughter ringing hollowly into the woods-
{dennis}ォムムサ: blushes, boy is aware of the fact that a Huntress is far mor superior than a
TakaォムムサTH: My time here will be limited for a bit soon, working on r/t with My mate, and
jobseeking.. but boy should remember normally there is always someone home
*** Page from {dennis}ォムムサ in 190 : i'm trapped !
Moved to 190 at 11:55:45
*** ; TakaォムムサTH is Erasing
{dennis}ォムムサ: blushes
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
TakaォムムサTH: if I catch the boy travelling to any more furbunny ranches... he'll be lucky to
escape a thrall, and not a kajira for life..understand?
{dennis}ォムムサ: yes Huntress
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
TakaォムムサTH: doubts she, ermmm he.. would care to be a coin girl in a tavern
{dennis}ォムムサ: rt Mistress (formerly) was planning to put me on female hormons blushes
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
TakaォムムサTH: the boy gets lonely, he comes home.. if he needs work to help him focus or
pass teh time, We can take care of that
TakaォムムサTH: is the boy a TG?
{dennis}ォムムサ: no, boy is just a very dedicated male slave
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
{dennis}ォムムサ: my former rt Mistress was very very broadminded and trained me on variety
of things
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
{dennis}ォムムサ: my only aim was to please Her
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
TakaォムムサTH: then I'll tell the boy therapist worth their salt will allow a boy
to take female hormones without real proof the boy is a T
TakaォムムサTH: years of therapy go into that, before the r/l test
{dennis}ォムムサ: it was only a plan of Mistress, never got to the start of it... when She moved
{dennis}ォムムサ: @259,191
{dennis}ォムムサ: Thank You Mistress !
{dennis}ォムムサ: some things left unfinished
* TakaォムムサTH * change av.. meet me in the EP
Moved to Exchange Point at 12:00:31
TakaォムムサTH: Tal Brother Wolf
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: Tal,Sis Taka
{dennis}ォムムサ: may boy greet?
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Welcome back, Sis, Taka, smiles.
TakaォムムサTH: aii boi, purrs softly
{dennis}ォムムサ: greetings Master Wolf
TakaォムムサTH: ahem
TakaォムムサTH: a slave never uses a Free's name
TakaォムムサTH: bops him atop his head
TakaォムムサTH: again
{dennis}ォムムサ: blushes
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: I slepted like good Sis
TakaォムムサTH: kisses
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: greets boy
Kamala ォムムサAH: sr thrall
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Welcome back Sis, Kamala, smiles.
Kamala ォムムサAH: thankies
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: Tal,Lil Sis
TakaォムムサTH: a slave never abreviates thrall
TakaォムムサTH: bops him atop teh head again
Kamala ォムムサAH: now sr
TakaォムムサTH: and regreet
Kamala ォムムサAH: I want to rename the boy
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Ur welcome, Sis, Kamala, smiles.
TakaォムムサTH: see what Fah wants to do withthat
Kamala ォムムサAH: -pouts-
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: dennis, try this.
TakaォムムサTH: he was running lose without his collar
{dennis}ォムムサ: welcome back Huntress in black
Kamala ォムムサAH: aha
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Greets Master Elder, smiles.
TakaォムムサTH: a new pc is understandable
{dennis}ォムムサ: thank You Lady Lilth
Kamala ォムムサAH: -looks down-
TakaォムムサTH: but he came here, his home, from a brothel today
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: Ur welcome, dennis, smiles.
Kamala ォムムサAH: I noticed.
TakaォムムサTH: not wearing his collar
Kamala ォムムサAH: And he speaks a Frees name easily.
TakaォムムサTH: nods.. the beast is gong to have to be completely retrained I fear
Kamala ォムムサAH: Aye
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: back
Kamala ォムムサAH: YAY
Kamala ォムムサAH: You've been gone allllll day
TakaォムムサTH: welcome back Beautifull, hugs
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: WBDarlin
TakaォムムサTH: tooks to the SH, nods to the thrall
Kamala ォムムサAH: Fahhhhhhh, this thrall returned to his Home, without his tags
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: runs to Sis, Fahima and hugs her, smiles.
Kamala ォムムサAH: and from a T&C Brothel
TakaォムムサTH: new computer he says, but landed at home without collar, and coming from
a brothel
{dennis}ォムムサ: welcome back Huntress in white
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: give him to LILith a gift
TakaォムムサTH: brings a braided hair leash from My left belt pouch
TakaォムムサTH: -snaps it quietly in place to his collar-
TakaォムムサTH: tugs frimly one it to bring the male to his knees in front of Lilith
TakaォムムサTH: offers Her the other end of the leash
* TakaォムムサTH * You have a new boy
* TakaォムムサTH * enjoy
Lady Lilth、WCC、Herbalist: grasps the leash firmly in hand and tugs on the leash bringing
dennis to my feet, smiles.
Kamala ォムムサAH: oh
Kamala ォムムサAH: I want that ava
TakaォムムサTH: chuckles
Kamala ォムムサAH: give it to the boy in the air
{kem}Kamaォムムサpuppy: enjoying the smooth winds that pass the forest and strikes his body,
he moves on the grass to wards the gate of the Panther camp
Kamala ォムムサAH: plz
*** Page from System: {dennis}ォムムサ namegagged by Fahima、A ォムムサSH as {dennis}、WCC、
Kamala ォムムサAH: to the boy in the air, dennis
*** Page from System: {dennis}、WCC、 unnamegagged by Fahima、A ォムムサSH
{dennis}、WCC、: yes Huntress
Kamala ォムムサAH: kem, save
Kamala ォムムサAH: then finish the karta
{kem}Kamaォムムサpuppy: he Kneels on the floor, his thighs spread widely, chest and forehead
touching the floor, Reaching out with arms fully extended, palms against floor, ankles crossed.
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: boy LILth is a FW dress when at her feet
{dennis}、WCC、: yes Huntress
Kamala ォムムサAH: kem, save
Kamala ォムムサAH: then finish the karta
{kem}Kamaォムムサpuppy: he Kneels on the floor, his thighs spread widely, chest and forehead
touching the floor, Reaching out with arms fully extended, palms against floor, ankles crossed.
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: boy LILth is a FW dress when at her feet
{dennis}、WCC、: yes Huntress
Kamala ォムムサAH: oh, give that one to the boy as well
{kem}Kamaォムムサpuppy: may the boy get to enter and greet my Huntress?
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: the Male above is MY Mate..its HIs camp you'll live in
Kamala ォムムサAH: aye
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: LILth you will call MIstress
{dennis}、WCC、: yes Huntress
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: she owns you
Kamala ォムムサAH: to Me
{dennis}、WCC、: peeks up, wonderful warm feeling to be owned again
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: when noones in your home .. be here
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: congrats Sis
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dennis: a work in progress
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