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 To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question

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To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question Empty
PostSubject: To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question   To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 17, 2007 7:33 am

*** User logged on: Blitz {FOIEGBG}
*** Page from Blitz in NFE Entrance: Blitz just

*** Page from Blitz in NFE Entrance: has logged

on from Northern Forest Exchange as user number

TakaォムムサTH: well now..tal again
Blitz: tal ladies
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: greetings Jarl
Melisande ォムムサPG: Tal Blitz
TakaォムムサTH: what brings You to the sunny

side of gor?
Blitz: Tal Melisande
Blitz: Just exploring I guess
Blitz: I'm new around here'
TakaォムムサTH: really now?
Blitz: Yeah.
Melisande ォムムサPG: Fah Hi Sis
FahimaォムムサSH 2: HUGS SIS
Blitz: Tal Fahima
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: greetings Huntress in red
FahimaォムムサSH 2: Tal
TakaォムムサTH: g'morning Sleeping beauty
TakaォムムサTH: huggles My Sis and grins
FahimaォムムサSH 2: just having a cig.. not staying

FahimaォムムサSH 2: silly goat wanted out
Blitz: Goat?
FahimaォムムサSH 2: yeah MY dogs nicname
Blitz: Ok
TakaォムムサTH: well, I dont see how new You

can be..other thangoing from a meatmarket to a

Femdomme home in gor is a stretch
TakaォムムサTH: interesting in a lil furrbunny

surprise are You?
Blitz: Thought maybe you kept a goat in

your house.
Blitz: Maybe
*** Page from TakaォムムサTH: instant idiot, just

add male
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: :maybe a walk in the forest
Melisande ォムムサPG: chuckles
TakaォムムサTH: nods.. I'd swear Ive seen

furrbunnies in there
FahimaォムムサSH 2: chuckles some do here.. Iam

{wildpassion}ォムムサ: :was what the partisan did in

second world war
TakaォムムサTH: their everywhere, keep

Blitz: Really.
Blitz: Bunnies do that.
TakaォムムサTH: aii, feel free to read the rules

pages, and enter if You care to try to catch one
Blitz: Yeah
FahimaォムムサSH 2: froggie only foracate when

its raining
*** Page from Kamala、D ォムムサAH: Morning

FahimaォムムサSH 2: wild are you wiz?
TakaォムムサTH: wanting to whisper the girl or

me male/
*** Page from System: Blitz has been punished by

*** Page from Blitz in Welcome to Hell: Blitz AS

entered in Welcome to Hell , Room ID 100
Melisande ォムムサPG: Loves it is 4am here need to

go get some sleep be well al
TakaォムムサTH: doesnt matter, shrugs
*** Page from system {wildpassion}ォムムサ made

{wildpassion}ォムムサ: now yes
FahimaォムムサSH 2: teach wild to do that
{wildpassion}ォムムサ: he didnt whisper me
*** @360,100Home of the Free's
Moved to Welcome to Hell at 4:20:29
*** Page from Kamala、D ォムムサAH: Kamala、D

ォムムサAH AS entered in Welcome to Hell , Room ID

TakaォムムサTH: rule number 147 nowhispers

without asking aloud first
Blitz: O
TakaォムムサTH: ya
*** Page from System: Tony has been punished by

FahimaォムムサSH 2
*** Page from Tony in Welcome to Hell: Tony AS

entered in Welcome to Hell , Room ID 100
TakaォムムサTH: funny about that..this aint a

bunny ranch
*** Page from FahimaォムムサSH 2: incoming
Kamala、D ォムムサAH: -chuckles-
*** User logged off: Tony

Blitz: I knew that
TakaォムムサTH: say allo to Our little friends
Blitz: Hello
TakaォムムサTH: any last requests before We

leave you with our pets?
Blitz: Can I get out?
TakaォムムサTH: why?
TakaォムムサTH: so You can go whispering the

TakaォムムサTH: this isnt a meat market
TakaォムムサTH: its a panther home
Blitz: 10-4
TakaォムムサTH: We frown on Males
Blitz: Maam
TakaォムムサTH: especialy horny ones
TakaォムムサTH: Ma'am?
Blitz: Sorry
TakaォムムサTH: grins, seeing him change into an orange kitty avatar
TakaォムムサTH: means a lot coming

from a pussy like You
TakaォムムサTH: no pun intended
Blitz: Meow
Kamala、D ォムムサAH: It's retarded
TakaォムムサTH: so what can We help you with?
*** Page from System: Blitz namegagged by

