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 Matahn trapped and returned to NFE

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Matahn trapped and returned to NFE Empty
PostSubject: Matahn trapped and returned to NFE   Matahn trapped and returned to NFE I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 11:40 am

*** Page from Matahn in NFE Entrance: Matahn just entered
*** Page from Matahn in NFE Entrance: has logged on from Northern Forest Exchange as user number 989
FahimaォムムサSH: do you both have a glass set into the room?
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: yes Huntress it is above me
{sakura}ォムムサtr: yes Huntress
Matahn: greetings
FahimaォムムサSH: welcome back
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: Hello!! How You DoingMatahn
Matahn: ty
{sakura}ォムムサtr: greeting Mistress
FahimaォムムサSH: how are you today?
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: Hello visiting Mistress in purple
Matahn: fine ty
FahimaォムムサSH: may I ask something in a whipser to you?
Matahn: certainly
* FahimaォムムサSH * were you trapped in our Cz forest ?
* Matahn * not today smiles
* FahimaォムムサSH * but you were ?
* Matahn * yes
* FahimaォムムサSH * this week ?
* Matahn * giggles
* FahimaォムムサSH * I need to know what it a hidden door ?
* Matahn * its easy to get out
* FahimaォムムサSH * or did you enter willingly?
* Matahn * you just leave
* Matahn * yes
* FahimaォムムサSH * do you honor the capture now ?
*** ; {sakura}ォムムサtr is Erasing
* Matahn * not for me to say
* Matahn * lol
* FahimaォムムサSH * yes all of pally is easy to escape from
* Matahn * you gonna tie me up giggles
*** ; {sakura}ォムムサtr is Erasing
*** ; {sakura}ォムムサtr is Erasing
* FahimaォムムサSH * the question is do you have the honor to full fill this ?
* Matahn * yes
FahimaォムムサSH: sakura move to your sis
* Matahn * i guess i uncap yes ??
FahimaォムムサSH: aye
FahimaォムムサSH: and strip
* Matahn * ooo#
FahimaォムムサSH: a slave owns nothing
* Matahn * dunno if i have a nekkie one
FahimaォムムサSH: that works
FahimaォムムサSH: now come to my feet
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: hello and welcome to O/our home sister matahn
matahn: :was looking forward to being tied up giggles
matahn: ty sis
*** Page from System: matahn namegagged by FahimaォムムサSH as {betha}ォムムサtr
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: your very welcome sister betha
FahimaォムムサSH: save your name and book mark the home and return to me.. no traveling to other pallys .. youll come here for your training and more when online
{estrella}Kamaォムムサtr: that is a beautiful name my sister
*** ; Usage: `trackip [<dur>] <ip>
{betha}ォムムサtr: yes mistress
*** ; m {betha}ォムムサtr slave Edit Room {DCEDIAG}
*** ; m {sakura}ォムムサtr slave Edit Room {IFOEGBG}
*** ; g FahimaォムムサSH slave Edit Room {IIHEIAG}
*** ; m {estrella}Kamaォムムサtr slave Edit Room {DCBOEBG}
*** Page from System: IP address being tracked for 30000 minutes by FahimaォムムサSH
FahimaォムムサSH: you may do this now lilone
FahimaォムムサSH: sakura find the glass in your bag to use
FahimaォムムサSH: beth do you know how to save your name?
{betha}ォムムサtr: yes Mistress
{betha}ォムムサtr: i think i have done it
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Matahn trapped and returned to NFE
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