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 Kamala and Raphael

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PostSubject: Kamala and Raphael   Kamala and Raphael I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2007 2:28 am

FahimaA ƒ€SH: who wants what? Rphlƒ€: We Want to be blood need a witness Very Happy FahimaA ƒ€SH: toosses them both a dagger.. leaning back to watch FahimaA ƒ€SH: the girl is bathing FahimaA ƒ€SH: lol (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -catches the dagger and turns to Rapha- (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -looks back at fah Sis- There any special wording? FahimaA ƒ€SH: aye promise not to kil each other FahimaA ƒ€SH: grins Rphlƒ€: aye hehe I don want her all sweaty and sticky goin into My room , she may leave that way but not enter (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -chuckles- Focus Bro Rphlƒ€: :nods Razz * (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH * I bleed him first? FahimaA ƒ€SH: its up to you SIS FahimaA ƒ€SH: its your vows (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -placing the dagger against My palm, eyes shift upwards to meet His- Dont try to kill Me and I wont try to kill You. (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: And (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -applying pressure- Be My Blood and honor this Home. -sliding the blade down, I clench My hand shut, handing the dagger to Him- * (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH * am not suave like Ya'll FahimaA ƒ€SH: chuckles.. simple and to the point is good Rphlƒ€: :smiles graping the handle of the blade and cupping the steel edge in His hand Rphlƒ€: I vow to always have Your back and never harm You in any way , nor tempt slaves from Your furs to Mine Rphlƒ€: :slowly drags the blade across His skin so that a streak of red slowly shows. (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -holding My bloodied hand out- Rphlƒ€: : hold out the cut hand To His Sister to shake (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -grasps His hand firmly- Blood to Blood, Brother. Rphlƒ€: :nods gripping His Sister's hand "blood to blood Sister" (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: Now go make Me something' to eat FahimaA ƒ€SH: aye bring double Rphlƒ€: cool Im goin to bed lol (HW)Kamala ƒ€AH: -smiles and releases His hand- Rphlƒ€: :smiles
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Kamala and Raphael
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