TakaォムムサTH as fluffy
fluffy: Actually I was going to take a walk in

the forest and see what happened.
Kamala、D ォムムサAH: Oh?
TakaォムムサTH: lil pussy like this wouldnt get

very far
TakaォムムサTH: tell ya what fluffy
fluffy: ?
TakaォムムサTH: I'll let you out.. you can go beg

Fahima for permission to enter her capture forest
TakaォムムサTH: if sHe says no, then You come

beck here
fluffy: ok
TakaォムムサTH: if you run, Ive already got your

codes and ip, winks
* Kamala、D ォムムサAH * I wanna see the begging
* Kamala、D ォムムサAH * -pouts-
fluffy: I know, bummer.
*** has been freed
*** Page from System: has been

freed by TakaォムムサTH
fluffy: Well?
TakaォムムサTH: why arent you in the exchange

point begging?
TakaォムムサTH: get your il pussy rask moving
fluffy: I didn't know I could
TakaォムムサTH: nods
Moved to Exchange Point at 4:29:37
TakaォムムサTH: the tabby there has a question

{wildpassion}ォムムサ: wellcome back Huntress
TakaォムムサTH: thank you lil one, smiles
fluffy: Respected (Takaheth).
FahimaォムムサSH 2: :listens
TakaォムムサTH: nods.. talk to sis.. tis up to Her
fluffy: I humbly ask permission...
fluffy: to take a quiet walk in yonder forest.
FahimaォムムサSH 2: as a puss puss or as prey ?
TakaォムムサTH: :chuckles
fluffy: What is a puss puss?
FahimaォムムサSH 2: a flffly
TakaォムムサTH: that pussy av your wearing?
FahimaォムムサSH 2: a fluffly a mewo kitty
FahimaォムムサSH 2: a male puss puss?
TakaォムムサTH: this home is gorean.. and isnt a meat market or cyber factory
TakaォムムサTH: you really sure you wanna wear

a collar here tabby?
fluffy: Ok. as fluffy
FahimaォムムサSH 2: I have a home I can sell a

fluffly too
TakaォムムサTH: :scratches under his chin, and

behind his ears
FahimaォムムサSH 2: fluffly are you seeking a

home to be a pet kitty in?
fluffy: Um no.
TakaォムムサTH: I didnt dress you in the av, but

the name seemed to fit well enough when I aw it
FahimaォムムサSH 2: and were you fluffly in Edler

brandens home?
fluffy: Edler brandens?
TakaォムムサTH: elder Brendan
TakaォムムサTH: Elder's providence ring any

FahimaォムムサSH 2: nm you donno his name ..

then it was not you there
fluffy: No it was not.
TakaォムムサTH: what is it you seek lil stray/

answer Me honestly
FahimaォムムサSH 2: )teehee Taka .. take the cat

and gift him to Scarlets Lair from US heheh
TakaォムムサTH: smiles... I could do that
*** `namegag [<newname>] (must be whispered

to another user)
fluffy: My honest answer is that I was

actually planning to walk in the forest as a kitty.

But I messed up.
FahimaォムムサSH 2: boy let me borrow your av a

fluffy: Go ahead.
*** Page from System: fluffy namegagged by

TakaォムムサTH as (fluffy) a present to SL
*** Page from System: (fluffy) a present to SL

unnamegagged by TakaォムムサTH
FahimaォムムサSH 2: whipser 'offer to me
(fluffy) a present to SL: ?
FahimaォムムサSH 2: not the brightest crayon in

your box are you?
TakaォムムサTH: yepp..
TakaォムムサTH: you wished to go to the

forest..thats a capture one
(fluffy) a present to SL: Ya. I know.
TakaォムムサTH: by begging to go there, you

gave up your freedom fluffy
TakaォムムサTH: so We are giving you to a good

TakaォムムサTH: where you can run, and play
TakaォムムサTH: chase your tail
TakaォムムサTH: but you had best be litter box

