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PostSubject: {kemnebi}Kamaォムfeサ   {kemnebi}Kamaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 12:43 pm

Learn and serve well, Mine.
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PostSubject: Re: {kemnebi}Kamaォムfeサ   {kemnebi}Kamaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 29, 2007 1:04 pm

{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he moves towards the Panther kitchen and gently enters, taking care that the doors does not make creaking sounds
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he walks towards the pile of unwashed dishes, and turning his body he reaches for the soap and the brush
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: the music of the morning birds lighten the atmosphere, he sees that the day is breaking, and it reminds him that break fast needs to
be ready soon
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: the muscles in his well tuned body streches as he starts about washing the dishes... giving each dish special care and attention as he
knows that the Panthers are going to eat from it
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he notices a bird cooing and finds that it is sitting on a lemon tree... smiles to himself and gently slips to the shadows
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: without disturbing the bird, he gets the lemon leaves and brings them back to the kitchen, where he extracts the juice from it
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: tiny particles of sweat start to roll on his body as he prepares the leave extract
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he relaxes a moment and lets the morning air chill his body...
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he notices that the morning is cool and he adjusts his position
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he listens to the water that flows by in the river... climing the shelf and takes a mug.. he silently slips out...
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: parting the grasses that reach knee high, he walks towards the river
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he notices a wooden drum lying by and starts to clean it...
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: dipping his hand into the calmness of the water, he feels the chill of the water...
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: gently cleans the wooden drum and fills it water.. lifting it up over his head, the strong muscles expand and form a ball, as he places
it on his shoulders and walk towards the camp
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he wonders if the Panthers are awoke... he moves with the agility of the lion and slips into the kitchen
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: lowering the drum to the cold floor, he streches himself, and his lungs breath the fresh morning air that comes from the camp, blessed
by the sleeping Panthers
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: pours the water in a small jar and mixes the leave extract in it
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: gently stirring and watching the color of the water turn pale green... a smile blesses his face and he cleans the dishes again with the
heavenly mix
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: takes care that the gold rimmed plates do not make sound, he cleans them one by one again and arranges them neatly on the shelf
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he moves in the kitchen looking for items that are useful
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: observing the different rooms.... and smiles on understanding that such order is only possible within the Panthers
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: his eyes sparkle as he finds the meat hanging from above and climbs up the rock laid below to unhook fresh meat
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: washing the meet, he prepares the meat for Panther food... his eyes wander around looking for fire and not finding any, he silently
walks towards the camp
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he notices that the fire is dying down and goes back to the kitchen to bring logs that would keep the fire buring with fury
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he walks on the ground with barefeet, and his feet on the grass make sounds that can only be heard by a cat
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he smiles as the fire burns again and his body gleams in the light from the fire...
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he turns his back towards the fire and hyming gently he enters the Panther Kitchen with the burning log
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: the collected logs burn with fury as he sets them on fire and places the meat in a brass vessel
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he watches with satisfaction as the meat is getting prepared
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: his hair waves again the wind that passes by and he thinks of his duties for the day.
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he remembers who he was when he entered the camp and what he is today, the differences the Panthers made in him is evident
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: the scent of the vulo meat being prepared spreads in the air, lowering himself to the ground, he sets about cleaning the vegetables
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he watches as the smell changes and spreads and sees the color of the meat changing. he compares the meat of the vulvos with that of
chicken and finds that vulvo meat is small
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: looking around, he finds that the kitchen is untidy.. with cat like movements he reaches the other side and takes the mop
Kamala ォムムサAH: Tal and morning
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: gently cleaning the kitchen floor and making it shine, rays of sun starts to peek into the kitchen
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: moving from side to side, he makes sure that the floor is sparkling. pouring water into the small mug from the drum, he cleans his well
formed hands and fingers
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: using the cloth that lays nearby, he lifts the vessel up and places it on the ground. moves to the left side and searches for the
glass bottle which contains oil... his eyes gleam as he finds what he
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: was searching for... mixing the vegetables and spices in order, he sets them on the tray which has been kept ready nearby
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: pouring oil into the vessel, and watching the oil get heated, he starts to roll the vulvo meat in the specially prepared mix.
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: using the fork and sthingy he lowers each piece into the boiling oil and watches it getting fried.
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: taking up the tray from the other end, he retreives the fried vulvo meat and arranges it on the tray... notices fresh apples lying by
and cuts them into peaces... neatly arranging them on an
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: adjoining tray
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: looking back into the kitchen, he smiles to himself on the work he has done, and gently locks the kitchen behind him...
Kamala ォムムサAH: -smiles-
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: walking back to the camp, like a smiling cat, he walks into the Free's Gate... streching his muscles and lowering himself to the
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: he notices the air is filled with fragrance of his Huntress... looking around he finds Her in Her green attire and he smiles
{kemnebi}Kamaォムムサ: may this one return, my Huntress?
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