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 durr released

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PostSubject: durr released   durr released I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2007 6:39 am

today this beast came home from a long hard weekend after a close friend passed away. Death has surrounded her in real life a lot these past few months. she was already hurting inside very much. but this day has been horrible and her Mistress felt her to be only a part time slave since she was away so much dealing with real. durr was release this morning no longer wanted. since she knows this is what will make her Mistress happy she will not fight the release. and even do better then that for Her. she manuvers through the trees, skipping over the broken branches, lightly touching the cool ground with her bare feet. being sure not to make any noise. she slips into the weapons room deep in the forest. her emerald eyes barely seeing through the tears that spill. her fingers quickly grasp the dagger that is within reach. she glides a finger over the blade to feel its sharpness. her eyes darken as she sees the bead of crimson surface. angry and sad at the same time she turns and runs back into the forest taking the blade with her. durr hates the fact that her real life has been so hectic and kept her away from where she wishes to be the most. she can not help life. her chest rises and falls quickly from running. she gasps for air as her tearful eyes look up into the leaves above her peeking through them to the morning sky. she cries out as her body goes limp and falls to the ground. she lay there staring up her mind racing, her fingers still clentching the handle of the dagger. she lifts the point to her chest but unable to push it into her aching heart she screams out for Head Huntress to come take this beasts life. kill her she begs take this pain away.
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PostSubject: to sis durr   durr released I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2007 7:21 am

dear sis,

cherie read the infos - you were not released you changed status to a homeslave - as cherie understood

cherie herself is a homeslave and can ensure you that she feels loved and cared and thinks that there is a bit more freedom (espacially concerning timeshedule) as in a personal collar

why throw away the love of your sisters, the shelter of a home and the opportunity to find your really suitable fate?

but its your life rt and online - and in boths you decide (more or less, cause as slave you have no right to kill yourself) even in rt most religions think this would be a sin

nevertheless life (in each form) is much to precious to throw it away only cause one is unhappy at the moment
if you sacrifice it for a bigger thing - yes
but only unhappyness - no

take a hot bath, drink some choco, read a nice book - last but not least sleep and than decide
and dont forget cherie loves you too

therfore she bends strokes softly over your hair takes the dagger and snakes in to throw it again into the wapons room where it belongs

than she takes a bath in the lake to wash away all sadness, disbehavour/lapse - as a slave she isnt permitted to touch weapons - and strengthens her heart to confess this to the free in the evening when she returns from work

flower flower flower flower

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PostSubject: to wild   durr released I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2007 12:48 pm

{wildpassion}ォムムサ: yes Huntress
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: you replaced a mis placed weapon.. there will be no pushment for touching it.. in such a manner
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: :sighs ... in reliefe
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: thank YOu Huntress
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: youve been handed such to work with at times.. and have handle with it honor .. youve earned that
Fahima、A ォムムサSH: no thanks is needed
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PostSubject: Re: durr released   durr released I_icon_minitime

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durr released
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