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 a note from Fah

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PostSubject: a note from Fah   a note from Fah I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2007 2:17 am

:steps up to the board. eyeing it over carfully. pulling a dagger out of it.. using it to stabb into a new scroll to hold it onto the board.~

I own panda. dur.. and ale. as of this date.
panda is not for sale.
dur is not for sale.
ale was gifted to me and has yet to earn be sold.
she had yet to prove she is worth a good price.

also I was gifted another one.. and returned her to her first home.. she was miss used there . & the return fee was not paid.. so I repo`ed the slave. now she serves a New Master and all will be happy..

I blooded with MY Brother Raph.. and gifted Him with the repo'ed kajira. may she serve him with fire always.

I also tended to MY Mates ingurys and healed him this week. 4 days. well spent.

karin aka alana of LoS.. IT .. PH is back.. she is seeking someone to take over her lil home again. until she trows a new fit and kicks and bans them all out again. be warned my family.. she has been doing this sense before I came to pally.. and will continue too .. if she dont get her way.. she also sends credit card numbers out.. once used she turns them in as lost or stolen. do not fall for this ones tricks.. this is all a matter of record.. Iam not just slandering the slaves name.. she plays a good game. just be warned that is all it is to her.. a game.
for more info ask.. some things I will not post.

Love Fahima
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2007-11-05

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PostSubject: shakes my head.. pushing a key back into my pocket to post   a note from Fah I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2007 6:32 am

Fahima、A ォムムサSH: will you be on some today?
{durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ: not sure on that yet Mistress, all depends on when she gets back from gathering at her friends house.
{durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ: tomorrow will not be here wake and funeral is tomorrow
{durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ: :all day thing
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: I see
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: :searches in my pocket for a key.. bends to the girl unlocking my collar.. releasing her.. with this explainnation.. this is not working out for either of us.. you have not the time to devote to One..
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: and I dont have time for a part time slave
{durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ: blinks
*** Page from System: {durrdana}Fahimaォムムサ namegagged by Fahima、A ォムムサSH as {durrdana}ォムムサ
*** Page from System: {durrdana}ォムムサ unnamegagged by Fahima、A ォムムサSH
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: in ahome collar .. you can do better
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: and come in on your own time
journey gyrl: BE WELL
*** User logged off: journey gyrl {NEBDMM}
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: that attude I do not need. nor is it pleaseing to any Free
AntoineWolf、WCC、MW、Elder: I agree Darlin
*** @360,100Home of the Free's
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: I didnt need an excuse.. I could of sold or killed her
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: I chose to show her merci in this
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a note from Fah
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