(fluffy) a present to SL: Course that isn't the deal

that was offered.
TakaォムムサTH: and no spraying
TakaォムムサTH: the deal was you were allowed

out to beg entry to the capture zone
(fluffy) a present to SL: I was stuck and had to

beg to have a chance to go into the forest.
TakaォムムサTH: there is no escape at that point
(fluffy) a present to SL: Yes ok
TakaォムムサTH: no, you could have xed out and

not returned
TakaォムムサTH: pets his back
TakaォムムサTH: scrathches that little exciting

place by the base of its tail
(fluffy) a present to SL: Ok you mean no escape

by x'ing?
(fluffy) a present to SL: o
TakaォムムサTH: i wish I had a littel bell to hang

on your collar cutie
TakaォムムサTH: not your a kitty cat
TakaォムムサTH: city cats cant x out
TakaォムムサTH: naughty naughty
(fluffy) a present to SL: o
TakaォムムサTH: picks him up by the scruff of

his neck shakes him gently
TakaォムムサTH: no tuna for you if your going to

be difficult
(fluffy) a present to SL: meow
TakaォムムサTH: smiles
TakaォムムサTH: there are worse things to be
(fluffy) a present to SL: ?
(fluffy) a present to SL: Meow...
TakaォムムサTH: Scarlet's Lair
TakaォムムサTH: add it into your palace connect

to a server option, i'll meet you there
TakaォムムサTH: run, and i publish your codes
TakaォムムサTH: winks
(fluffy) a present to SL: Ok ok
(fluffy) a present to SL: o bye ladies. Nice talking

to you
*** User logged off: (fluffy) a present to SL

(6:03:04 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL has joined the

(6:03:05 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : SL
(6:03:15 AM) TakaォムムサTH : tal Sis, good morning
(6:03:44 AM) TakaォムムサTH : this one wanted to

wander the capture zone as a pussycat
(6:03:55 AM) TakaォムムサTH : Fah ssuggested we

give him to You
(6:03:55 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : Hug Tal Taka Sis
(6:03:58 AM) TakaォムムサTH : chuckels
(6:04:09 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : aww
(6:04:10 AM) TakaォムムサTH : hugggs
(6:04:13 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : well ty
(6:04:19 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:04:24 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : ohh look
(6:04:26 AM) TakaォムムサTH : fluffy, go see the

Nice Lady
(6:04:27 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : lol
(6:04:40 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : lol
(6:04:44 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : i love it
(6:04:52 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:05:08 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : rubs softly
(6:05:26 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : ty Sis and tell

Fah ty
(6:05:48 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : if it =poops you tell

her i am bringing it back
(6:06:01 AM) TakaォムムサTH : i glady wi Hon,

smiles.. fluffy.. Scarlets a wonderfull Lady..behave

(6:06:14 AM) TakaォムムサTH : I told him he better

be litterbox trained
(6:06:20 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:06:20 AM) TakaォムムサTH : and no spraying

(6:06:20 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : lol
(6:06:39 AM) TakaォムムサTH : pets him

momentarily..scratches behind the ears again
(6:06:42 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : has lots of news

(6:07:00 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : lol
(6:07:30 AM) TakaォムムサTH : I got off work at

10pm..its 6 now
(6:07:31 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : he is lucky i love

(6:07:35 AM) TakaォムムサTH : grins
(6:07:46 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:07:56 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : lol
(6:08:49 AM) TakaォムムサTH : scarlet can explain

about the bookmarks, etc..maybe she will let you

come visit
(6:08:56 AM) TakaォムムサTH : Scarlet rather
(6:09:19 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:09:31 AM) TakaォムムサTH : hugs Sweet Sis, time

to go to sleep for Me
(6:09:37 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : hows Fahima
(6:09:48 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : and panda
(6:10:14 AM) TakaォムムサTH : She is doing

up for a cigarette in the early morning, and met up

with this, winks
(6:10:27 AM) TakaォムムサTH : heyyyy fluffy, thats

My haiiiirrr
(6:10:32 AM) TakaォムムサTH : shakes it
(6:10:42 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meow
(6:10:44 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : smiles
(6:11:00 AM) TakaォムムサTH : smiles, be wel l

Scarlet, will come visit soon
(6:11:08 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : thanks hun
(6:11:10 AM) Scarlet~MANH~SL : hugss
(6:11:19 AM) TakaォムムサTH : hugs and be well..a

final scratch at the fluffy one before I poof
(6:11:33 AM) (fluffy) a present to SL : meeoow
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To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question Empty
PostSubject: Re: To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question   To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 6:23 am

Mustve been an annoying ordeal.
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To fluffy, or not to fluffy, that is the question
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