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PostSubject: (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ   (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 30, 2008 8:40 pm

Post your serves here, welcome Home.
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PostSubject: Re: (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ   (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 7:26 am


{candy}Fahォムムサws: does Huntress wants girl to serve
Kamala ォムムサPG: :bops you
Kamala ォムムサPG: A white silk does not ask like that
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *aaiii smoothes head* Yes Huntress
Kamala ォムムサPG: :waits for the correction
{candy}Fahォムムサws: How can a girl be of service to You Huntress
Kamala ォムムサPG: Better. But not sufficient
Kamala ォムムサPG: Do it again..
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *with submisseve eyes lowered and in a quiet voice ask* How can a girl be of service to You Huntress
{abby}Fahォムムサws: i was lock up
{abby}Fahォムムサws: greeting H?untress
Kamala ォムムサPG: chilled water, candy
{candy}Fahォムムサws: yes Huntress chilled water
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *presses fingers towards the furs raise stretching out long legs shakes head to keep hair away from eyesight. Turns on the balls of feet and walks across the grass*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: may abby be of service?
Kamala ォムムサPG: aye
{abby}Fahォムムサws: yes Huntress?
Kamala ォムムサPG: No, that is not how you do it
Kamala ォムムサPG: you beg to appraoch
Kamala ォムムサPG: tower at my feet
Kamala ォムムサPG: then ask again, how you may help Me this day
{abby}Fahォムムサws: may abby appproach to offer you service?
Kamala ォムムサPG: yes
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -looking at the Huntress hem to her right ruby lips part may abby approach to offer you service Huntress?
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *enters the service area rounding the counter and blue eyes starts scanning for a vessel. As ussual the is it placed at the highest shelf, so girl know where to look for it*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -leanning forward small hand go flat to the soft fur knees crawl to the Huntress-
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -may abby be of service this am Huntress
{candy}Fahォムムサws: Tiptoes and rounded bottocks are seen accross the counter while she manage to get down the Vessel. Inspects by letting the rim run along girls lips which makes her think about Her beautiful lips*
Kamala ォムムサPG: Hmmm
Kamala ォムムサPG: get my Brother some chilled water as well
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -grey eyes kept to her hem of her black robe hand lower to her thighs-
{abby}Fahォムムサws: yes Huntress chilled water for the Tarnsman
{candy}Fahォムムサws: turns and moves to the zink, and the vessel is cleaned careful and washed. small eager hands whipes with repcloth and holding it up for inspection girl see the shape of Huntress like in a mirror*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: abby has no props may she ask candy for some?
Kamala ォムムサPG: aye
{abby}Fahォムムサws: thank you Huntress
{abby}Fahォムムサws: candy do you have any prop you can share?
{abby}Fahォムムサws: moving back 3 paces rising up on tiny smooth feet with toesnail painted pink
{candy}Fahォムムサws: pads with small steps to the coolroom door, and presses down the big handle manage to get open the door,entering and goosebumps soon covers girls skind while moving inside getting icechips*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -rising to her feet and move across the white fur, stepping on the green grass the hot sun '
{candy}Fahォムムサws: turns towards the waterbarrel and with deft movements press down the picket filling the the Vessel up to just under the. rim*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: hot sun high in the blue sky walking up the path grey eyes seeing all the camp ground before her,candy to her left Huntress and the Tarnsman at the bottom the bosk to her left-
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *with sway in hips manage to close the coolroom door then leaving the service area roundig the counter. Moves across the grass with bouncing breast and wind playing withthe long tresses*
*** Invalid server command
{abby}Fahォムムサws: -stepping inside the cool servery grey eyes begin to sek out the perfect glaass for the request she afte finding a gold glass high on the top shelf liffting up on tiny toes ,breast push out against '
{candy}Fahォムムサws: *Weaving in between the furs approaching Her, kneeling down in fron of Her straigtening up the back and pushing forwards breast. With lill swing manage to get hair to fall down the back*
{abby}Fahォムムサws: the hard wood hand go out to reach the glass holding it to slave belly with ease , coming down off painted toes to rest on bare feet on the cool stone floor' turning around brown mane flow across '
{abby}Fahォムムサws: ivory round face-
{candy}Fahォムムサws: trails the Vessel up over soft belly up to Breast where it rests for three heartbeats before lifting it kissing the lower rim. THen lifting it to let Her elegant hands receive*
{candy}Fahォムムサws: may this water quench Your thirst HUntress and may girls serve have pleased YOu
Kamala ォムムサPG: :takes it from the lil one, sipping on the cool liquid.
Kamala ォムムサPG: thank you sweet,
Kamala ォムムサPG: you may warm My feet
Kamala ォムムサPG: remember to post that serve on the board
Kamala ォムムサPG: Do it now
{candy}Fahォムムサws: thank You Huntress, Yes HUntress, girl will post now
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PostSubject: Re: (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ   (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 19, 2008 6:22 pm

*rises from Her feet, stretching the long slender legs, straightening the back, turns on the balls of feet and moves accross the floor towards the servery. hair swinging and hips girates while with eager steps approaches the servery.*

*takes a repcloth and folds it in triangle the sweeping it around head to protect that no hair are giving trouble to the result*

*pads accross the floor to the wicker baskets where are bowl is filled with almonds. then moves to the water tub and pours water letting
the almond stand for some time*

*peels the almonds one by one and place them on a rollerboard. takes the heavy rollerpin, and starts crushing and grinding the almonds*

*mixes sugar and the crushed almonds and add some egg and stirrs it and kneads it and start forming it to 3 bowls*

*to two of the marzipan bowls is added some larma and ramberry juices to give colour. The different bowls is now kneaded to blend in the colours*

*With the roller pin flattens out the three different lumps of marcipan forming three layers a white a yellow and a red one.*

*divides the layers into two, so a red can be put on top of a yellow and a white layer. Uses luke warm water to make the layers stick to each other*

* with a sharp item cuts out the douple layers into small squares, then stores them into glass containers ready for leater serve*

* for a production of milk chocolate mix the incrediences, sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, milk or milk powder, and vanilla *

* heats a portion of this up and pour over some marcipan white squares, which is then cooled down*

*moves to the cabinet containing groceries and takes down a huge glass which contains sugar. Remove the top lid from the glass and pour out sugar
into a casserol.*

*adds some water and some grapesugar, then lets it stay heating up slowly until it is quit hot and the incrediences are melted together. Then removes the casserol
from the stowe and dips the casserol into cool water to reduce the temperature*

*empties the casserol dividing into two portions. Adds some red ramberri collar to the right potion, giving it a red colour, using a spartel to mix sugar and

*From the red portion takes a small part and forms three very thin strings, which are placed up against each other. Then flattens the white portion rolling it
flat with a roller pin.

*sweeps the white portion around the three strings forming a long tubelike thing. THen then rest of the red portion is rolled out and flattened before
sweepig it around the long tupe.

*Heats the long tupe up a bit to let the substances like melt together and in the process pulling the substans out longer and longer
untill it is having the thickness of ス inch.*

*Lets it cool down and in the process starts to cut the long thin tube up in small parts in the lenght of around 1 inch.*

*Seen from the end each piece now has a red flower with three petals placed in a white body with a red shell.*

*the candies are placed in glasses ready to be used for serving*
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PostSubject: Re: (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ   (candy}Fahimaォムfeサ I_icon_minitime

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