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PostSubject: {tenisha}fer   Mon Nov 05, 2007 1:49 am

{tenisha}ƒ€r: :she looks around and finds the thrall rioca standing by the arena the thrall named rioca standing by..noding He starts to digg a wheel barral full of dirt being thrown out of there she watches {tenisha}ƒ€r: :licking her lips as she watches his muscular form move the flexing of mucles she trys not to drool as the guards look at her almost laughing as they turn and walk back into the hall as the thrall Rphlƒ€: :observes the slave tending to her duties {tenisha}ƒ€r: :fills up the barral and picks it up carrying up over to the pile of dirt by the dump she strips her good silks from her slender form as her nakedness shimers in the light she nods to the thrall to {tenisha}ƒ€r: :bring buckets of water she licks her lips as she watches him seem to walk away a laugh escapes her lips as she goes to get some soap and a scrub brush she looks to the thrall and He dumps the first {tenisha}ƒ€r: :bucket of water onto the arena floor she kneels down in the murky water as the thrall runs off and grabs another one she puts soap flakes out and starts to scrub every inch she looks around as the {tenisha}ƒ€r: :thrall dumps the water strait on her a laugh escapes her lilps as she feels the chilled water she kneels there still scrubing the ground her hair driping wet droplets upon the silken flesh shimer Rphlƒ€: Wb Fahima Sis FahimaA ƒ€SH: grrrrrrrr kicks pally FahimaA ƒ€SH: lol FahimaA ƒ€SH: bad pally Rphlƒ€: yeah it gave Me a few problems some minutes ago {tenisha}ƒ€r: :she moves through the water taking a broom and sweeping the water off of the arena floor the dirt that was stuck too it floating away with the water she shakes her head droplets of water flining all {tenisha}ƒ€r: :around her dark hair seeming to cling to her skull moving with the thrall down to twords the river her sensual mucles ripple as hips seemingly sway small feet gliding across the ground as she {tenisha}ƒ€r: :she grins misceveously going to the edge of the river by the water picking up some mud she goes and dumps it upon the thralls head saying" Thats what you get for dumping the water on me". the thrall {tenisha}ƒ€r: :stood there grining from ear to ear as he chuckled he turned back to his job digging up the fresh dirt as they walk back she ducks as a rotten larma comes flying at her she turns as she looks around {tenisha}ƒ€r: :she falls to her knees as he dumps barrals after barrals untill there is a good size pile in the center of the arena beats of sweat form upon her brow as long dark hair flow around her cheeks {tenisha}ƒ€r: :grabing a rake she levles it down her naked body shimering in the light as she finishes up she falls to the sand her heart race as she trys to relax a few minets befor she makes sure that all is well
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PostSubject: 'ware the rioca   Mon Nov 05, 2007 4:40 pm

sounds like rioca had a good time with cleaning out the arena, with a lil help from a mischevious brat,chuckles. consider him now help him focus on further duties
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